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My mansfield battery just died after a few years and was looking to buy a new one. Where can I buy a new battery for my used dual drill?
An in depth review and test of the bennoti coffee machine as seen on tv. Tested by
Mineral Makeup Products Review: What's best? Bare Minerals, Sheer Cover, Pur Minerals, Simply Karen & Naked Minerals
Nutrisystem review by TVTopTen. We at have put Nutrisystem to the test to bring you an accurate review of Nutrisystem.
iet Products Review: What's best? Chef's Diet, Medifast, South Beach Diet, Jillian Michaels, Duke Diet
A complete review by TVTopTen of the listen up hearing device as seen on tv.
A complete review by TVTopTen of the BowFlex Xtreme workout machine, as seen on tv.
A product review of the SuDoku Go computer game by
A product review of Just A Trim, As Seen On TV, by
A review and product testing of the SudoKu Handheld game by TVTopTen.
A complete review of the Faraday Flashlight, As Seen On TV, by TVTopTen
A review of the Magic Bullet Blender, As Seen On TV, by
An in-depth review of the Crunchless Abs, abdominal workout As Seen On TV, written by
A complete review of the Bender Ball, As Seen On TV, written by
A complete review of the Flirty Girl Fitness program, As Seen On TV, written by
Review of the Centri Lean Diet, As Seen On TV, written by
Melt It Off With Mitch review and test by Does the Melt It Off program work?
A review of the 7 Shapely Secrets weight loss program, As Seen On TV, written by
A review of the Chinese Flower Tea, As Seen On TV, written and tested by
A review of the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, As Seen On TV, written and tested by
The Swivel Sweeper G2, As Seen On TV, tested and reviewed by
A review of the new Snuggie For Dogs, As Seen On TV, written by
A Heeltastic review written by Does Heeltastic work?
A review of the Steam Buddy portable steamer, As Seen On TV, tested by
A review of the Spin Gym portable workout device, tested and reviewed by
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As Seen On TV product reviews. Nutrisystem review, Listen Up Review, Blowflex Extreme Review and more.
As Seen on TV Product Reviews. Magic Bullet Review, Faraday Flashlight Review and Just A Trim Review.
As Seen On TV Product Reviews. Crunchless Abs review, Bender Ball Review, Flirty Girl Fitness Review and Melt It Off Review
As Seen On TV Product Reviews. Topsy Turvy review, Swivel Sweeper review, Heeltastic review and Spin Gym review.
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Comparison between the Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem diets.
A complete review of the Blendtec Blender and a comparison between the Blendtec Blender and the Magic bullet.
Nutrisystem review by TVTopTen. We at have put Nutrisystem to the test to bring you an accurate review of Nutrisystem.
A Nutrisystem sample menu that outlines some of the great options nutrisystem has to offer for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks.
Pasta Express Product Review: We've tested Pasta Express for You.
The Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup collection receives high praise as #1 infomercial beauty product on television by
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Yeas ago, I purchased tesing combs in a two pack from an infomercial. Now that big hair is back in style, can you reintroduce them?
TV products get a bad rep and was wondering if there are any as seen on tv products that are actually good.
There are some mixed reviews about the actual effectiveness of the Shake Weight, does it work?
TV products have a bad stigma but there is this product I really want, should I trust the stuff from As Seen On TV?
How safe is it to shop at As Seen On TV websites? I am scared to get my personal information stolen or get ripped off.
Get answers to all your As Seen On TV related questions at
Press release concerning the new design of TVTopTen's as seen on tv store.
Nutrisystem, what is inside the box. Come find out what your Nutrisytem program includes.
Inside The Box - See what is inside your As seen On TV product offer before you get it.
We rank the top ten diets based on customer reviews, research, tests, costs and many other factors.
Comparison between the Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem diets.
Comparisons of some the top weight loss diets out there. Compare and contrast diets to find the best on for you.
Add Enduring Beauty to Your Home and Garden This Spring
Checkout the latest As Seen On TV products to see what is new and hot in the informercial industry
A guide to everything Nutrisystem. Learn about the program, how to join, the pros and cons, the food, watch videos, read reviews and much more!
TVTopTen ranks the top 10 beauty products based on commercial airing data collected from media results, as well as customer reviews, rankings, and demand.
TVTopTen ranks the top 10 diet products for 2011 based on commercial airing data collected from media results, as well as customer reviews, rankings, and demand.
TVTopTen ranks the top 10 pet supply products based on commercial airing data collected from media results, as well as customer reviews, rankings, and demand.
TVTopTen ranks the top 10 sports and fitness products based on commercial airing data collected from media results, as well as customer reviews, rankings, and demand.
TVTopTen ranks the top 10 kitchen products based on commercial airing data collected from media results, as well as customer reviews, rankings, and demand.
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TVTopTen ranks the top ten As Seen On TV automotive products. Shop for your favorite As Seen On TV automotive products with confidence.
The NeoSocket is the world’s number 1 fuel saving device. This little device can help you save money on gas and help save the environment.
Apply Photoblocker Spray to your license plate to prevent sucessful radar photos.
Pops A Dent- Car Dent and Ding Remover by Simoniz is a great product that allows you to remove virtually any car dent in three easy steps. Simple stick, twist and pop the dent is gone!
Rejuvenate Auto is a waterless car wash and waxing system that will help you rejuvenate your car in just 15 minutes without any water.
Now with the Ronco Six Star Knives you can get all the knives you will ever need. Guaranteed to stay sharp and last a life time.
The Save-A-Tow Traction Ramp saves time and dollars in towing costs, prevents transmission damage, and eliminates shoveling, pushing, over-exertion and injury.
The Seat Snug is a stability device that has been designed to keep your child safer while riding in a car. Order the Seatsnug As Seen On TV.
Shark Steam and Spray has three different steam settings for different floor surfaces.
Flex Seal Brite liquid rubber sealant has all of the advantages of the origianl Flex Seal but also now comes in an easy blending shade
Kiddie Catch-All™ is the perfect accessory for your car, truck or minivan! Fill it with books, toys, games, snacks, sippie cups...
Wipe New Car Surface Restorer and Protector makes any dull and aged surface on your car look like new again
The SpongeTech Car Wash and Washing System is an all-in-one car cleaning solution that has soap and wax built in to give your car a wash and wax unlike anything else. Wash your car with SpongeTech
The Total View is an adjustable blind spot mirror that can help increase your field of vision, thus allowing you to drive safer and with more confidence.
Tow Truck In A Box, As Seen On TV, will allow you to easily get your car out if it gets stuck in the mud or snow while on the road.
Another amazing product featured by Billy Mays, the Jupiter Jack is a new revolutionary accessory that turns any car radio into a wireless speaker system for your cell phone.
Fixes rips and tears in your vinyl and leather furniture.
Liquid Diamond is an instant car polish that will make your car shine like new again.
Lucidal is a revolutionary formula that can help improve your memory, mood, concentration, focus and even your mental energy.
The MaxGrib Dash Tray is a dashboard organizer that will help you keep everything you need right at your fingertips.
The iSuperCharger is a portable 4-way charger that connects and re-charges your iPod through a vehicles cigarette lighter, computer USB port, wall outlet or even a regular 9 volt battery
Griffin Road Trip is a high powered FM Transmitter, iPod auto charger and iPod cradle in one!
Run Cars on half WATER 4 FUEL Cells, Hydrogen HHO Saver Gas, Improve Mileage with Saving Products
Ding King Tool - The Original Professional Car Dent Removal System
The Original Drop Stop Car Wedge is an amazing invention for your car that will help you stop droping things between your cars seat crack. Order the Drop Stop Car Wedge at TVTopTen.
The Pro Pens are a new product by Simoniz that will allow you to quickly and easily repair scratches on your car.
Make your car look like new with Simoniz Fix It. Quickly fixes nicks and scratches. Your car deserves the best!
ANGEL GUARD is a safe, simple way to keep children from unbuckling their seatbelt, helping them stay safe and secure in their car seats. Endorsed by a firefighter
The Digital Notepad Recorder will allow you to quickly and easily record all of your thoughts on the go.
Improve the engine performance of your car with Autocerm today!
The Auto Pilot is a talking road navigator that gives you directions by voice as you drive, so you will never get lost again!
Battery Brain uses patented technology to continually monitor your battery�s charge and strength from any possible energy drainage.
The Bioenergiser Detox Foot Spa System has been developed to help you detoxify and rebalance your system without having to pay for any expensive or complicated diet.
The Bumper Repair kit is a great product that will allow you to save a lot of money when fixing any plastic bumper and is also very easy to use.
CarMD is a powerful diagnostic tool for your vehicle that will allow you to check and mantain your vehicle's health.
Wash and wax your car in one easy step with the Cyclone
The Windshield Crack Repair Kit allows you to quickly and easily repair chipped windshields.
Windshield WonderThe official Windshield Wonder makes it easy to clean your windshield without straining your back.
X20 Auto Care System will allow you to wash and wash your car all year round easy and hassle-free.`
CycleVIN is a place where you can get up-to-date Motorcycle history reports.
The fastest lens remover kit ever! Return their headlights to their showroom shine.
Restore that showroom shine! Revive the color of your car, as easy as spraying it in and rubbing it on!
Night View Glare Reduction Glasses - Turn Fuzzy and Dull Into Clear and Bright.
Body-bandaging is a popular beauty treatment that reduces cellulite and fights other problems.
Permanently remove unwanted hair from your legs.
Verseo brings you an innovative nighttime anti-aging, skin firming patch clinically proven to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles using natural ingredients from the sea.
After 30 mins a day, your arms are firmer, more toned and that your skin is increasingly softer.
Velform, which reduces and reaffirms the chin leaving it taut and firm.
Exclusively designed to target the problem waist and tummy area.
True Ceramic Pro - As Seen on TV.
True Light Interactive Mirror - Always know exactly how you'll look once you get to your destination! Order Online Now!
In just weeks, the Natural Advantage system, using proprietary day and night treatments will help prevent future wrinkles.
Conceal imperfections while leaving your nails looking youthful and bright!
With the Neckline Slimmer you can reverse the effects of Aging without expensive cosmetic surgery!
The Hairdo Clip In Bangs from Jessica Simpson, gives you real-looking and beautiful bangs easily without cutting your hair.
The no no hair remover is the hottest product in hair remal.
No No Skin, As Seen On TV, helps speed up the healing process of mild to moderate acne using a patented treatment tip which provides a therapeutic light and heat to the body.
Dr Frank's No Pain Spray - Safe All Natural Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Spray as seen on TV
The NuBrillance dual action system exfoliates and stimulates the production of collagen in your skin to help fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. Get beautyful skin with NuBrillia
No need to waste old broken lipstick, just reform to a whole new customized lipstick that's your own, with Lipstix Remix!
The Nuri Skin breakthrough skin care delivers two of nature's most potent antioxidants to help repair, fortify and protect skin on the inside and out.
Order Nutra Renew today and turn your dry, unmanageable hair into a silky smooth mane!
The Pajama Jeans, As Seen On TV, as slim and sexy as skinny jeans but are as comfortable as soft cotton pajamas.
Dermacia - The world's first breathable foundation clinically proven to eliminate the appearence of acne and prevent future breakouts!
Overstock Pearls - Beautiful pearl necklace, with 18 inches of absolutely genuine fresh water pearls, and a sturdy gold plated clasp. Order Online Now!
Oxygen Facial Sytem Oxygenating Foaming Cleansing Milk - This special milk works best with our Oxygen Facial System. Order Online Now!
Give yourself professional looking salon quality nail designs in your own home with Hollywood Nails at home nail art system
Pearl effectively lifts and tightens the skin for an immediate, significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Ped Egg Removes Cracked Dry Skin Safely and Easily. PedEgg Refill Blades Are Also Available. Buy 1 Ped Egg, Get Another FREE!
The cordless Pedi Pistol helps you indulge your pedicure fetish by providing a professional pedicure system in one simple tool.
Introducing Perfect Pigment the revolutionary healthy new make-up designed add natural youthful pigments to the skin
Ped Egg isn't only the world's best selling pedicure tool, and it's helping find a cure for breast cancer. Special Pink Ped Egg offer!
Light Stim for wrinkles uses focused light to stimulate the body's ability to generate cologen which acts to fill in wrinckles and strengthen skin
Keep the Lord�s prayer close to your heart with the Prayer Cross, a beautiful and genuinely crystal layered fine sterling silver cross.
Try Proactiv risk-free for 60 days! Proactiv Solution can heal your acne, and help stop new blemishes from forming.
Procede is a powerful, advanced cosmetic formula for men who want to procede with a simple way to help thicken their thinning hair.
It combats razor burn, calms sensitive skin, restores natural moisture to your skin.
Pure Mineral based powder makeup provides an easy, natural way to apply makeup.
Principal Secret - Skin care makes your life easier and your skin flawless with multi-purpose products that are a cinch to use.
The new Wrinkle Renew Venom Compound is the ultimate alternative to Botox and it is designed to help you reverse the effects of aging.
Repair A Tear, prevents earlobe stretching and tearing
Get all the benefits of your most beloved push-up bras, without the hassles of straps and underwires!
Look and feel years younger in just minutes a day! Instantly correct the appearance of dark circles and tired eyes.
Revivogen is an all-natural, dermatologist-formulated solution to help slow thinning hair in both men and women.
Joan Rivers Right To Bare Legs Cover Up will help make your legs look younger, skinnier and sexier.
The site that provides awesome auctions and daily deals on watches, rings, accessories, and more!
Helps heal skin problems; burns, acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis leaving skin soothed.
Robanda Anti Aging Hand Cream effective to fade dark spots.
A light lotion combining concentrated Retinol, SPF 25 Sunscreen, Alpha Lipoic Acid and several natural plant extracts.
Younger, healthier and glowing skin, is achieved using Robanda Oxygen Boost Night Therapy.
