Smooth Away Vibe

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Smooth Away Vibe

The Smooth Away Vibe makes getting rid of unwanted hair quick and painless due to its vibration technology which not only removes hair but also stimulates the hair follicle at the same time, leaving your skin exfoliated and massaged.

The Smooth Away pads contains special super fine crystals that are designed o be delicate enough to not damage your skin but strong enough to remove even the toughest hair. It is perfect for use on your arms, legs, underarms, chest and back.

To use, slip on the pad and rub it around the area you wish to "shave" in a small circular motion to repeatedly buff over the area - but do not apply too much pressure. Then reverse the direction. The reverse motion will lift out any remaining hair and remove any dead skin cells from the surface. Once completed it is recommended that you moisturize your skin with lotion.

The results from the Smooth Away Vibe can last up to 3 weeks and the pad is washable and re-usable for up to 3 months.

Get the professional results that you would expect from a salon right in your home or on the go. Smooth Away Vibe is so quick and easy to use and the results are so fantastic that you'll love it!


What's Included

  • 1 large applicator with smoothing vibration pad
  • 1 small applicator
  • 5 replacement pods
  • 5 small flex-crystal replacement pods
  • Traveling case

Product Features

  • Use on your legs, arms, underarms, chest and back
  • Features a new smoothing vibration pod
  • Stimulates the hair follicle for a flawless hair-free finish
  • No pain, no chemicals and no razor burn

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