Turbo Roaster - Rotisserie Oven Quality At Home

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  • Turbo Roaster - Rotisserie Oven Quality At Home

Take Your Turkey Recipe To The Next Level With Turbo Roaster

The Turbo Roaster by Chef Tony is this seasons must have for Thanksgiving and Christmas. With the Turbo Roaster you can;
  • Cooks in Half the Time!
  • Cooks quickly without drying out
  • Delivers heat and moisture to the inside of the chicken
  • Cooks inside & outside at the same time
Review by:
Anne Marie
18 November 2013
The Turbo Roaster has turned me into the envy of family gatherings. Nobody can figure out how I went from burning and drying out the bird every year to making the best Turkey anyone has tried. I am not telling them my secret but thank you Chef Tony!