This superior eye gel is designed specifically to stop and reverse the signs of aging of the skin around the eyes.
Rogaine Extra Strength for Men Triple Pack - ROGAINE� is clinically proven to help men with hereditary hair loss�See if it�s right for you. Order Online Now!
The Roto Shave is the world's number 1 electric shaver. The Roto Shave will give you a closer, faster and smoother shave than ever before.
Salon Bronze Sunless Tanning System - As Seen on TV.
Save A Blade sharpens any razor and saves you money!
Scalp Med for Women is the result of many years to develope the optimal formula that increase the growth of hair.
Self Tanning Airbrush System - An attractive tan in minutes � without the sun�s harmful rays! Order Online Now!
Shape N Style - Improve your look wirh confidence! Order Online Now!
America's top anti-aging cream. It reduces wrinkles, softens signs of aging, and smooths skin texture. Try your free trial!
Tag Away is the all natural, non surgical way to remove skin tags permanently
Lightweight, Natural, Complete Coverage - Helps Defend Skin From Premature Aging.
Simply Karen Mineral Makeup - Pure, natural ingredients in all our mineral makeup. Order Online Now!
Clarisonic Skin Care Kit,The proprietary sonic technology works with the natural elasticity of the skin to provide gentle daily cleansing.
Skin Culture 6 day chemical skin peel is world's oldest facial home skin peel. Clear New Skin Guaranteed
Use Skincerity� and experience an average reduction in the appearance of wrinkles by 39%.
skiniD is a new acne treatment system by Neutrogena Dermatologics that has been shown through clinical results to be twice as fast as the popular acne treatment Proactive.
Slim and Lift is a revolutionary slimming and lifting undergarment that can give you a sexy figure.
The Smart Cover make-up kit is designed to help you cover up and conceal all of your skins flaws easily and discreetly.
Smooth Away is a hair removal pad that is covered by superfine crystals that help buff away hair from unwanted areas and at the same time leaving your skin very smooth and soft by exfoliating it.
Trendy Top is the fashionable new way to the layered look in your outfits without added bulk
Say goodbye to pinching, binding, chafing and discomfort! The Ahh Bra is the most comfortable bra you will ever put on!
Curve Control Jeans have come up with the perfect solution to fix any body type!
Now you can have that beautiful South Beach Tan without leaving your home.
The furry, fun pet that fits on your fit! Choose from 6 cuddly pets to use as slippers.
Ponilox rotating comb is the easiest way to create salon quality hairstyles easily in your own home as seen on tv
Spinlashes will give you perfect lashes every time. Spinlash is the mascara that revolves around you.
Remove split ends quickly and easily with the Split Ender Maxi!
StaTight is the allnatural bio-safe alternative applying a thoroughly studied polypeptide and a European hyaluronic skin hydrator to help mirror the effects of Botox with a natural topical facial solu
Discover the Genie Bra! The fashionista's secret to enhancing your wardrobe.
ShowStoppers Designer Fashion Tape is the double sided body and clothing tape that will keep you fashion fastened
StriVectin is a stretch mark repair kit for your own body.
Sunbrushed Tan sunless tanning kit gives you a perfect tan in just 6 minutes.
Sup' Hair - Give vigor and strength back to the hair! Order Online Now!
The Sure Clip is an advanced nail clipper that clips, magnifies and files
Susan Lucci Youthful Essence Refill Kit for your age-defying Microdermabrasion System.
Belisi manufactures their ties to the same high fashion and quality standards — and even in the same plants — as the expensive name brands. But because they get them direct, Belisi charges a lot less!
The Swirly Hair Clip is a 24K Gold plated and stylish clip that will allow you to firmly and beautifully hold your hair back in many different styles.
ThermaClear - Banish Acne Faster!
Timeless Secret is an anti-aging system that can help you look younger in just 2 weeks.
Titanium Turbo is high performance electric razor that provides a close, comfortable, smooth shave at the fraction of the cost of other electrical razors.
The Total White Teeth Whitening Pen is the only teeth whitener that is proven to work in minutes. Now you can whiten your teeth with Total White in just minutes.
Total Foot Care Cream - Make your entire foot feel soft and silky! Order Online Now!
The Transfirmer system can help you train to burn fat, sculpt your muscles and transfirm your body.
Tripeptinon Face Lift Capsule is an incredible new technology actually designed to lift, firm and strengthen facial connective tissues giving your skin the most youthful appearance.
Just A Trim Hair Trimmer is the best for a quick trim between haircuts.
The Kangaroo Keeper is a bag organizer that will allow you to keep all your personal belonging neatly organized in any bag.
Kiyoseki Mineral Ceramic Styler Styling Iron.3-in-1 styling iron. Straightens, curls and voluminizes your hair.
Keep acne pimples, blemishes, and blackheads under control
Get the body and the attention you've always wanted! Hide those extra pounds with Kymaro's New Body Shaper and Botton Shaper!
Lady Infinity Razor, guaranteed to last a lifetime, this blade never dulls so you will never need to spend money on blades or razors again!
Lancome Paris has a new breakthrough applicator!
With Lasertron your hair should appear visibly thicker, fuller, and healthier within 12-16 weeks.
Penetrates the hair follicles, unclogs pores, and provides a barrier-free path to new hair growth.
With the Lash 28 Eyelash Conditioner you can get thicker, fuller and more beautiful eyelashes in just 28 days.
Lauren Hutton Mineral Makeup is
The Amazing New Styling Tool That Holds Your Hair Up All Day. Just Twist, Slide the Clip In, and Lock Your Hair in Place. Glamourously Styled Hair, Fast.
Elimitag is a natural topical remedy that helps to eliminate harmless skin tags without any pain. Apply to the desired area and see results in as little as 3 weeks.
The applicator lets you reach all areas of your back without twisting.
Luminess Air sells premium airbursh cosmetics. Come check out the special tv and online offer and start your free trial
Luminess Air is a high quality airbrush tanning system that will give you a perfect tan at home.
The Lucious Lip plumping serum is a top TV product that has been designed to make your lips more full and sexy.
The Maxiglide Hair Straightener features an ergonomic, streamlined handle that fits perfectly in your hand and makes styling a breeze!
Medical Hair Restoration is an As Seen On TV product that will help you restore your lost hair.
the microforce Electric Shaver will give you a really close and clean shave every time.
Micro Touch Magic - The Ultimate Grooming Solution!
Murad Resurgence guarantees younger-looking skin in just 30 days. This 3-step regimen has been designed to help restore and revitalize hormonally aging skin.
Murad Acne Complex is specially formulated to fight breakouts at the source. This system will allow you not only to clear current blemishes, but also prevent new ones from forming.
Naked Minerals - Beautiful, sheer and healthy for your skin
Our High Performance Anti-Aging System features 3 advanced peptide treatments that reduces wrinkles and restores youthful appearance.
The new Verseo Thermax Warming Cream is the natural way to keep your hands and feet warm.
Verseo Oxygen Facial System - Features an oxygen pen, that when placed close to the skin, ionizes the air creating ozone. Order Online Now!
The Verseo Portable hair remover is an easy and on the go way to quickly remove unwanted hair.
Great Hair Day by Joan Rivers is the innovative way to help cover up thinning hair and baldspots. Order Great Hair Day As Seen On TV.
Greyban is a revolutionary hair treatment solution to help you restore your hair color.
Hair Block is a roll-on hair remover that will help you remove hair and keep it away for weeks.
Hairagami will create beautiful buns and unique ponytails in a snap! Hairagami features an exciting collection.
Hair Made is the new hair styling stand that will help save time styling, drying, straigtening and volumizing.
Hair Plus Combo - Shampoo and Conditioner - Longer, Thicker, Bouncier Hair In Just One Month!
Heel Stick is a fantastic tv product that will help turn your rough, dry and cracked feet into smooth and healthy ones.
The new Heeltastic roll-on balm is specially designed for people like you who suffer from chronic cracked dry skin.
Heel Treatment Cream - See the softer side of your feet again!
Celebrities around the world frequently speak of the benefits they experience after a body detox.
Learn how to highlight hair the easy way with Hollywood Highlights hair extensions. Made of 100 percent real human hair, Hollywood Highlights add fullness and color to your hair.
Get longer-lasting curled lashes with or without mascara application!
Hot Legs removes hair from all body parts
Hydroderm - Products for Young and Healthly Looking Skin.
Hydrolyze is a revitalizing under eye treatment to help you quickly remove dark circles and eye bags.
Idebenol is a revolutionary skin repair system.
In An Instant is a new amazing product by Heidi Klum that will provides a wrinkle-erasing breakthrough that works in seconds to help diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines.
Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Styler
Infinity Razor, it's the last razor you'll ever need to buy.
InstaSlim crew style slimming shirts will help make men look more slim and trimmed
Look much slimmer today with the InstaSlim Crew slimming undergarnment shirts.
The InStyler will turn your hair into shiny, bouncy, perfect hair in minutes. The Instyler is the rotating iron craved about on TV.
The world's first versatile INVISIBLE solution for perfect support
Clinically proven to whiten your teeth!
Look thinner and sexier in seconds with Secret Styler! Invented by a woman, Secret Styler! accents your best features while hiding your problem areas without ever picking up a needle and thread.
Depil Silk, As Seen On TV, is a spray and wipe hair remover that will leave your skin fealing smooth and refreshed.
The DermaWand is the condensed version of the corrective technology that skincare professionals rely on. Remove fine lines with Derma Wand today.
A clear beautiful complexion with the Dermatron Skincare system.
DesignerSnuggie; the blanket with sleeves! Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside.
Dream Lash, As Seen On TV, is a safe to use product that can help you get longer and fuller eyelashes without resorting to expensive perscriptions.
The Dream Skin Pillowcase is a pillowcase that will rejuvenate your skin naturally while you sleep.
The Ear Lifts are an As Seen On TV product that have been designed to help you hold up your droopy earlobes.
Eight Hour Line Eraser Immediately remove puffiness for 8-12 hours
Ellezza is made by combining this Snail extract together with other active ingredients.
These silicone breast forms are comfortable, safe, waterproof and specially designed to have the natural look.
Epiclear is a revolutionary one-step acne treatment and skin care producti using new liposomal tecchnology.
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EZ Combs stretches to instantly create popular hairstyles, as seen on TV
The Facercise instructional DVD by Carol Maggio includes a series of 13 facial exercises that can help strengthen and develop your facial muscles in order to tone and strengthen them.
Finally Gone provides permanent hair-removal technology used by spas is now available to the public.
Finishing Touch Hair Trimming Wand - As Seen on TV.
Men�s Rogaine Foam is the first and only FDA-approved hair regrowth foam.
Sens Pluriels Velvet Effect Foaming Wash Gel is ideal for everyday use.
Royal Pedi is the easiest, safest way to remove dead skin and prevent repeated callus build up. Royal Pedi's exclusive TotalGrip™ restickable sleeve means no more slipping, sliding, bending and mess!
See everything in High Definition, color and clarity. Like no other glasses you've ever worn!
Trim hair instantly and perfectly! Gets as close as a blade, yet is safe to the touch.
Salon Style Microdermabrasion at home! Minimizes fine lines, acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, and enlarged pores.
Frownies allow the deep expression lines to heal, leaving younger, more relaxed-looking skin.
Freeze 24-7 is a targeted wrinkle treatment that has been clinically proven to help you look and feel younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 50%-90%.
Frownies Corners of the Eyes and Mouth - Diminish the visible signs of aging effectively and naturally!
Frownies Rosewater Hydrator Spray - Enhance the effectiveness of Frownies Facial Pads!
The Nail Fungus, As Seen On TV, is a product that will help you take control and prevent nail fungus.
Take your perfume or cologne everywhere you go with the My Scent portable atomizer, As Seen On TV.
Genesphere - Amazingly removes wrinkles! Buy One Get One FREE!
The reusable Snap-On Feathers easily snap off and snap on to instantly change your look
Proactiv is the best all-around acne product for everyday skin care. Proactiv is the Answer for Acne.
Activar Skin Renewal System uses anti-aging ingredients from the Amazon.
The Air Cutter will allow you to get that professional and stylish haircut in the comfort of your own home. Cheap, quick and easily.
Gel Perfect is the easiest way to give yourself salon quality gel nail coating in a variety of colors with no UV
Aloette Bronze Wash - Use this skin bronzer to get a healthy, iridescent glow all year round.
Aloette Lumitone is a system containing a blend of clinically tested and scientifically proven ingredients designed to make your skin look brighter and more beautiful
Aloette Ageless Science System - Help to create a radiant skin with a healthy balance.
Aloette Fine Eyeliner is a premium grade eyeliner application serum that will help you achieve professional beautiful eyes.
The Aloette Fresh Finish Face Powder will help you reduce the appearance of facial shine while at the same time making your foundation last much longer.
Aloette Laced in Beauty Summer Make-up Set - Contains everything you need to create a beautiful, flawless look for day or night.
The Aloette Perfect Lift Plus is a one step system to help
Get a flawless perfect tan that lasts up to 10 days! The Secret Glo premeasured tanning gloves bring out your natural color, and give you a beautiful glow!
Aloette White Tea & Pear Body Butter Balm - Perfect for treating dry skin and helping skin stay soft and smooth.
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Trim 360 is a meal delivery service designed to help you eat more healthy and lose weight without having to shop, cook or count calories
Help relive back and joint pain and discomfort with the Teeter Hang Ups inversion table, As Seen On TV.
Pounds Lost sheds the pounds, boosts the metabolism, and increases energy.
Modera XL helps decrease smoking, drug, and alcohol cravings.
Nutra Fuels helps you fall asleep faster and longer by simply spraying the formula orally.
Eliminate cellulite today! firm and smooth skin, and make fat cells cell and tissue neutralize into normal looking skin.
Lose 30+ pounds without dieting! Just sprinkle on your food, eat, and lose weight!
