Yoshi Blade

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Yoshi Blade

Now you can own and use your favorite knife for life!

The Yoshi Blade is a ceramic knife that has been designed to stay sharp for life, "it is the last knife you will ever need". This knife is not only 40% stronger/sharper than your average steel knife but it will hold onto its sharp edge for about ten times as long.

The Yoshi Knife has been designed for ideal precision cutting and thin slicing. This knife is so versatile  you can pretty much replace your whole drawer of metal knives with one, the Yoshi Blade.

For those worried about our environment, the Yoshi Blade is made from natural eco-friendly ceramic materials unlike other steal knifes.

The Yoshi Blade currently sells for $19.99 plus shipping and handling and they are currently not available in stores.

Yoshi Blade Features

  • It is a ceramic knife guaranteed to stay sharp for life
  • No pit or rust
  • Powerful enough to replace a drawer full of knifes
  • Made with eco-friendly ceramic materials
  • Provides precision cutting and slicing
Review by:
18 November 2010
Awesome knife . Razor sharp . Shave the hair right off of you . This blade is as sharp as they come . right there with my best knife and this one does not get dull after a few uses . Slices veggies paper thin if you like . Will it last for ever ? Do not know . Is it the best of ceramic knives ? No but then you are not paying 150.00 for it either . But rest assured that if you think this is just another 20.00 knife that is a waste of money you are so wrong . I would pay 50.00 for this knife with no problem .
Review by:
24 May 2010
This knife has a super fine edge to cut veggies great, but will chip if used on bones or something super hard. Works awesome on tomatoes though. The one down side is that if you drop it on a hard floor, it could break into a lot of pieces. It's made of ceramic, so cutting on a ceramic plate will also dull it.
Review by:
31 January 2010
The Knife does a pretty good job cutting and doing what the ad says it will do. My issue with everything is the extreme shipping and handling charges. This is really turning into a many maker. This will stop me from buying products like this in the future.