Slim Ts

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Slim Ts

Slim Ts are a lightweight undergarment that offers a Spandex support that can help slim your waist and flattening your stomach area. Slim Ts work by concealing your love handles and giving you an extra lift that flattens your core and shapes your chest.

With the Slim Ts you’ll look pounds thinner and inches smaller. The unique spandex-blend and 12 firming panels help trim and tighten your problem areas. It is the perfect solution to looking great when you need it the most. And since they are completely invisible under your clothing no one will know you are wearing them.

Best of all, because the Slim T’s are made from special spandex-blend fibers they will not make you feel too hot or be uncomfortably tight. They are designed to hold in your problem areas while at the same time being comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.


  • It is a slimming product that only has to be purchased 1 time
  • They are supposed to be comfortable and allow air flow
  • They are an easy way to look a bit slimmer for a special occasion


  • Losing weight is a better and permanent solution
  • It may discourage you from exercising (although for some it may motivate)
  • Some have reported that it is uncomfortable to wear all day.

Product Features

  • Made from a blend of Spandex-fibers so it is not so hot or constricting
  • Helps slim, support and reshape your core
  • Can help make you look slimmer, firmer, younger and toned
  • It is un-noticeable under your clothing
  • Available in sizes S-XL

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Review by:
05 January 2011
These clowns not only sell the tee shirt but try and enroll you in all of these extras that are automaticlly charged to your credit card would not recommend for anyone
Review by:
Tony Shaw
20 November 2010
don't waste your money. it does not work. I am 6'0 234 lbs and I order a medium and it did nothing for my stomach.
Review by:
R. Jones
25 August 2010
They do work but I found them to be very constricting and uncomfortable.
Review by:
Mike Moore
25 August 2010
Ever since I started wearing my Slim T I have picked up my fitness routine so I can try and build this shape naturally.It was a big eye opener for me and now I really want to lose weight! Definitely helped motivate me again.
Review by:
Jay W.
25 August 2010
Slim ts work for me but it can get a bit uncomfortable wearing all day.It's a good product for men who want to look slimmer for special occasions.
Review by:
Chris Taylor
25 August 2010
They work pretty good, but they do not offer any kind of permanent solution to excess body fat. I recommend getting one to help motivate you a bit to start working out. Slim Ts are a great intermediary solution when you are trying to lose weight through diet and exercise but still want to look good until you don't need them anymore.