The amazing pillow that helps correct your sleep posture!
The Back Stretcher relieves pain, reduces pressure, and improve performance. Just use the Teeter Hang Ups P3 Back Stretcher a few minutes a day for effective low back pain relief.
Spinal Stretch uses safe and effective 'spinal decompression' to relieve back pain. Just lay back and relax and let Spinal Stretch do all the work.
Quit smoking! One bottle can eliminate your need to smoke - Naturally
Instant 20/20 Adjustable Glasses Let You Dial-In, and See, Instantly
With Green Coffee Extract by Maxtrim, start burning the fat now! Experience the amazing benefits of green coffee bean extract for yourself. Green Coffee burns fat, is 100% natural
With 1-800-DOC-ONCALL, you can consult a Board-Certified doctor now, via either webcam or phone. Prescriptions will be sent to your local pharmacy, and records will be sent to your primary....
As Seen On TV CobraZol - Roll-on Topical Gel for Chronic Pain Relief
TVTopTen ranks the top As Seen On TV housewares products. Shop for your favorite As Seen On TV housewares products with confidence.
The Turbo Snake is the quick and easy way to clear out your slow moving and ultra clogged drains.
The Tushee Comforter is a towel designed for your tushee and is made with high quality and soft velour material.
Ribz Protective Cases effectively guard your iPhone 4 from damage associated with shocks and drops!
Urine Gone effectively removes new or old urine stains from washable surfaces and fabrics.
The Vacu-Seal� cordless handheld vacuum that is easy to use.
The Nori iSteam is a 3-in-1 power steamer that can clean your whole house and more. Order Nori iSteamer form TVTopTen.
The One Sweep Broom, As Seen On TV, sweeps up everything in its way.
The One Touch Jar Opener, As Seen On TV, makes it easy to open any type of jar.
Portable Automatic Can Opener
Germ Bloc is the ultimate germ barrier for your hands thats protects you and prevents contact with contaminated surfaces
Open Sesame allows you to open glass bottles, plastic bottles, and alumin cans without the frustration of them getting stuck
The Orange Glo, As Seen On TV, will help you protect all your beautiful and expensive hardwood floors.
The New Oreck Power Team combines the power of the 9-pound Oreck XL Classic with the power of the 5-pound super handheld Vac to tackle all of your toughest cleaning jobs.
Oreck XL - This incredibly light, amazingly powerful, 8-lb. expectations of even the most discriminating buyer: you.
OxiClean Detergent Ball - Laundry will probably never go away, but now you can make some of the hassles of doing laundry disappear forever.
OxiClean Miracle Foam tackles the toughest grease and grime all around your house�and outside too.
Enjoy at home the same technology found in many five-star resorts, hotels and spas.
All-new revolutionized multi-spray showerheads.
KeyPout provides the extra comfort of security for everyone in their home, office, or dorm. Hook it on your door and make it impossible to break in!
The revolutionary parenting internet device! Action Alert records all of your online activity for later review.
The Page Brite, As Seen On TV, provides you with the magnification and light you need to read your favorite books, even at night.
The Keeper Sweeper™ functions as a sweeper, duster, wet mop, dry mop, glass cleaner, floor scraper, car wash tool, counter top cleaner, hand tool, and many other options to make the ultimate all-in-on
Take a seat anywhere with the Pocket Chair! The compact chair that can fit in your pocket!
With the perfect fit button, as seen on tv, you can add or subtract inches from your pants. It is, the quickest and easiest way to loosen or tighten your pants instantly.
Perfect Position Pillow provides unmatched comfort while you sleep, watch TV or read.
Pest Offense� reduces the use of hazardous chemicals, will removing unwanted pests.
Roll your luggage with just one hand with Train Reaction. It allos you to roll twice as much luggage with half the effort
The Picture Placer picture hanging tool kit comes with a variety of accessories and makes picture hanging a breeze. Hang it right the first time-every time.
The Plasma Cool PC-14E Portable Air Conditioner is the most powerful portable air conditioner on a household outlet.
Kills ticks, fleas and lice on contact. Be sleep reassured!
The PurePro is proven to be up to 300% more effective than the competition, at half the price.
Quick Lawn Grass � As Seen On TV, the all year round turf-grass that sprouts within 5 days and so easy to grow.
The incredible QuickLawn Grass Seed is the gardeners choice. All you have to do is sprinkle the seed and water. QuickLawn does the rest.
Easily light up the dark spaces in your home with Quick Brite!
Easily light up the dark spaces in your home with Quik-Brites�!
Rejuventate, As Seen On TV, is a new revolutionary polymer based cabinet and furniture finish that will instantly bring your cabinets and floors back life.
Dropps Detergent makes doing your laundry an easier chore and is better for the environment.
Keep the bed bugs out with this ultrasonic bed bug extermination device, As Seen On TV.
The cordless RoboMaid slides silently across all your floors picking up dirt, dust, lint and hair. It goes virtually anywhere.
Take the hassle out of gardening with Roll N Grow! Over 2,000 Colorful Flower Seeds, including Baby's Breath, Poppies, Crimson Clover, and more!
Keep it safe this Halloween with the #1 selling pumpkin light. Watch it change colors as it lights up the room without a flame or other dangerous light source.
Rug Doctor Deep Cleans Your Carpet Like A Pro! Tax Rebate Special & FREE Cleaning Package With Purchase: a $250 Value!
The amazing new way to hydrate and decorate all your flowers and plants!
Saesonaire is a small but hard working home heater which will help you decrease your heating bills while increasing the air quality in your home
As Seen On TV Shark Rotator Lift Away Vacuum - The Most Recommended Vacuum In America
The Scunci Steamer - Steam mildew, mold, grease, and grime away without harsh chemicals with the Scunci Steamer.
ShamWow can hold up to 21 times its weight in liquid!
Shark Rocket is the Ultra-lightweight Vacuum with Upright Cleaning Power. First, the Sonic Scrubbing and Carpet Cleaning Solution breaks up the surface dirt that causes discoloration and staining.
The Rechargeable Shark Intelligent 3-Speed Sweeper Cleans Carpet, Rugs, Stairs and hardwood floors.
Shark Professional Steam Caddy cleans, Deodorizes, and Sanitizes without harsh chemicals.
Shark Steam In A Bottle cleans, Deodorizes, and Sanitizes without harsh chemicals.
Grime, dirt, footprints, amd messes are history with the amazing Shark Steam Mop!
Shark Wet Dry Power Scooper is Touch Free Cleaning! As the mess is scooped up, the bag retracts, sucking up the mess.
Shark VX3 is an incredibly powerful floor and carpet sweeper!
As Seen On TV Lavender Garden - The perfect perennial flower to keep your garden looking fresh and alive year after year. Lavender is guaranteed to grow, thrive and is perfect for patios and decks.
The X-Hose™ is the incredible expanding hose that automatically expands up to 3 times its length while giving you a wide diameter and powerful high-flow spray. Simply turn the water on and watch the X
The Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum is one of the most advanced vacuums cleaners available today and also is a great price
The ShoeDini, As Seen On TV, is a telescoping shoehorn that will help you easily put your shoes on and take them off without straining your back.
Shoes Away Shoe Organizer lets you keep 30 pairs of shoes neatly stored away, easily visible and ready to go.
WalkFit Platinum takes comfort and stability to the next level with extra cushioning and odor protection.
Shoes Under� is the shoe storage solution that stores and protects up to twelve pairs of shoes and fits conveniently under the bed!
The Shuffles are basically slippers for moping your floors.
The Sleep Number 3000 features a Pillowtop Mattress for ultimate comfort. This Pillow Top Bed is a traditional style bed and is the original Sleep Number bed with new enhancements.
NanoDyze is the All in One Fabric and Surface Protector, it protect all fabrics, hard surfaces and repels bacteria
The Smart Mop is the new super absorbent mop that will allow you to pick up a liquid mess in seconds.
Snip Stick N Grow - Plants will grow at incredible rates! Order Online Now!
SnoreEzzz is a specially designed pillow that helps keep your head and neck aligned thus preventing snoring.
The MoBe Beverage Flask is the flexible and easily concealable hip flask that is stylish as well
Lasting Anti Microbial Spray is an anti mibrobial disinfectant spray, surface sanitizer and cleaning product that keeps on working for 30 days
Snuggie is the perfect fleece blanket with arm sleeves. Order the Snuggie Blanket on 2 for the price of one on the world's only blanket you can wear.
Sobakawa Cloud Pillow has been designed with a crescent-shape that will follow the contours of your neck and
The SoftLux Pillow provides support, comfort, temperature control, and is hypoallergenic to help you feel better rested and recharged for your day.
The Bell and Howell Solar Light has oversized solar collector panels which power super-bright internal LED lights for a full 12 hours!
SonicScrubber - Superior Household Cleaning Tool
The Sound Sentry XL is a motion sensing alarm that will record and play back any sound!
Paradise tulips let you have a rainbow of colorful flowers at your home with ease. Get 20 tulip bulbs for just 10 dollars
The FREE Senior mobile phone is an easy-to-use phone designed specifically for senior citizens that has a one touch lifeline emergency alert system built into it.
Get ride of bed bugs once and for all with Fabriclear. It kills bugs, eggs, and larvae onc contact and leaves you pest free
As Seen On TV Olde Brooklyn Lantern — The Vintage Style Lantern With New LED Technology
Shrink your stuff so that you can take it all, with the Space Bag To Go storage packs.
The Space Bags are vacuum sealed storage bags that will allow you to quickly triple your storage space.
Steam Buddy gives you the power of a dry cleaner in the palm of your hand.
The One Touch Steam Tornado is a 2-in-1 device that acts as an upright steamer mop and a handheld steamer. Clean your whole house with the Steam Tornado.
Keep fresh air in and bugs out!
Stops leaks FAST! The easiest way to coat, protect and seal.
Glow Grips are glow in the dark super grip traction strips that give you the ultimate non-slip surface!
Installs fast, easy and without any tools! Stick n Click lets you enjoy white light wherever you need it
StowAway Bag� is an all-purpose nylon tote that is lightweight and water resistant.
The strawberry giant will produce delicious strawberries year round.
The Mighty Thirsty sponge absorbs and holds eight times more fluid than your average cleaning sponge.
Space Bag Tote is the best way to consolidate and store all of you items is a vacume sealed portable storage container
Sweep n Mop features a ribbed sponge head that not only absorbs spills but effectively sweeps away dirt, dust and debris
Easy Feet, As Seen On TV, is the new and better way to clean, wash, scrub and massage your feet.
The Zip Notes take sticky notes to the next level. Sticky Note dispenser including a 150 foot rool of sticky notes.
The Swiffer Sweep + Vac provides quick and thorough cleanup around the house and is a true replacement for the broom and dustpan.
Swiffer WetJet saves time and effort scrubbing your floor with this all-in-one, ready-to-use floor mopping system.
With over 3 million units sold, Riddex is one of the premier way to rid your home of pest and critters such as rats, mice and roaches
Swivel Mop's reusable mop pad is made of special looped microfiber to quickly & easily loosen.
The Swivel Sweeper G2 is a cordless floor sweeper that features a rotating sweeping design to help you pick up all the dirt and mess off your floors. The G2 version comes with 2 new features.
Swivel Sweeper is the cordless and versatile sweeper you will love!
TableMate II Adjustable Table - As Seen on TV.
The Tempur Pedic Full Mattress is a Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress that gives the ultimate comfort!
The Tempur Pedic King Mattress is a Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress that gives the ultimate comfort!
The Tempur Pedic Queen Mattress is a Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress that gives the ultimate comfort!
The Tempur Pedic Twin Mattress is a Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress that gives the ultimate comfort!
The Original Dreamie, As Seen on Tv, is a top sheet, bottom sheet and a pillow pocket all in one.
Millions of people have learned the secret and have experienced life-changing results with Thermocolor Iron
The Toasty Wrap is an oversized fleece blanket with sleeves. It will keep you warm and allow you to move about freely.
Tobi - The first upright and portable wrinkle removing machine designed to wipe out wrinkles. Order Online Now!
The tomato giant will product huge tomato trees and tomatoes. Enjoy giant tomatoes grown at home.
The Topsy Turvy Plug and Grow (also known as the Plug N Gro-Bag) will allow you to grow flowers, herbs, berries or vegetables vertically.
Topsy Turvy tomato planter is an amazing product that will allow you to grow beautiful tomatoes easily in-door or out-door
The Total Pillow, As Seen On TV, twists and shapes to provide complete comfort and support for your back, neck, knees and virtually anywhere else.
Touch n Brush is a toothpaste dispenser that uses patented vacuum force to release the perfect amount of toothpaste on your brush every time.
The Travel Space Bags will allow you to quickly triple your space in your bags while you travel.
Better Sealer is the new Food and Bag Sealer that is easiest way to keep all of your foods as fresh as when you bought them
The all new Disney Gyro Bowl not blends all the great qualites of the original with your child's favorite disney characters
Dirty Jobs takes the hard work out of your toughest stains, it cleans carpets and is the most versatile and powerful stain remover around
The Just Air Laptop Cover, As Seen On TV, is a new slim and super strong cover that will keep your laptop or ipad secure.
Buy Tear Repair and see reviews. Fix hole in any color leather or vinyl simply and easily
Leak Ender 2000 quickly seals cracks to avoid costly damage.
Professional Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit will allow you to fix up holes, burns, tears and rips in minutes.
Perfect for picking up items that fall between appliances!
Helps to break down mold, mildew and other pollutants
Lint-B-Gone� Dryer Brushes revolutionary f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e nylon brush helps you to clean vents.
Repairs are made without removing the leather, it is done right in place.
The Little Giant Cargo Hold is an attachment for your Little Giant Ladder that will allow you to store and keep all your tools and supplies right on hand while you work.
