The Zasshu Knife

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The Zasshu Knife

The Zasshu is a hybrid knife that combines the best features of 3 very useful knives. It is as versatile as a chef's knife, as sharp as a Mezzaluna knife, and as strong and powerful as a cleaver. 

The Zasshu Hybrid Knife features a 7 inch Japanese steel blade, 4 3/4 inch handle with a cushioned rubber grip, and weights only 6oz. The Zasshu Knife design will allow you to make chopping chores much easier and efficient with its rounded bottom, supper sharp and ultra wide blade, special thumb curb and more!

Cut through almost anything and make cooking fun and easy with the Zasshu Knife!

Zasshu Knife Features:

  • Perfectly/Professionally Balanced
  • Cushioned Rubber Inset Grip
  • Stays Sharp And Holds Its Edge
  • Cuts Anything And Everything
  • Scalloped Blade - So Nothing Sticks
  • Japanese Steel
  • Precision Engineering With Japanese Technology

Zasshu Knife Dimensions and Weight:

  • Weight: 2.4 oz.
  • Measures 7½ x 1 x ½”
  • Blade Length: 3¼”
  • Handle Length: 4¼”