Tool Bandit

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Tool Bandit
You have seen it before on the Pitchmen Show featured by Billy Mays, the Tool Bandit is a magnetic band that goes around your arm so that you can keep all the tools and parts you are working with close and safe. The powerful magnets of the Tool Bandit will allow you to securely hold screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, nails, bolts, a heavy hammer and much more. Stop losing those tiny screws or dropping your tools while working on a ladderor in tight spaces.

Whether you are working on a ladder, in a tight space, under a car, or in your backyard, the Tool Bandit will keep the right tools where and when you need them the most. We have all been there before, holding the nails in our mouth and the hammer in our pocket while we climb a ladder...Now you can put an end to dragging, dropping and stretching your tools and make your tasks much easier, safer and faster.

The Tool Bandit can hold up to 25 pounds worth of metallic tools and will turn any 2 person job into a simple task that you will be able to tackle alone. If you are tired of fumbling and losing your tools, while wasting valuable time and money, than you should try the Tool Bandit today!
Tool Bandit Features:
  • Can fit easily on either arm
  • Rugged, flexible and lightweight (unless you have 25 pounds worth of tools on it!)
  • Keeps tools close and easy to reach
  • Unique neo-magnetic technology for a strong hold
  • One size fits all design