Mr. Lid containers are made fomr high grade BPA free materials right here in the USA and you will never lose a lid again!
Grout Bully cleans, renews and redesigns grout on contact. The powerful formula penetrates and eliminates mold, mildew and bacteria fast!
Lumber Liquidators, offers brand name hardwood flooring from multiple showrooms around the United States.
Mattress Remedy - Your mattress is sick and this is the cure!
With the Mega Blueberries, As Seen On TV, you can grow your own delicious and fresh blueberries at home.
The Micro Wallet, As Seen On TV, is an expandable genuine leather wallet and organizer that can hold everything you need while on the go.
Mighty Blast is the new stain remover with powerful extractive foam action that lets you blast away stains from up to 6 feet away!
Mighty Fix It is the new, quick and easy way to seal and repair. The Mighty Fix It tape will fix and seal almost anything
Mighty Mendit the fast and easy way to mend, hem, and wear it again
The Mighty Putty, As Seen On TV, is a super-powered epoxy putty you can mold to repair anything.
Might Thirsty is a super absorbent vacuum block, sponge-like pad, that can hold up to over 8 times its weight, making cleaning up dirty messes a much easier and quicker task.
The Mighty Pro Grill is the secret for quick, easy and deliciously cooked grilled meals.
The Mini Sew Wonder is a new cordless and table top sewing machine that features a patented 2-in-1 technology that allows it to be used either on a table top or handheld without any cords.
The perfection Series!
Mister Steamy is the new and amazing dryer ball that has the power to steam your laundry as they dry. Dry and Steam your laundry with the Mister Steamy.
Monster 1200 Official Site - Clean Your Home with the Power of Steam!
Faster and easier than ironing!
The flexible Lint Lizard™ attaches right to any vacuum hose and clears out all the lint that gets past your lint screen, the best product for cleaning and vacuuming your dryer vent
With the jewelry Fram you can organize your Jewelry and help simplify your life all at once. Jewelry Frame is a unique jewelry organizer unlike anything else.
Go Duster - The revolutionary motorized duster that makes dusting faster, easier and more.
Green Now is a spray that allows you to restore the green color of your lawn while fertilizing it at the same time.
The Green Wash Ball is the eco-friendly way to wash your clothing. The
The Grill Glove, As Seen On TV, is a heat resistant cooking glove that will make cooking on the grill much easier. Now you can have the power of the grill in the palms of your hands.
The H20 Turbo Vac is a Water Filtration System Vacuum Cleaner that has been designed for cleaning floors, fine upholstery and even wet spills.
H2O Mop is a powerful steam cleaner! H2O Mop cleans many hardwood floors. The microfiber pads and steam on the H2O Mop cleans deep.
HAAN is the cleanner solution for steaming your clothing.
Handy Switch Controls Any Lamp In Any Room. Stick Handy Switch Anywhere - Just Peel and Press!
Grow Strawberries All Year Long with the Amazing All-Season Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Strawberry Basket. Tri-Star Strawberry is the first of a new race variety of perpetual- bearing strawberries.
The Heat Surge fireplace with Amish made real wood mantle, is the best and easiest way to: save money on gas bills this winter
The Hex Light, As Seen On Tv, is the hands-free flashlight that attaches right to your forearm for hands free work.
Hollywood Purse Hook - Set of two one gold, one silver with velvet carrying case.
The Honeywell Quietclean unit uses a triple action cleaning system that captures up to 99.9% of small harmful particles.
Hoover vacuum cleaner - Floormate spin scrub Wash, vacuum and dry all non-carpeted hard surfaces with one machine.
Hoover vacuum cleaner - Hard floors - Wash, vacuum and dry all non-carpete hard surfaces with one machine.
Just Lift, Place and Slide! EZ Moves gives you up to 10x your natural strength to move your furniture.
Relieve tension and ease muscle fatigue while being in a soothing bath.
These days to keep your family protected you need to know what they're doing on-line. That's why you need the I Know Key.
The Ideal Umbrella Stand, As Seen On TV, makes it easy to bring shade with you wherever you go.
The Automatic Fire Extinguisher, As Seen On TV, can help you prevent the spread of fires at home or on the go.
The iHeater is an environmentally safe and energy efficient infrared heater that can help save you up to %50 on your next heating bill.
iJoy 130 Massage Chair - As Seen on TV.
Spray InstaGone on, watch stains GO instantly!
Ionic Pro ionic air purifier traps airborne allergens
iRobot Roomba 500 Series Robots are able to automaticlly clean your house without ever having to plug in another cord.
The iRobot Scooba preps, washes and squeegees tile, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors. Leave the bucket and mop behind and experience the power of the iRobot Scooba, the automatic floor washing robo
Iron Anywhere, As Seen On TV, is a magnetic ironing mat that is great for on the go. Iron anywhere without worries.
Avoid bending, climbing or straining with the Delux Gopher
Dish Network - Your source for movies, tv, and entertainment at a low price.
Dotza Color Markers are the new and fun way to create amazing dimensional art.
The Twin Draft Guard goes between your doors and windows to help better insulate your house.
The Dry Fast Blanket, As Seen On TV, can help you save energy and money by drying your clothing up to 40% faster.
Now with the Dryer Maid dryer ball you can finally get rid of pet hair, fuzz and lint the easy way. The Dryer Maid Dryer Ball works great on sheets, clothes, towels, and more!
The Dryer Max Lint Removal Kit Cuts Drying Time, Increases Dryer Performance, Prolongs Dryer Life, Reduces the risk of Dryer Vent Fire!
Hercules Holder is a uniquely designed cell phone protector and display stand. Read reviews and purchase at TV Top Ten
The DuraLadder Pro is a long, short, medium and tall ladder all in one!
The Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum is ideal for all types of floors!
Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum cleans pet hair!
The EZ Water Jet Cannon is the amazing new attachment that will turn your ordinary water hose into a high power washer.
The EdenPure Gen3 are portable infrared heaters that provide comfortable warmth and at the same time can help you save money by cutting down on your heating bills.
Grow your own popcorn at home! It's a pre-seeded mat with popcorn seeds that produces real popcorn right in your backyard!
Emergency Pro - Flashlight, AM/FM radio, cell phone charger and siren, all rolled into one.
Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit will repair virtually any color of carpet and/or upholstery.
The First Alert Alarm System adds a level of security to virtually any door or window.
Fix A Chip is a kit that will help you repair any nicks, cracks, chips and burns quickly and easily.
The new Fix It Grout by Simoniz will allow you to quickly and easily restore stained grout so you can cover up dirt, stains and grim.
Fix It Wood Scratch Remover is a specially formulated spray that will allow you to instantly repair scratches from any type of wood colors, stains and grains.
Flexi Mop goes where other mops can't - because it bends and flexes to reach in those tight corners and under furniture. Flexi Mop picks up dust and dirt like a magnet!
Flies away is a super-efficient fly trap that will capture any fly within 45ft and can hold up to 20, 000 flies.
The Flowbee system provides the perfect hair cut every time and can save you hundreds of dollars on haircuts in the future.
We all love flowers but many of us do not have the time or ability to grow and take care of them. The Flower Power Mat is a perfect alternative to the traditional way of gardening.
Foldable Far Infrared Sauna -- Helps increase blood circulation, acne removal, skin rejuvenation, and strengthens immune system.
No more boring bird houses! Each blossom is so loaded with nectar that hummingbirds find irresistible and return year after year to thrill you and your family.
The most flexible light you've ever seen! Bends in any direction for ultimate convenience.
The Garry Vac is an ultra-light vacuum that delivers professional quality vacuuming power.
Get A Grip Secure Mountable Handle
The Glassy Lite will help you restore your old and worn out headlights.
Glass Wizard Cleaning Tool - Clean glass easily and quickly with Glass Wizard's flexible microfiber cleaning head.
This coin commemorates the events of September 11, 2001.
Designed to intrigue and excite your friends and loved ones! The plant will grow out of the can, displaying the surprise message of your choosing on the plant's central bean.
Aerobed is like having your own bed away from home, anywhere you go! Aerobed works great!
The Alden Grabit Screw Extractor allows you to quickly and easily remove damaged screw heads and extract free-spinning screws
HD Vision Zoom-Ins are High Definition Binoculars reduce glare and bring images 300 times closer
Light where you need it, and the switch where you can reach it!
The Amazing Tub Scrubber is the most effective way to scrub your tub or shower without EVER having to bend over again! You will love this amazing scrubber.
The Solar Powered Animal Repeller by Bell and Howell, As Seen On TV, sends out an ultrasonic sound that drives critters away from your yard.
Anti Static Balls eliminates dryer static with no chemicals and safe for all dryer laundry machines.
The AppleCore is a simple solution for de-tangling and organizing all the wires in your home. All
Grow your own ripe and plump tomatoes with the Tomato Factory.
Keep your Mac running in top shape with Finally Fast PC. With the Mac Clean and Sweep Scan, you can detect and clear junk files that take up unnecessary space.
The Beauty Silkz Pillowcass is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets for having beautiful skin. Buy the Beauty Slikz Chameuse Silk Pillowcase today at TVTopTen.
The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Bell Howell, is a plug-in electromagnetic device that will help you get rid of all those creepy crawly home pests, including ants, roaches, mice, and more.
As Seen On TV Liberty Lantern - The Only Solar Powered LED Lantern & Mobile Device Charger
Cleans your home the healthy way, by reducing enviromental waste with a Bissel Vacuum
The Bissell ProHeat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner 8920 combines heated cleaning, powerful DirtLifter PowerBrushes and surround suction to clean and groom carpeted floors.
Stay warm and cozzy with the new Phrobi Blanket Robe that will cover you from head to toe.
Organize all your jewelry with the Blingeez so it won't get lost or tangled. Blingeez is a jewelry organizer system for all your rings, earrings and necklaces. Organize your jewelry with the Blingeez
The Bloom perfect are flower seeds that considered to be the
The Blueberry Giant will grown to over 8 feet tall and give you up to 16000 blueberries.
The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop is a high quality spray mop that fuses the Bona Microfiber Mop and floor cleaner cartridge to give you a mop and cleaner all in one!
Bottle Tops are a cool invention that will allow you to turn any regular can drink into a bottle. Bottle Tops are the Bottle Tops for your cans.
Lightwieght comfortable and rechargable MSA 30X is the newest and best sound amplifier
Kill those nasty bugs safely and from a distance with the Bug Vacuum.
The Buttoneer attaches Buttons and more in only Seconds! Order the Buttoneer today.
Canada Green - Resilient, crowds out weeds, resists bugs. Order Online Now!
Stop throwing away or replacing your carpets when you can fix them yourself for cheap.
The widest selection of DELL laptop parts, refurbishings and replacements! The only difference is the price!
Enjoy clean-tasting and odder-free filtered tap water right at your faucet with the Clean and Pure countertop water filtration system.
Clear 2O is a water Purifying System that is ideal for home use.
Cloud Mattress Toppers - Your mattress is sick and this is the cure!
Cold Fire is a non-toxic, easy to use and portable fire extinguisher that was featured on the Pitchmen show As Seen On TV.
The Collegiate Snuggie is one of the latest Snuggie designs out there and it allows you to choose your favorite college team so that you can have their logo and name imprinted all over the blanket.
Ready Stip, As Seen On TV, helps remove all kinds of oil and water based paints and varnishes.
The Contour mesh Pillow is the next generation in sleep comfort. This pillow combines the comfort of plush memory foam with the cooling properties of mesh technology.
The Contour Ortho-Fiber Pillow is designed to provide you with a soft and supportive sleeping surface.
The Cozy is a Premium Comfort System that will allow you to rest your arms, neck and shoulders for maximum relaxation.
Customize you Snuggie Blanket with Print! Great gift for adults and kids. Choose from a variety of customizable options for adults, such as: Bachelorette Snuggie, Support Our Troops Snuggie...
Verseo Mood Saver Light Box - Brings you glare-free lighting to read, and relax. Order Online Now!
The one piece, lie around, lounge around, full body lazy wear!
Quickly, easily and affordably repair unsightly damage with the Vinyl and Tile Repair Kit.
The Washer Balls are the convenient, easy and healthier way to wash your laundry.
The Water Jet is a powerful water jet washer that will allow you to clean up a lot of different messes much quicker and easier.
This high-tech, easy-to-use home security system features a wireless motion detector that alerts you when someone approaches your home.
the Over The Door Wonder Hanger, As Seen On TV, is the ultimate space saver for any sized closet.
The Wonder Washer, As Seen On TV, is a Portable washing machine that goes anywhere.
The Workx GT is a 2 in 1 cordless trimmer and edger made by WORX. Order today and get FREE spools for life.
The Yoshi Blade is an ultra strong ceramic blade knife that can replace your whole drawer of stell knifes. Order the Yoshi Blade at TVTopten.
INSTAHANG™ is the new revolutionary tool that will replace your hammer, nails, wire and hooks at home allowing you to save time and money. Designed with a peg dispenser that pops in securely and lets
Schticky is the premier all-purpose reusable and washable adhesive roller
Shark Sonic Duo is a cleaning system that works on your floors and carpets.
Absorb up to 27 Times More Water with Zorbeez! Use it wet or dry with any cleaner and then just throw it in the wash.
Get rid of bed bugs, dust mites eggs and larvae with the UV Ultra Vac dust mite remover
The Pain Zoom power sprayer makes it easy to paint like a professional without having to use a roller or paint brush.
The Blow & Go is a blow drier holder that can attach in seconds to almost any smooth, flat surface with its unique pressure grip lock system.
Bright Feet light the way so you don't stumble, trip, or fall in the dark ever again.
The Shark Navigator Vacuum is an upright cleaner that keeps debris off the filter to retain its sucking power.
Grow your own bananas with the Banana Giant and save money.
World Trade Center Tribute collectible coins made with gold and silver.
