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Firm, Tone and Strengthen your Abdominals, Buns & Thighs!

Review by:
04 November 2009
The belt does seem to help firm up but good luck finding
a replacement battery. Try to find one before you buy the belt.
I purchased two belts for my wife and myself. One has a
weak battery. I have found it impossible to get help.
I would be happy just to be able to buy a new battery.
Review by:
15 September 2009
I had the same problem as the other person i could not find a battery thet worked in the slender tone i have yet to be able to use it!!
Review by:
06 February 2009
I bought a Slendertone Flex not even a year ago. I can not get it to work. I replaced the batteries so many times and it will work for awhile and then just stop. I honestly can say I really don't care for this product and for the money it cost I would hope it worked better than it did. I would love to send this back and get my money back because to me it was wasted money used on something that does not work.