The Spin Gym |Spin Gym Reviews | As Seen on TV Spin Gym

The Spin Gym |Spin Gym Reviews | As Seen on TV Spin Gym

Spin Gym - Ultra-Portable Upper-Body Workout
The Spin Gym is your solution to finally saying goodbye to those out-of-shape saggy arms and say hello to your new healthy, fit and toned muscles. The Spin Gym is a small and portable gadget uses 2 rings connected by a stretchable cord to a movable device that move around to give you a great upper body workout. It is meant to mostly help tone and sculpt your arms but will also help tighten your shoulders, back and chest.

The Spin Gym comes fully assembled and ready to use as soon as it is removed from the retail box. It weighs less than one pound, making it ultra-portable, but it can produce over 20 pounds of actual resistance.

Although the Spin Gym will not turn you into a competitive bodybuilder or give you unbelievable weight-loss and muscle building results, it is the perfect device to take with you everywhere and anywhere you want to squeeze in a quick and effective upper body workout. If you are always on the go and like to get that extra workout, than the Spin Gym is right for you.

By using the Spin Gym for 5 minutes a day, you will be able to see results! It is that fast and the results are that great, that the Spin Gym is currently sold out due to an overwhelming demand that was much greater than the supply.

The Spin Gym was invented by Forbes and was featured on the popular Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen show. Although Forbes Riley had promoted many products in her time on TV, she had never had a product of her own up until the Spin Gym.

Riley Introduced the Spin Gym to Billy and Sully and they really liked it. As a result, Billy and Sully brought the product to the streets where it quickly became a popular weight loss product. Although over a year old, the Spin Gym still remains a popular product and many people are still finding the Spin Gym to be the perfect weight-loss/exercise device for them.

Spin Gym Review
The Spin Gym is a very simple yet effective and even fun exercise. It's actually also kind of the full Spin Gym Review.

The Spin Gym includes:

  • SpinGym
  • Additional Strength Cord
  • Instructional and Training Guide
  • Fitness Instructional and Workout DVD
  • Bonus DVD: Cardio & More
  • Neoprene Carrying Bag
Spin Gym Forbes

Review by:
16 November 2012
Love it .... easy to use . Can not wait to see the result! The only thing my cd does not work. Waiting for them to send me another.
Review by:
Linda Kaplan
19 August 2012
I'm sure this thing will help a lot with my flabby arms, but I can't get it to start spinning, nevermind stay spinning. The instructions are either gone over too fast (video) or not carefully enough (brochure). How many times do you have to spin it to get it going? Does it take longer sometimes? Going over this basic information more than once and in a slow speaking voice would help a lot!!!
Review by:
Ann F. Lindwall
01 August 2012
Hi Forbes! I just go my Spin Gym from HSN this week and I love it. But I what I love even more is that you care so much about this product and want us to love it too! I love it so much, that I bought antoher one for work so I don't have to remember to bring it back and forth. Your videos are simple yet effective, and your shows on HSN were awesome. I am doing a couple miinutes here and there in my office. I have to say that I was getting a little frustrated but your videos really helped but now I pretty much got the hang of it. I think I was thinking of the 70 year old lady! I even showed my husband last night while we were watching the Olympics, and then I just sat in the chair doing it, and also did the one for my abds. I could really feel my heard beating, so I knew it was working. I have bought a few exercise gadgets recently but this is the one I have used consistently, and I just got it this week. It is so convenient and I don't have to think too much to do it! I read a comment from HSN about initially a little strong, and that gets it going and now I have the feel for learning curve was pretty short but I have to say I was getting a little frustrated. But you were the one that keep me motivated and I kept watching your DVDs (at work even) because they were fun and showed me what I was doing wrong. Nothing worth doing is not going to be easy but I'm so happy that I'm having early success. Thanks so much Forbes! I hope this gets me in shape....will keep you posted. Ann Fujii Lindwall, Seattle, WA
Review by:
niki cronin
23 July 2012
ilove it i am 80 years old and am finding it really works
Review by:
Charlene Wong
24 September 2011
Fun, easy to learn, effective when done consistently...this is a good product.
Review by:
22 March 2011
LOVE this product! I have to admit when I first saw it, I wasn't sure something so small could work. Wow. I am so surprised and so is my husband (he is amazed and uses it because he is an avid golfer). It helps to watch the DVD's, but once you get it spinning, it really works, and you feel it. I have given 6 as gifts because they are so compact, my friends love it too!
Review by:
04 March 2011
I saw this on TV and had to jump on the website.. i was laughing so hard as they say new, never seen before. Well I have. Its a 18th century childrens toy.. used to be made of wood and string. GREAT INVENTION! lol Me and my sisters plan with a replica as children.
Review by:
19 January 2011
Love Love My SpinGym!!
Review by:
Kellie G.
02 January 2011
You cant believe that this little thing works as well as it does. Boy I have seen a big difference in the jiggle back of my hard which I have always hated. Found this video on youtube and it says it better than me. I love my Spin Gym.
Review by:
Darlene Berry
26 June 2010
Yes, Yes, Yes I do love this product i have been looking for something that really will work the flabby under arms not only that but its fun and gives me a good work out how much more could I ask for to be able to sit on the job i can't leave my job with out having someone to relief me. So on nights twelve hour shifts i can sit here and use my spin gym get a good work-out and stay alert. well worth the money and much better for me than handling weights we have several gyms at work that can be used after hours put why would I stay to do that now. Best little power spin gym that I'll ever own.