Lavender Garden offers adds beauty to your garden and emits a truly pleasant fragrance.
One Second Needle makes threading a needle easier than ever before eliminating the need for multiple needles
Rainbow Peppers grow a colored array of peppers than can be harvested and eaten at any stage.
Couples Snuggie is the same snuggie brand you know and love but now you can share.
Easy Reach makes caring for hanging plants an ease. Simply pull down and the plant is easily accessible.
Suggie Varsity is from the original Snuggie makers with a college styling!
Grow your and enjoy own cucumbers with the Cucumber Vine.
Water-Less bath towel is the ideal way to keep your pets clean without getting them wet.
The indestructible Aluminum wallet that will fit in ANY pocket or purse.
Data Jack brings you 3G Nationwide Mobile Broadband that is simple, fast, reliable and secure
The Worlds fastest growing tree! Grows up to TWELVE feet or more during the first year!
The most versatile, solar powered, portable light! No wires, cords, batteries, or electric bills!
Giant Sunflower Mat is so easy to use. Just unroll, water and watch it grow.
Surf the web faster than ever before without upgrading your Internet connection.
The EZ Smoker contains zero nicotine, and you can smoke virtually anywhere at anytime.
Order Bump Shield Break in Prevention for home security. Protect your home during the holidays! An inexpensive solution to prevent home burglary.
Side Socket - Triple your socket space and clear up those cords in your home, garage and office with Side Socket.
Stream Clean - The Stand-Up Way to Blast Pet Stains & Odors Away
TV HD Vision Foldaways As Seen - Now They Fold! Sunglasses Feature High Definition Color, Clarity and Contrast With an Ingenious Foldable Frame.
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The Turbo Cooker, As Seen On TV, features a non-stick base, wire rack, steam frying stainless steel, non-stick spring form cap pan and much more
With The Nicer Dicer by Genius, As Seen on TV, you can Chop, Juliennne, and Dice Like Never Before.
The Ninja Master Prep features Ninja Blade technology to bring you hardcore cutting and ice-crushing action, all within this hassle-free 48 ounce party pitcher.
The NuWave Oven is the new oven that cooks faster and healthier.
One Touch Cordless Knife is the fastest, easiest way to cut through vertually any food!
The Onion Blossom Maker will core and slice your onions in one quick and easy motion so that you can have those perfect blooming onions for dipping.
Now you can go green in your kitchen and cook healthier food with the Orgreenic non-stick cookware, made from natural ceramic.
The Ove Glove is a convenient, comfortable kitchen glove.
The Ozonator promotes a clean environment inside your refrigerator. Ozonator Keeps Food Fresher, Longer!
The easiest way to get the caps off all of your bottles. Great for parties, BBQ's, hot tubs, and more!
Enjoy Hard Boiled Eggs, without peeling a single shell! Just crack, cook and twist!
The Pancake Puffs Pan is a revolutionary appliance. Just pour, flip and fill to make an endless variety of puffs to jazz up your meals. Great for entertaining & finger foods.
The Pasta Boat, microwavable pasta cooker, will allow you to cook, strain and serve your pasta.
Pasta N More is a microwaveable pasta pot! Just measure, add water, microwave and strain!
The Perfect Brownie kit will allow you to make perfectly and deliciously cooked brownies each and every time.
Popeil Pasta Maker - The easiest way to make delicious pastas at home!
The Jack Lelanne Power Juicer has been a top selling power juicer for quite some time. Now, this powerful juicer is available in an all new compact design, the Power Juicer Express.
Lalanne's Power Juicer is an amazing As Seen On TV juicer that can squeeze out up to 30% more juice, vitamins, and nutrients from your fruit than any other juicer.
Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven is a fantastic pizza cooking device.
Get crispy food fast from your microwave! Excellent for reheating and cooking!
The Quick Chop is a quick and easy way to mince, slice, dice and of course chop!
The Ronco Chef & Go is a new amazing and ultra-convenient portable cooker that you can
This complete 20 piece Ronco Knife set, As Seen On TV, has all the knives you will ever need in your home. All the knives are made from full stainless steel and are of superb quality and durability.
Features a 3 hour timer so you can spend less time cooking and more time for your active lifestyle.
Steam cleans tight corners to keep your grill spotless and sanitary!
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Every time you use a knife you dull it, but with the Samurai Shark uses tungsten-carbide steel sharpening blades and a unique angle to give your knives a razor sharp edge.
As Seen On TV Ice Cream Magic - The Cool New Shaker That's an Ice Cream Maker. Now You Can Make Delicious Homemade Ice Cream in Just Three Minutes.
Scoop N Grind is The World's First Handheld Mixer That Let's You Scoop, Grind; And Pour!
NutriBullet is the superfood nutrition extractor.
Bake Pops are small, round bits of cake on the end of a stick. They are the newest craving and are replacing the cupcake as the new to-go cake food, and they are fun for the whole family!
The NuWave Cooktop heats cooks your food through precision heat induction leaving the cooktop itself cool, while your food cooks
The Twister Jar, is designed to blend your thickest recipes such as: Nut Butters, Hummus, Baby Food, Dips, Thick Shakes, Dressings and more!
Simmons Steamer makes delicious food using the magic of steam!
Dice, Chop & Mince in Seconds with the Slap Chop. The Slap Chop is an innovative kitchen product, As Seen On TV, that will make choping and dicing much easier.
The Magic Crisp microwave plate will help make all your favorite foods crispier, healtheir and delicious.
Smart Lidz� vacuum seal containers keep food fresher 5x longer with just a press.
The Smartware containers, As Seen On TV, are an incredibly flexible cookware that will make everything you bake a blast.
Smart Strainer - Drains, strains, cooks,serves, store and more!. Order Online Now!
With the Baby Bullet you can make your own baby food at home with this simple and easy baby food blender and food processor
Solid Flavor Injector - Inject your food with flavor!
The Sonoma Express Cooker is a quicker, easier, and healthier way to cook.
The versatile Sonic Peeler is powerful enough for tough skins and still suitable for delicate jobs. It does all the work with an amazing 4,000 RPMs and comes with 3 interchangeable blades, making peel
Create Perfect mini pies right from home with eas with My Lil Pie Maker As Seen On TV
The Spountin� will make everyday routines such as brushing teeth, getting a drink, taking a pill or rinsing your mouth a WHOLE LOT EASIER!
Turbo Roaster cooks moist, tender and juicy meats. Simultaneously cook the inside and outside of your meat, while cutting your cook time in half. Take your turkey recipes to the next level.
The Stay Fresh Containers, As Seen On TV, will help you seal your foods for ultimate protection and freshness.
The World's most versatile, compact and convenient salad making system! Make incredible salads and so much more at lightening speed!
The Big Boss Blender is a super powerful, single serve blender, juicer, chopper, grinder, mixer, frozen dessert maker, margarita maker and a whole lot more.
With Tater Mitts you will be able to peel potatos without the dangers of using a knife.
The Zasshu knife combines the best features of 3 very useful knives. It is as versatile as a chef's knife, as sharp as a Mezzaluna knife, and as strong and powerful as a cleaver
The revolutionary slicer that makes peeling and slicing a breeze!
Titanium II Knives 14-piece set of diamond-sharp knives!
Toss and Chop makes chopping anything a snap.
Receive the Jump Start juicing machine to make all your delicious, weight reducing all natural juices in just seconds.
The Bonzai Knives, As Seen On TV, are one of the most advanced set of professional grade knives that have been created with everyday cooking in mind.
The Keepeez Round Vacuum Lids are an assortment of different lids that can be used on almost any kitchen ware for an airtight vacuum seal.
The 20,001 Kitchen Secrets book by Dr. Myles Bader is not a cookbook, but rather it is filled with tons of hints and secrets that are perfect for the kitchen and the home.
The Best thing to happen to Coffee Drinkers in Decades.
Use the speed and power of your microwave oven to grill your favorite foods with the Micro Grill.
Micro Smores brings your favorite campfire treat home. Everyone loves the great taste of a hot smore, and now thanks to Micro Smores, you can make them in your microwave.
With the Microfiber Salad Dryer Bag you will never have to dry salad in a towel or a strainer ever again.
Helps cook to perfection, quickly and evenly without sucking out the moisture!
FREE Milex Espresso Machine. Enjoy a perfect cup pf coffee, Expresso, and Cappuccino, in your home or office in less than 60 seconds.
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Get speedy, easy cleaning with the Golden Touch Steam Mop!
The Grater Plater is probably the prettiest looking grater out there that is also very effective and a lot of fun.
With Grease Bullet, in just minutes your cookware will sparkle like new, inside and out, with no more scrubbing!
Green Bags - Prolongs the life of your fruits and vegetables up to 30 days!
GT Xpress 101 cooks delicious meals fast and without the added fat!
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Hot Spot - Keep your Food Deliciously Hot! Hot, Flavorful Food Every Time!
The Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill is a grill, a skillet, a waffle iron, a panini sandwich press, and you can even bake pizza and cookies.
Magic Meal the all in one microwave cooker system that lets you create delicious full meals in minutes from your microwave with easy clean up. Read reviews and purchase here
Infrawave Oven - Chef quality meals at the speed of light.
Inside the Shell - The easiest way to cook an egg!
Trim down with the Slim Stack collapsible bowls. Each can be flattened to less than an inch thick and expanded to a variety of sizes to suit your food storage needs.
Scotland’s Finest Single Malts: Friends of Classic Malts.
The Egg Genie is a device that will allow you to steam cook perfect eggs in a matter of seconds.
The Euro Sealer seals any bag air tight in seconds so you can have an air tight seal to lock in freshness.
No waiting for a big pot of water to boil. Cook pasta to al dente perfection in the microwave!
lat Fold Colander- flat colander, space saving colander, kitchen colander, flat straine.
With the Flavorwave Turbo Oven you will be cooking delicious, healthy and low fat meals quick and easy.
FoodSaver Advanced Design - Home Vacuum and Packaging Systems
Keeps fruits and vegatables fresher by seperating the products from the liquids.
Fresher Longer Food Storage Containers are made of specially treated air and odor impermeable polypropylene.
Fry Pro 2 - Enjoy the crunchy, delicious fried food you love!
The George Foreman electric grill is in its 5th generation! It's no wonder.Since the former heavyweight boxing champion introduced the Lean Mean Grilling Machine.
With the Sideshow Skillet, As Seen On TV, you can cook two different items at once and save time.
Experience the how quick and easy eating healthy can be with the new George Foreman Grill with a Sleek Contemporary Design.
Offering speed and variety with no fuss or measuring
AeroGarden - no dirt needed - grow herbs right in your own kitchen with the Aerogarden.
The Edge of Glory knife sharpener will insantly make your old dull knives as good as new with its advanced knife sharpening technology
PackIt is The Go Anywhere Mini-Fridge Lunch Bag that keeps your food cold for up to ten hours
Just Stack, Store... and Make Room for More! The Only Double Layer Tray with a Sani-Lid.
These storage containers are designed to be environmentally friendly while at the same time incredible at keeping your foods fresh.
Pop Chef-The Simple Way to Make Unique Fruit and Vegetable Arrangements
Tender, juicy, perfect meatloaf! Just bake, lift and serve!
Sharpen your knives like new in seconds. Lock it down, draw back the blade, and cut!
Bennoti Coffee is direct from Italy - with no-mess capsules!
The Big Boss Grill, As Seen on Tv, is a grill, waffle maker, griddle, omelet pan, donut maker, sandwich maker and much more!
Big City Slider Official Website for BigCitySlider Mini Burgers, the best slider mini burger as seen on tv
Do you love cupcakes? Imagine if you could make a cupcake that was 25 times bigger than a regular cupcake!
The Blendtec Blender - Powerful Total Solution - Ice-Crushing Guarantee
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The Perfect Tortilla allows you to you make perfect taco shells at home with only your oven. Tons of great uses and unique meal possibilities
Magic Tap turns almost any liquid container into a fun and easy to use fountain drink style dispenser. Read reviews and purchase here
Chef Stir Pan is real freedom for a wide variety of meals. It is easy to use and can be used by all members of your family.
Himalayan Chinese Flower Tea features delicate buds that bloom into a beautiful flower when water is added and produce rich, flavorful tea.
The sleek, easy-to-use Citrus Express Fruit Silcer replaces a drawer full of tangled, complicated kitchen tools. Citrus Express is great!
The Clever Cutter is a new tool from Ronan Tools, featuring a high quality stainless steel knife blade and Dupont cutting board all in one.
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Create and prepare succulent meals for the family, whether it is just regular old dinner time or a complete family gathering.
With the debbie meyer bread bags you can keep your bread fresher for longer.
Savory Cheeses Stay Fresh Longer with the Debbie Meyer Cheese Bags
With the Debbie Meyer Cold Cut Bags you can dramatically extend the usable life of Cold Cuts.
Prolong the life of your fruits, vegetables & flowers without chemicals!
The Vidalia Chop Wizard is a compact countertop chopper - the fastest, safest, easiest way to chop or dice fruits, vegetables, and more!
Now you can be the whiz of your kitchen with the Vidalia Slice Wizard� , seven spectacular tools in one durable kitchen machine.
Combines the functions of many kitchen appliances - Blender, Food Processor & Single-Serve Blending All in One Professional Unit!
Wonder Cooker - The most versatile and convenient table top cooker you will ever own. Order Online Now!
WOW storage containers are the ultimate interchangeable mix and match storage system! No more hunting through cluttered drawers for matching containers and lids.
The tastiwave, As Seen On TV, is a new microwave cookware that will allow you to grill, sear, roast, steam and even fry.
The Secura Turbo Oven, As Seen On TV, is the amazing new cooker that can do it all, and faster.
Chef Basket is useful for almost every kitchen need. Boil, fry, strain, steam, and much more with the Chef Basket.
Grow your own cherries and save money with the Cherry Hedge
The Super Grill cooks all your favorite meals quickly and in 5 different fashions.
