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The new WORX GT 2-in-1 Trimmer/Edger will provide you with such a wide range of features and adjustments that will make your next trimming job much easier and more comfortable.

This product is unlike any other trimmer out there. Providing the ultimate convenience of a cordless system, the WORX GT can tackle the same projects as its competitors, but using an 18-volt extended run-time battery pack that removes the need for messy cables and gasoline. Perfect for even really large projects, the battery pack can be re-charged within 1 hour (almost one-third the time of standard cordless trimmers).

The WORX GT Trimmer & Edger is designed to help meet the changing needs of homeowners and gardeners. Based on extensive research and the continued trend for smaller lawns and gardens, this trimmer has been developed to help meet these needs while at the same time providing a more environmentally friendly solution.

Power to Share
Your 18-Volt WORX battery can be used on any of WORX cordless tool. This way you do not have to pay for unwanted batteries and chargers if you own multiple tools.

Ergonomic, fatigue-free operation
The trimmer uses ErgoSum Design Technology that creates the optimal position while gripping so that users of all sizes can work comfortably with both arms for prolonged operation.

Tool-free adjustments
The shaft length can be adjusted with just a twist and pull and the head can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees without any tools of buttons. This will allow you to easily switch the trimmer depending on the task. It will make it easy to operate the trimmer vertically while working in tight spaces as well as it makes it easy to trim beneath low-lying objects.

Plus, the Storage Space-Saver design allows for full and quick collapsibility that makes the tool easy to store, while saving space.

WORX GT Features

Workx Trimmer


Review by:
23 August 2012
this maybe be a good trimmer but has no battery life i used mine three times i have just a city lot of 75feet by 150feet and can only do down one side of my lot the 150foot side from corner to alley and the battery is dead this is on a full charge will not replace it with the same when it dies 1-10 i give it a 4
Review by:
03 March 2012
the best trimmer for trimming the yard. mine gave out about a year later,but I bought a new one. it's easy to use and it has enought power for a mediun size yard. No pulling on a cord to crank the gas weed eater, and no more gas to buy. The price of gas so high, you might as well buy one every year for the easiness of the trimmer. I really enjoy mine.
Review by:
Patty B.
15 October 2011
I have owned this product for several years now. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. The edger is especially impressive. It makes a nice clean edge on both my walks and driveway and is so much fun to use. It is so easy to switch from trimmer to edger and back. One of the best parts is installing the new string. I used to spend so much time trying to put new string in my old weedeater. All you do on the Worx is just pop in the new spool and you are ready to go. The designers of this product really knew what they were doing. Great job Worx!
Review by:
25 June 2011
The Good: I'm very happy with this trimmer. I'm disabled and have a large (1/3 acre) fenced yard. A gas trimmer is too heavy and unweildy and with many trees and the fence a corded trimmer is impossible to use. With the Works GT I can ride my mobility scooter and trim as I go. It saves me the expense of hiring someone to trim my yard for me. The ability to change the angle of the head is great. It makes it so very easy to switch from trimming to edging in just seconds. I purchased the extra battery with mine so one can charge while using the other. I get about 30 minutes of run time out of the battery and they take around 45 minutes to charge. It gives me the opportunity to rest for a few moments before going back and trimming again. Spools for life program is fantastic. Just pay for shipping and you get six spools promptly delivered to your home. The Not So Good: It isn't powerful enough to trim heavy growth or really large, thick stemmed weeds. After a year, one of the batteries gives me noticably less run time than it did last year. Additional batteries are expensive but it's worth it to me for the convenience of using the Worx GT.
Review by:
10 May 2011
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT. When I first got the Worx GT last year I did not have a problem. It was light weight and the battery charge lasted about 20-30 minutes which was enough for me to do my yard. Towards the end of the season the battery started sputtering out after 1 minute. I put it away for the season and now that it is again spring I pulled this out to see if it would have any life in it. Needless to say this will go onto the garbage heap along with the blower that cam with the trimmer. Without the battery pack both are worthless. I am not even going to search for a solution it is just not worth it. Never again will I waste my hard earned money on any product from the Worx line.
Review by:
15 March 2011
I really like my new Worx GT. I have a huge yard and my only complaint would be the battery life when cordless. Other than that, it has been flawless. The Worx does the job well and is extremely versatile.
Review by:
21 November 2010
I wouldn't buy this product again the line does not feed like they say I would rather have one I have to bump. I know they feed. So frustrating when you have to pick it up to get the line to advance everytime. Don't wasste your money folks.
Review by:
james welch
15 September 2010
The most i have spent to get something that don't work over 30.Then can't get it fixed .bad buy.
Review by:
victor rivera
24 July 2010
This product is worthless it lasted me a year and then the battery pack, after a full charge, would not last 10 mins. I only used it one summer, because we dont trim or edge during winter. Now the same company has come up with the same product but using lithium batteries. They have admited by doing this that their product is not the best like they claim. Who knows if it will work. I would read reiews before buying one.
Review by:
Mary Guilfucci
24 July 2010
I bought this thing and it worked very well for about 8 months. I stored it for the winter season and when my husband tried it again next summer it didnt perform as well. My cousin, who is an electrician, checked it and said that the batteries were not charging. He said that they used the cheapest batteries. What can you do, buy a battery pack for $50.00? I dont think so. Don't buy this product.