Smartware Flexible Cookware

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Smartware Flexible Cookware
Smartware is an incredibly flexible cookware that will make everything you bake a blast! Created with a unique non-stick material made from Temperflex, you will never have to worry about those delicious chocolate chip cookies sticking to the tray again.

Temperflex will allow you to take baking to the next level. You can take your Smartware straight out of the oven and put in the freezer in a flash! It can also go from 60°F below zero to almost 500°F without even melting, warping or flacking! But that’s not the best part, the real joy comes from the way it cooks!

The Temperflex surface allows for the transfer of heat more efficiently than conventional pans so that everything you cook and bake, from lasagna to fresh cookies, will cook much more evenly.

You can store your Smartware in the fridge or freezer, use it in the oven or microwave and it is always dishwasher safe. Also, Smartware Flexible Cookware allows you to use less fat and oil when you cook, lowering calories and increasing flavor.

Product Features:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Non-stick so you use less fat and oil when you cook
  • Cooks more evenly
  • Flexible
  • Withstands very high and low temperatures
Product  Includes:
  • 9" x 11" All Purpose Roasting/Baking Pan
  • Loaf pan
  • Savarin Bundt Pan
  • Cookie Sheet Mat
  • Serving Tray
  • Cookbook
  • 2 Storage Lids
  • 8 Holiday Stencils
Review by:
Andrea W.
10 March 2009
I love this cookware!!