The Tator Tornado creates perfectly spiraled potato spirals in seconds, making great snacks for the family and friends.
The Gyro Bowl is the perfect kid-tested snack holder that will never spill its contents
Use Easy Dish to wash and rinse all types of dishes, glasses and utensils. It is big enough for the dirtiest jobs, but small enough to fit in any sink.
The worlds hottest chili pepper!
The Robo Stir automatically stirs as you cook! It's silicon feet stirs every inch of the bottom of the pan.
It's not just a blender. The Ninja Kitchen System comes equipped for every culinary conquest!
The Oven and Cookware cleaner! The most versatile cleaner in the world.
The handy picker-upper. The new, easy way to get all of your food from the chopping board to the pan. Your hands never have to touch the food again!
Slice your prep time in half! Slice all of your food for soups, stews and stir frys in just minutes!
Just pour 'em, pop 'em, poke 'em, and party! Bake and decorate just like a professional pastry chef.
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Perfect PushUp for only $39.95 - Now you can get Ripped by doing the Perfect Push Up - Exercising has never been this Fun. Try today and Save!
The Perfect Club - Replaces 3 & 4 Irons and 7 Wood - As Seen on TV.
The total-body training system that attaches to any door! Get a stronger, leaner, more powerful body that's tight-to-the core!
Pocket Fisherman is the fishing pole you can take anywhere!
The Gold Star Power Thin Phase II supplement is a fat-fighting formula that includes Advantra Z and EGCG to help you gain energy, increase your metabolism and reduce water retention.
Practice Like A Pro will explain secrets of the Short game- with revealing tips from top PGA Tour pros
ProForm Treadmill revolutionized the treadmill industry with the fold-away design
The Shakti Mat, As Seen On TV, can help you relieve stress, relax and fall asleep easier.
Shaun T has helped millions of people get flat abs without a single sit-up or crunch with his bestselling program Hip Hop Abs.
Saltwater Experience is the top saltwater fishing show in North America and is hosted by fishing pros Captain Tom Rowland and Captain Rich Tudor.
The Schwinn Evolution offers the highest level of durability, functionality and quality in a unique and stylish Indoor Cycling Bike.
The IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike offers industry-leading features including our patented Smart Release mechanism.
The Shake Weight is back, but now it has been specially re-designed for men. Get the ripped upper body you want with the mens shake weight.
The Shake Weight Dumbbells are a new way for women to tone and sculpt their upper body.
Shapely Secrets is a 7 minute a day motionless exercise program using Greer Childers? revolutionary Diametric Resistance techniques that firm and shape your body fast.
The Slendertone Flex Mens is a top As Seen On TV product that can help men tone their core abdominal muscles.
Slendertone Flex is the clinically proven abdominal muscle toner.
The Slendertone Flex is a top As Seen On TV product that can help you lose fat in your abdominal region without exercise.
Slim in 6 will literally reshape your body in 6 weeks using the science of Slim Training�.
Learn, rate, review and order the top fitness, exercise and weight loss workout programs by Beach Body.
RevAbs is the brand-new ab system specifically designed to burn off the fat and give you a six-pack in just 90 days.
With the Slim Ts men's undergarment you can look pounds thinner and inches smaller.
SlingZ is a cool hands-free strap that will make it easier for you to carry around your long boards, skateboards, razor and other action sports equipment.
With the Smart Crunch you get an incredible ab and back workout that takes just 4 minutes a day!
Sole Treadmills are preferred and used exclusively by hotels nationwide for In Room Fitness.
It's not just a workout program. It's a results-oriented personal trainer, a nutritionist, a knowledgeable workout partner, and a sophisticated home or mobile gym...all in one.
The Spin Gym is your solution to finally saying goodbye to those out-of-shape saggy arms and say hello to your new healthy, fit and tones muscles.
The Sport n Tone for your Buns will help you get those tight and toned buns you have always wanted, without all the hard work and time.
The Sport Elec Shape n Tone has been clinically proven to firm, strengthen, shape and tone your arms quickly and effortlessly.
The Sport Elec for legshave been proven to help you tone, bulk, shape and tone your arms in a quick, safe and very efficient way that takes little effort.
Sport Elec Shape n Tone is clinically proven to tighten and tone abs!
The Stack and Tilt training system teaches you the #1 Pro Golf Swing!
The StepMill� 7000PT delivers exceptional results. Achieve the same cardiovascular workout you get on a treadmill, plus a superior lower-body muscular workout.
The Stance Minder is a revolutionary new golf training aid that was created just for golfers like you!
The first and only golf training aid that will have you hitting longer, harder, more consitent shots
Wish you could fly, slam, shoot, and move like an elite pro athlete? Let the games begin with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM workout program.
P90X2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the smash fitness product hit P90X, purchase and reviews
Tae Bo® T3-Total Transformation Training is Billy Blanks� newest, most life-changing TAE BO workout.
The Tae Bo Fat Blasting 2 Pack DVD set is a new workout system by the world renown Billy Blanks.
ae Bo Strength & Power Within 2-Pack (DVD) - Help you firm and tone on the outside, while building a strong will on the inside. Order Online Now!
The Floppy is a ball that feels and provides the same feedback as a real golf ball, but it is specially designed to bounce off windows or walls.
The Thermo Soles by Verseo, are the world's first wire-free rechargeable heated insoles that will allow you to keep your feet toasty and warm even on the coldest day.
The Bean Exerciser - Complete Workout System that Leaves You Relaxed
The Firm Total Body TransFIRMation System now only 2 payments of $29.95 (plus S&H). Get visible results in just 10 workouts!
The FIRM Body Sculpting System - 3 Workouts On One DVD - 3 original full-length - All on 1 convenient DVD! Order Online Now!
The FIRM Fat Blaster workout will put you in a fat-incinerating state to help shape your entire body.
The FIRM Maximum Body Shaping - Intense workout video, serious results, shapes your entire body with weights, interval-training routine, upper and lower-body exercises, adjust your weight and the inte
The FIRM Power Yoga with Kirsten Strohecker - Sculpt your upper body, abs, hips, thighs and buttocks while stretching your muscles for a lithe, toned body.Order Online Now!
With the Thigh Glider you can Glide your thighs away!
Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer system gets you toned fast!
Get resistance training and a cardiovascular workout on the same machine.
The Tower 200 will give you 200 pounds of explosive resistance through the multi-tension power cords and over 200 exercises that will push you to the max. Order the Tower 200 today at TVTopTen.
The TransFIRMer System is a TV product that sculpts muscles, burns fat and TransFIRMs your entire body!
Transform 12 may be your ticket to the body you have always wanted. In just 12 minutes a day you can transform your body and look great.
The Jump Snap is the newest evolution in a classic exercise that takes jump roaping to the next level.
Michelle Khai's kettlenetics Slim And Tone Program is designed to help you tone muscle and lose fat.
The Lateral Thigh Trainer is a system that will give you the perfect fat burning cardio and effective toning workout in the convenience of one machine.
The secret the world's very best golfers are using
Leg Magic is The Best Workout for All of Your Problem Areas
Illuminated Tackle Kit is suitable for day or night fishing.
LipoSlim controls appetite and helps burn stored body fat. Ditch expensive weight loss supplements and complex diets.
Living Well Pain Relief Spray is endorsed by Montel Williams himself and will help you instantly get rid of muscle and joint pain.
Exclusive Polarized Carbon Professional Lens Technology
Malibu Pilates allows you to burn fat & tone muscle - start the path to get in shape!
Unlike other heating pads, this deluxe, extra-large heating pad has a built-in massager with two levels of intensity for custom comfort.
The Maximum Success Series will help you turn back the clock to a healthier lifestyle.
Increase your Swing Speed to Increase your Swing Power!
Medicus 2000 Dual Hinge 5 Iron - Swing Trainer - As Seen on TV.
Medicus 2000 Dual Hinge Driver - Swing Trainer - As Seen on TV.
Melt if Off with Mitch is a program designed to help you melt fat away in only 3 days.
The Mighty Bite is the only proven 5 sense fishing lure system.
Iron Gym training system is more than just a home pull-up bar.
The Iron Gym is a complete upper body workout system that will help you get ripped and toned quick!
The Iso7X is a total body workout system that uses the power of isometrics to help you build power, strength and lean muscle.
Now with the IsoBo system you can sculpt your body anytime and anywhere, so you can stay fit year round. And with over 100 different exercises you can target every major muscle group in your body.
Itrain combines the experience of Hollywood personal trainers with the hottest music in one package. Workouts are delivered directly to your MP3 player, iPod or computer.
Golf Telebag, the Collapsable Hard Case- As Seen on TV.
The HealthVest is the only piece of equipments that combines cardio, aerobic and strengthening exercise in one.
The Hip Hop Abs is a workout video system that will transform the way you workout.
Impact Bag Swing Trainer
The Insanity Workout is a 60-Day total body conditioning and transformation program that will give you results unlike anything.
The Inside Approach is designed to help golfers get a clear understanding of where the golf club needs to be swung as it approaches the impact zone.
The DotFit Exerspy is an armband gadget that will monitor your calories and energy expenditure throughout the day.
The Eagle Eyes are the only sunglass lens that are certified by the Space Foundation for UVR and blue-light protection. Buy Eagle Eyes now at TVTopTen.
Enhance your breasts naturally with the Easy Curves bustline exerciser.
Designed by a woman for a woman, the Easy Shaper targets the seven areas women want to work most.
The Ebalon Offset Anti Slice Driver: 400cc Titanium
Looking for a quick energy boost? The Extreme Energy 6 Hour Shot will ignite your energy beyond anything you have experienced.
As Seen On TV Obsidian Fitness - Break through to a new level of fitness with the Obsidian Board and 3 DVDs that feature over 100 exercises.
You are always ready to go fishing with the Fish Pen
Fit In Five - Transform your body in 5 weeks or less!
The Flex Belt is the only abdominal toning system cleared by the FDA for toning, strengthening and firming the abdominal muscles and that doesn�t require any extensive workout programs.
The Flex Force is a complete personal training home gym system. Order the Flex Force, As Seen On TV, today.
Now with the Flex Shaper you can finally get that toned and cut upper body that you have always dreamed of.
Flirty Girl Fitness Program is a fun and exciting way to get fit and unlock your inner diva. It includes 2 fitness routines on DVD including Booty Beat and Chair Dance, PLUS a bonus workout.
Alex Langer's Original Flying Lure is the number 1 selling Lure of all time since it is guaranteed to catch more and bigger fish.
Tone, lift and firm your butt and back of your thighs while you go about your day!
4 complete, fat burning, body shaping workouts with Robert give maximum results in minimum time. Get a lean body at home in as little as 12 minutes a day!
Introducing the JACKRACK, the only system that uses Body Weight Resistance with Convertible Turn and Burn Technology. Giving you over 50 body shredding workouts including upper body, lower body, core
Try FRS Energy FREE. The new solution to natural and healthy nergy.
The Galloper simulates the movements you experience while horseback riding, but without the impacts.
The Gazelle Freestyle Elliptical Trainer by Tony Little, will give you a complete body workout.
Gliding Discs is a revolution in exercise that allows you to do smooth, graceful movements that firm, tone and sculpt long, lean beautiful muscles.
Global Health And Fitness - Personal trainer online Workout plans & routines Weight loss programs Diet plan Personal trainer online - Lose weight Abdominal exercises
The H20 Turbo Vac is a Water Filtration System Vacuum Cleaner that has been designed for cleaning floors, fine upholstery and even wet spills.
6-Week Body Makeover - A new approach to weight loss and body shaping that is completely customized to you and your exact needs.
The Ab Belt, As Seen On TV, by Sport-Elec helps stimulate the muscles in your abs to tone and shape them. Simply
The Ab Circle Pro is the an abdominal workout device, as seen on tv, that will help you sculpt sexy and ripped abs.
The Ab Coaster tones and builds your abdominal muscles with results you can see. The patented design isolates key abdominal areas by working your musc...
The Ab Doer Twist provides a perfect core workout in the comfort and privacy of your home.
Get ripped and sculpted muscles in just 90 days with the Supreme 90 Day workout program.
The Ab Flyer Glide System is a revolutionary machine that will blast you lower, middle and upper abs with the optimum level of resistance to give you the best abdominal muscle workout ever and the bes
Ab Lounge - the international hit abdominal exercising product. With Ab Lounge you can tighten and tone your midsection quickly and effectively.
Melt inches from your waist with the Ab Rocket. Comfortable massaging back & easy storage.
Ab Roller - Roll away the pounds with the Abs Made Easy Kit featuing this incredible ab machine.
Ab Slider increases tension as you move forward, working core muscles and providing support.
If you are looking to lose that extra belly fat and love handles, look no further. With the Ab Away Pro you will be able to burn away your trouble areas and sculpt a hard and sexy core.
The Ab Doer Extreme is a very simple and easy to use machine that will help strengthen your core muscles as well as increase your overall flexibility.
Ab King Pro - one of the best selling Ab Workout Machines of all time.
Ab Lazer - The Program for Lean Sexy Abs. Order Online Now!
The Air Climber uses
The Worlds only lures that set the hook for you! Catch more, larger fish everytime.
The Art and Science of Pitching is a book that that provides current information on the skills and drills of Pitching for coaches, parents and players.
Backyard Drills is a complete package to help you coach your kids in the basic skills, physical conditioning and character dependencies required in football.
The Banjo Minnow is a lure that will mimic the movement of a wounded and dying minnow so that fish will be more attracted to it. Featuring more lifelike design and an easy to attack weed guards...
Barry's Bootcamp is a Top As Seen On TV product that can help you tone up and burn fat with a complete full-body exercise system.
Project HOPE is Richard Simmons' newest and most effective weight loss exercise system that features 9 all-new workouts that will transform your body in just 90 days.
The Belly Burner is the new way to help burn belly fat and get those amazing abs you always wanted. With the Belly Burner you can get a firmer, tighter and sexier core.
The Bender Ball makes use of the innovative and original selective stabilization system designed by Leslee Bender.
Billy Blanks Tae Bo Abs Workout is the ultimate workout DVD that will teach you Billy Blanks one of a kind moves that will target your entire mid section to give you rock-hard abs.
The BootCamp complete system combines Tae Bo and other special techniques to help you get in shape.
Bootcamp Elite System that will help you shed that excess weight. This new innovative program combines the tried and true Tae Bo workout techniques that Billy has used to train elite troops.
Billy Blanks Tae Bo AMPED - ALL NEW AMPED Workouts - ALL NEW Amplifier Sculpting Bar - Billy Blanks Weight Loss Guide Book. Order Online Now!
The Billy Blanks Tae Bo Cardio workout DVD focuses on teaching you how your body functions in an aerobic capacity, on applying weight training, flexibility, kicks and punches, and ultimately...
If you want to get rid of all that excess fat in the comfort and privacy of your own home, the Billy Blanks Tae Bo Cardio 2-pack is perfect for you!
Billy Blanks Tae Bo Contact w/ Punching Bag - (DVD) Punch away pounds inches gain confidence and transform your life!
The 7 times World Martial Arts Chamion Billy Blanks presents his Tae Bo Flex workout DVD, that will help you burn calories and fat and shape and tone your entire body.
Bionic Fish Finder is a portable electronic transducer that can sense the high frequency sound waves that are emitted by fish to help you located them
The BodiPro is a portable body gym that will help you burn fat and build muscle on the go.
The Body Burner with its numerical dance platform, works like a trampoline, to give you the perfect cardio workout to burn fat.
Gospel Body is the new Christian workout by Beach Body, As Seen On TV, that combines weight loss workouts with gospel music and prayer.
The Bodyflex Plus is a complete system that will help you lose those inches and make your muscles stronger.
Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells 220 Lb Dumbbells all in one. The Bowflex Dumbbells are a great strength training solution.
The Bowflex Treadclimber TC1000 is the best Treadclimber technology at a Rock-Bottom-Price. features Bowflex and the Bowflex Extreme Home Gym
Bowflex Xtreme Product Review: We've tested Bowflex Xtreme for You. Come check out the bowflex extreme review and other As Seen On TV product reviews at tvtopten.
The Bun and Thigh Roller works like a rocking chair, where you roll forward and backwards against the resistance bands to challenge your muscles, making them stronger, tighter and toned
The Cable Flex is a top TV product that has been designed to give you a total body workout with just ten minutes a day.
Body by Jake�s Cardio Cruiser Plus is a new innovative way to help you burn fat and give you a total body-toning workout at the same time.
The all-new Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser is an entirely new kind of cardio workout machine designed to put you in your fat-burning cruising zone.
ChaLean Extreme is a new DVD at home workout system that will take you through several workout phases and help you burn up to 60% of your body fat for a toned and sexy body.
The Climb Trek is an exercise machine that simulates the movement of a vertical climber to give you a total body workout.
The Core Sculptor is a breakthrough in the way you train and sculpt your body from the inside out
The Core Sculptor Deluxe More effective for ab muscle workouts.
Core Sculptor is the brand new training breakthrough that sculpts your body from the core.
Guthy-Renker Core Secrets Exercise Ball Kit gives you an awesome workout by targeting your core.
Finally, with the Cross Crunch abdominal exerciser, you can get up off the floor and get the ab workout you need.
With the Crunchless Abs system you can get the flat stomach you have always wanted without doing a single sit-up.Read crunchless abs reviews and order now.
Cylapril is an Adrenal Weight Loss Supplement System that is specially formulated to help increase your energy and mood and loss weight faster.
Deante Dance - Dance away the pounds! PLUS BONUSES - No partner necessary!
Walk Away the Pounds is an in-home walking system that helps you burn fat naturally for amazing, lasting results.
Sculpt your body slim with Winsor Pilates - Founded by Mari Winsor
Workout Warehouse offers the best fitness machines from major brands and gyms at everyday low prices.
The same people that brought you Core Rythms, now brings you the Xtreme Cardio Dance Workout. The hottest total body dance workout to help you lose weight and sculpt your body.
Yoga Booty Ballet is a dynamic fusion of yoga, booty sculpting, and dance that will make you feel strong, confident, and beautiful!
Tommie Copper compression wear supports joint and muscle pain that aids sport and fitness activities.
Just work with Zone Pilates for minutes a day and you'll see fantastic results!
FOCUS T25 is a 25 minute workout with guaranteed results!
Billy Blanks is back with the PT 24/7. He hill motivate you back into shape with his intense workouts.
The T Core is the ultimate way to sculpt your abs in a sit up fashion.
Leandro combines Brazilian dance, cardio, and signature lower-body sculpting moves to help you look divine from behind!
The ab GLIDER is like having two machines in one, and is the fastest way to get ripped abs.
APY60 The Ultimate Yoga System will help you lost weight, gain strength and find peace.
Don't work 1/2 your abs, work ALL of them! The Perfect Sit Up targets your entire abdominal area for ultimate core strength.
The PowerBell Workout engages every muscle in your body for the perfect strength workout.
With Zumba Fitness wii you can ditch the workout and bring the Zumba Fitness Party right into your living room.
Get the Complete Celebrity Sweat Exclusive Sports Workout Edition today. This hot new series showcases the workouts of your favorite Pro Athletes, R&B Stars and Hip Hop Personalities.
Add size and definition faster than ever before! Chest Magic replaces the need for several machines at the gym.
Slim Away takes inches off your waist to make you look slim instantly, and nobody can tell that you're wearing it. Just put it on and that belly's gone!
TVTopTen ranks the top As Seen On TV tools and hardware products. Shop for your favorite As Seen On TV tools and hardware products with confidence.
The Twin Cut Power Saw Plus has been designed with counter rotating blades that will allow you to cut right through virtually anything.
The Uglu Adhesive, As Seen On TV, is an industrial strength bonding agent that will bond to any surface, yet it is a much easier and messy-free alternative to typical liquid adhesives.
Ultimate Ladder - One ladder that no household should be without!
The Owl Optical Light is a small, portable magnifying glass with the added benefit of a light. If you are having trouble reading fine prints in things such as menus, newspapers, play programs...
This OxiClean kit comes with 3 different products: The Miracle Foam Powder, The Miracle Foam Spray and the Versatile Stain Remover. With this team, you will be able to tackle any mess or stain.
Package Shark - Two Package Sharks and two Power Scissors for one low price! Order Online Now!
Patch perfect Grass is composed of specially formulated and
The PivoTrim trimmer head will help transform your string trimmer by eliminating spools of trine, user frustration and the down-time associated with old-fashioned string trimmer heads.
Porta Jump is the advancement in emergency car care. Porta Jump has enough power to charge any 12-Volt battery in a matter of minutes.
The Power Dock will transform any ordinary outlet into a docking station in seconds.Organize your electronics with the Power Dock.
Need extra lighting in your closets, cabinets, basements, stairways, office or anywhere else? Instead of hiring expensive electricians simply install a Power Pod yourself.
Pro Caulk is a kit that makes applying silicone easy and mess-free. The kit is comes with the 3 special tools to apply the silicone, a tube of silicone and a silicone remover tool...
Quick Cart is a multi-purpose collapsible cart that takes the strain out of everyday chores.
The Sonic Crafter is a lightweight multipurpose tool that uses Microsonic technology to create a frequent oscillation motion perfect for most of your crafting needs.
With Safety Beep you don�t have to worry about backing up.
Find top-rated home improvement contractors in your area. Articles, tips, videos, and photos on home improvements projects. Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodels, landscaping, maids, etc.
Shark Hand Vac is lightweight and compact in size but powerful enough for any mess.
The Silver Sonic by Bell + Howell is a personal sound amplifier device that will help you hear sounds from up to 60 feet away.
The Sonic Earz is another personal sound amplification device by Bell + Howell. The small unit will make hearing easier as it captures and amplifies sounds that are up to 60ft away
The Spilldaddy Paint Pro is a unique lid that goes over your paint buckets and makes it virtually impossible for you to spill the paint.
The Sunlight Lamp by Bell + Howell is a lamp that projects full-spectrum light just like the sunlight.
The Portable Furnace is a great way to save energy and money generating clean and reliable heat.
The Tornado: Quick and Simple Data Transfer Between PCs
The powerful magnets of the Tool Bandit will allow you to securely hold screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, nails, bolts, a heavy hammer and much more.
The Leather Mender and Vinyl Repair Kit comes with everything you need to fix your leather and vinyl furniture, purses, carseats and more.
The listen Up is most probably one of the best hearing amplifiers you will see on TV. Listen Up does exactly what it claims to do, which is to amplify sounds so that you can hear them better...
The Little Giant Leg Leveler is a safe, stable solution for a lean-to position on on uneven surfaces.
TheLittle Giant Project Tray Ladder is the perfect helpning hand as it attaches quickly and puts all your tools and hardware within easy reach.
For over 30 years the original Little Giant Ladder has been the world's most popular multi-use ladder. Today there's a new revolution in ladder technology by Little Giant, known as the Revolution XE
The Little Giant Synergy ladder combines industrial strength performance with super lightweight aluminum construction to give you the perfect stepladder for your home and for professional use.
The Little Giant Telescoping Plank converts any ladder into simple scaffolding
The Little Giant Velocity SwitchBlade Ladder is a ladder designed specifically for ultimate comfort and stability.
Little Giant Wall Stand-Off is the perfect add-on for your ladder.
The little Giant Work Platform is a an attachment for your Little Giant Ladder that is designed to add a little more standing room or a small area to put things on...
Little Jumbo Ladders are built to last yet lightweight and easy to handle.
The Little Giant Ladder is safe. It's strong. And best of all, it's versatile.
Magic Jack eliminates the phone company and your monthly bill!
Flat Hose that you can actually use Without Unwinding
The MultiMaster is a variable speed oscillating tool that uses a broad assortment of accessory blades to handle hundreds of previously manual tasks.
MXZ Saw is the little high tech saw that's big on toughness!
Get in and out of a car safely with Handy Bar
With Hercules Hook you can hang pictures, mirrors, shelves and more without fear of them falling off the wall.
Mighty sealer is the number one as seen on tv liquid rubber spray-on sealant, and is now available in black, white and clear
Dremel Stylus Cordless - A unique tool for people who are passionate about hands-on projects.
The Dual Power Saw, As Seen On TV, uses two counter rotating blades with tungsten tips to bring you a powerful and precise power saw.
Omni Dual Saw's tungsten carbide-tipped blades and dual blade design allow users to cut through wood, plastic and metal without changing blades.
Featuring the Revolutionary Drill and Drive System
Extreme Beam Flashlight provides the most powerful light beam available for its size!
With Finally Fast, you can get your computer to its peak performance so it wont slow you down.
The new Flexi Brite, As Seen On TV, is a flexible LED light that is great for crafting and home repairs. The Flexi Brite twists, bends, flexes and lights.
Forearm Forklift - Straps that employ leverage which make everithing you carry feel more than 50% lighter!
The Garden Claw is a tool that can be used for loosening hard packed soil in order to aerate your garden or lawn...
Garden Groom lets you trim your hedges with out the unwanted mess that would be caused with normal trimmings.
The Alligetter is a grabber and light that will allow you to safely and easily remove precocious or improper objects from hard to reach tight spaces.
Awesome Auger attaches to your powerdrill. Screw it in tight and your ready to go. No more back breaking digging
Bit Shooter is a revolutionary screwdriver that holds all your bits and loads them as needed. Order the Bit Shooter Today.
This automatic adjustable wrench, Black and Decker's Autowrench, will adjust to fit any nut or bolt up to 1-1/4
The Alligator Lopper electric lopper cuts branches up to 4� thick, quickly and easily.
Compact cordless screwdriver is powerful, easy to use and fits into tight spaces. Rechargeable battery holds charge for up to 18 months.
Dustbuster is convenient cordless hand held vacuum. It's cyclonic action filter system means more power longer because dirt won't stick to the filter.
The 18V Cordless Pole Pruning Saw by Black and Decker will allow you to Easily prune overhead branches without the hassles of ladders and step stools
It is not called the Scumbuster by chance. This powerful tool will scrub away the scum on your floors, your bathtub, your carpets and even your car...
This amazing device includes an at-the-ready weather radio, power inverter, detachable flashlight and more.
These are the best Black and Decker Tools on the web!
Cobra cord bag, be able to store your extension cords without having to deal with a tangled mess
Cold Heat creates the heat in the proprietary tip material, making the tool 20 times more efficient than the average conventional soldering iron.
With the Weed Thrasher you will be able to trim weeds much easier and safer. Your weed trimmer is not a sewing machine! So stop treating it like one. Stop wasting time and money threading spools...
Want to hunt for treasure without looking like a total weirdo? Then you definitely want one of Whites Electronics Metal Detectors. Whites Electronics currently makes some of the greatest metal detecto
The WORX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, As Seen On TV, is lightweight and cordless so you won't have to drag those long power cords around anymore
The Eco Mower by WORX is a cordless mower that gets around 25% more coverage than other cordless mowers and has a powerful 24-volt battery that is capable of cutting up to 12,000 square feet...
The new WORX TriVac All-in-One Compact Blower/Mulcher/Vac brings all three functions together in one compact, lightweight machine: a great blower, a handy mulcher, and a powerful yard vac.
The Automatic Fire Extinguisher protects from dangerous fire by extinguishing the flame automatically.
The Fuel Shark will increase gas mileage, horsepower, and battery life by simply plugging it into the cigarette lighter.
Invisible Glass cleaning tool makes cleaning car windshields easier than before.
Drill, flip, drive, and be done in half the time! Perfect for DIY projects, and fix-up jobs. You'll never have to change a bit in the middle of a job again!
Pocket Hose - Fits In A Pocket But Grows To A Full Size Hose
TVTopTen ranks the top As Seen On TV toys and entertainment products. Shop for your favorite As Seen On TV toys and entertainment products with confidence.
Bell and Howell TV Headset, the easy way to watch TV without annoying others - through a headset!
Rocket Balloons are a great interactive toy that gets kids off the couch, and outside running around!
Professional singing lessons, from Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson.
Turbo Kid Speed Racing is a personalized children�s DVD video that will allow your kid to star in their own pho-personalized video adventure.
With just one photo, you or your favorite fan will become an NFL star in a framed, glossy print. The Star will appear in full NFL uniform surrounded by four NFL team players.
The overall effect of NOW That's What I Call Christmas! is instant nostalgia and a decidedly warm, fuzzy feeling
For those who want a ton of hits in one place, NOW That's What I Call Music! 13 is ideal, the perfect gift for the avid radio fan.
The Optic 1050 binoculars with up to 1000X magnification will allow you to see objects up to 35 miles away!
Sentimental Journeys has created the first photo-personalized DVD that features two �Stars�! You and your better half will �star� in your own animated cartoon adventure.
Personalized 4 Kidz - Disney Movies - Get personalized products like books, clocks, growth charts and more all will your favorite Disney characters. Order Online Now!
The Magical Unicorn is one of the most popular pillow pets out there. It is a flufy and cuddly stuffed unicorn and pillow.
Pillow Pets are cute stuffed animal pets that pop open to form a full size pillow. These adorable animals are so soft and snuggly that kids are sure to love them.
Get your creative juices flowing with the PixOs Starter Set. It comes with a four-color chamber pen, spray bottle, and two trays for six amazing designs. No batteries needed.
Players Vacation Club - Vacation Financing, No credit check and No Interest Fees for Members. Order Online Now!
Painting is easier than ever before with the complete, no-tape Point 'n Paint� system.
The Press Dough, As Seen On TV, is the new exiting way for you and your kids to make delicious and fun cookies. Simply press, bake and decorate!
The Rainbow Art Markers, As Seen On TV, are fun, non-toxic and safe color changing markers.
Red Skelton Show DVDs are now authorized for release by the Red Skelton Estate. Order the 6-DVD Collection of unreleased Red Skelton Show episodes today
Buy the authentic die-cast replica of the original 1931 Ford Roadster Convertible for only $10+s/h and you will get the 1925 Ford T Runabout FREE!
Rock Pedal is the ultimate rock band pedal that is actually a real drum pedal and it will help you increase your scores!
Rocket Fishing Rod great fishing rod for all ages with unique pump and lauch casting action.
Ruth's Chris Steak House GiftCard - Perfect for any occasion! Order and Save Now!
Salsa Crazy DVD Kit - detailed instructions of salsa dance! Order Online Now!
Just in time for Halloween and perfect for any costume occasion, Disney Princess Gowns are great gifts for any young girl. Make any event a royal event with authentic Princess dresses from Disney.
The plant will grow out of the can, displaying the surprise image of a creature on the plant's central bean. It's fun and educational!
Simply Music, As Seen On TV, is an innovative piano teaching program that will help you learn how to play the piano in no time.
Music Bullet is the as seen on tv portable speaker system that delivers the best sound from a small package
Snow White is a personalized DVD video where with a simple foto your daughter or a loved one will "turn" into Snow White and go on a wonderful animated adventure.
Everyone loves the original Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves! Now you can keep the whole family warm with Snugglette, a smaller size Snuggie with smaller arms for kids.
TV Hat is the next revolution in video viewing! A movie theater experience absolutely anywhere! Take it on a long commute, on the plane, or even camping.
Learn Our History is The Simple Way For Kids to Understand And Appreciate U.S. History
Sticker Scratchers - The easiest way to make the coolest stickers!
Take SuDoku Go! with you wherever you go with this sleek electronic handheld sudoku game.
SuDoku Go! Desktop Computer Game - Download Now for only $1.95!
Draw and write with light! The coolest toy ever!
The Treasure Chest Pets, TC Pets, are the new stuffed animal that have secret compartments for your stuff.
Julio Iglesias' Romantic Classics is a journey through contemporary ramantic music with one of popular music's most dynamic voices.
Kid Kleen Mold 'N Play Soap Activity Set Makes bath time fun time.
Enjoy over an hour of side-splitting, Christian comedy staring Kim Coleman, the hilarious Christian comedian of today.
The knifty Knitter is the new and fun way to knit. With the Knifty Knitter you can create trendy one of a kind scarves, hats, blankets, gloves and so much more. Best of all, it is so easy to use anyon
Knockout Hockey: The Original is a one-of-a-kind collection featuring some of the fiercest, bloodiest, most bone crushing hockey fights, brawls and mayhem ever captured on DVD!
Create your own custom library of Classic American literature
When ever a coin is inserted hear real whistle sounds and watch the flashing lights. Perfect for all ages
The 2013 Fifty Dollar Buffalo Proof Coin is clad in 14mgs of 24 karat gold. An inexpensive yet impressive gift for the holidays! Popular with investors and collectors.
Lots & Lots of Trains 2-DVD set includes Smokin� Steam and Diesel and Thunder on the Tracks DVDs plus a free bonus audio CD. Features more train action than any other DVD.
Lots & Lots of Trucks 2-DVD set includes Hard-workin' Trucks and Mighty Tough Trucks plus a free bonus audio CD. Features trucks of every shape and size.
Malt Shop Memories is a set of ten CDs that includes many favorites from the 50's and early 60's music.
As Seen On TV Beamz - Hottest Interactive Music Technology
Spanning from 1972 to 1981, The Midnight Special® defied boundaries of late night television with live rock performances.
My Christmas Adventure is a 36-minute 3-D animated DVD that features your child as the star and main character.
My Lil' Reminder remembers everything you can't.
With the Joy Town Play Mat possibilities of fun and imagination are endless.
The Golden Age Of Country is one of the greatest country music collections ever.
These Havoc Stingers are the latest micro rc helis from Air Hogs / SpinMaster. Their insect-like appearance is ultra-cool,with glowing LED eyes and detailed insect wing styled rotor blades.
Hooked on Phonics is a top tv product that will help your children learn to read in a fun and easy way.
Hooked On Phonics is a program to help your kids learn to read with speed and accuracy.
Hooked on Phonics - Choose the Proven Method to Help Your Kids to Read in a Way that's Fun and Effective!
Get ready for the exciting world of Trick Tracks connectable stunts.
The Hover Disk is similar to a Frisbee but it hovers and flies unlike anything else and comes in various awesome graphic designs
Intelliflix was a small dvd rental business which was promoted on As Seen On TV. Intelliflix is now out of business.
The Dekek Jeter mint coin is an amazing piece of US baseball history.
With Digi Draw, you can digitally draw any picture, photograph or illustration to make fantastic works of art.
Buy CuddleUppets at TVTopTen, both a blanket and a pillow
Blankid buddy is the stuffed plush animal that turns from pillow and blanket into a spacious backpack in no time
Ordinary balloons go pop, but not Amazing Elastic Plastic!
Engrave It - The Engrave It engraving tool allows you to engrave nearly anything you can imagine on almost any type of surface.
Esteban American Legacy Guitar is a great place to start when learning to play the guitar.
With Etch A Sketch you can create original art, play connect the dots, trace an image and more.
The Fat Boy Chronicles delves deep into the issues of teenage obesity and its psychological impact on today's youth.
Fat Head life size wall graphics
Buy the authentic die-cast replica of the 1941 Chevy flatbed car carrier for only $10 plus s/h and you�ll get the 1932 Chevy Fire Chief Coupe FREE! These historic replicas are assembled usin
Floam is fun that you can feel..roll it, mold it, cover it.
The New No Glue, no Mess Construction Set.
Fun Foil Art is a kit that will allow you or your kids make your own foil stickers just like magic. With Fun Foil Art there is no waiting, glue or mess! Simply peel it, press it and your done.
With the new Fun Slides, your kids with have a blast wherever there's a carpet. Slide across your house with the Fun Slides carpet skates.
The Fushigi Magic Gravity Sphere Ball will mesmerize the mind, confuse the senses and
Fuzoodles are the new fun and irresistible toys As Seen On TV. These cute and fuzzy toys will provide your kids with hours of entertainment.
With GeMagic, now you can add gems for the same high end designer look, without the designer price.
This book will allow you to discover the 10 secrets to make your spouse want and need you back.
Giovanni Piano Kit - Giovanni's roll out keyboard with fast and easy step-by-step learning method!
The 1932 Ford Coupe Hot Rod is the ultimate Classic American dream. Get this classic car model today in brigh yellow with red flame decor.
Here are all your favorites...the original songs by the artists who made them famous... digitally mastered to blow you away on any sound system.
Sprayza is a marker and airbrush that will allow you to make cool airbrushed art.
The Amazing Dad personalized DVD keepsake is an action-packed cartoon adventure that turns your kid�s hero into everyone�s hero.
The Amazing Kid personalized DVD keepsake is an action-packed cartoon adventure for children of all ages. With just one photo, any kid can be Amazing Kid.
Enjoy the beautiful musical collections of Andrea Bocelli with this As Seen On TV offer.
Animated Classics Collection 1 is a collection of 20 classic animated movies for less than 1 dollar each!
Tummy Stuffers - Stuff, Store, Organize and More!
Zoomies - The Compact, High Power Binoculars You Wear Like Sunglasses
Flashlight Friends Soft Cuddly Animal + Bright Flashlight
Ballroom Dance Like A Star DVD Set. 5 Star rated DVD series covers all the social partner dancing you ever need to have fun.
The wireless headphones that works on all TV's and installs in seconds! Watch your favorite shows and movies, without disturbing others.
Bead Magic is an amazing instant hair and jewelry beading system that will allow you to add beads to your hairstyle quickly and easily.
The Bedazzler is a retro-fabulous tool that you can use o add a sparkle to almost everything. Order the bedazzler from TVTopTen today.
endaroos are the amazing flexible building sticks. Fun, safe and easy to use kids arts and crafts toy.
Turn any hot summer day into a blast of cool fun with the Big Squirt Water Toy. This wacky toy is guaranteed to keep you cool during the summer.
With Blendy Pens you can create realistic backgrounds adding shading and create colors that seem to come to life. Order Blending Pens.
Bling Gems are self adhesive crystal gems which give you the freedom to create your own designs.
BookSwim is the first netflix-style online book rental library club lending you paperbacks and hardcovers.
Bright Light Pillow is the pillow that lights up and comes in two grwat shapes. Purchase and reviews here
BrainWare Safari is the award-winning educational computer software for children.
Breakin It Down - The latest dance moves from the hottest, cutting edge music videos. Order Online Now!
The National Coin Mint is honoring Brett Favre on brilliant, uncirculated, genuine US Mint coins, layered in 24 karat gold!
The Chia Obama is a special Chia edition brought to you by Joseph Enterprises for a limited time. It makes a perfect collector's item. Buy the Chia Obama at TVTopTen.
Color Splitz lets you draw with cool 3D effects
The Color Me Gemz kit comes with all your kid will need to create tons of different jewelry or decorations with colorful gems that look real.
Columbia House - The best deal in movies, television and more.
In Core Rhythms Jaana and Julia teach you the 3 Core Movements essential to Latin dancing and give you drills to exercise your core to uplifting Latin music.
Easy, Fun Fabric Creations! Crunch your way to fun fabric creations.
Newly restored and enhanced, this exclusive Davey and Goliath 4-DVD collection features over 450 minutes of non-stop adventure.
After an enormously successful film and music career throughout the fifties and mid-sixties, Dean embarked upon a relatively new medium- television.
Wallet Pix Digital Photo Album makes a perfect gift and is a snap to use! FREE Bonus Carying Case and USB Cable with purchase.
Wandarama is a fun new toy wand that makes things fly! The Wandarama will bring hours of fun to your whole family.
Whacked Out Sports - 4 full Episodes in one collection and FREE Additional Whacked Out DVD. Order Online Now!
Celebrate the Golden Age of Rock with the Wolfman Jack Solid Gold Rock N' Roll Number 1 Hits CD.
The Wonderview Telescope will allow you to see things so far away you didn't know they were there.
The World at War, the most powerful and extensive documentaries of World War II. Order The World At War now at TVTopTen.
Your Story is a new device created by Provocraft and it serves as a 2-in-1 personal publisher and laminator.
The YuDu is an all in one tabletop screen printing system that allows you to personalize almost anything and delivers professional quality printing right from your home. Order the YuDu today.
Zoo Books - 13 animals-packed issues for one low price! Every monthly new issue contains. Order Online Now!
Buy the authentic die-cast replica of the original 1931 Ford Roadster Convertible for only $10+s/h and you will get the 1925 Ford T Runabout FREE!
The 2011 Buffalo Tribute is the purest gold coin made by the U.S. Mint.
Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks offer a great collection of fire truck videos and information on rescue equipment.
Lots and Lots of Jets and Planes features great footage of jets and planes around the world!
Happy Nappers can go from a pillow to a plush stuffed animal in seconds.
Mushabellies is the new interactive 3D Augmented Reality game app that turns anywhere you are at into a 3D playing surface with your Apple of Android phone or tablet. Read Reviews
Raise and grow up to 8 beautiful fish in just 24 hours! It's as easy as 1-2-3.
Sticky Balls are amazingly addictive magnetic balls! Sticky Balls will provide hours of fun right out of the box
The fabulous formable fabric that lets you create and decorate. It feels like fabric, molds like clay and sticks like glue.
Lumi Doh is the doh that glows! Lumi Doh is fun and easy to use. Imagine and possibilities are endless! Lumi Doh shines, stretches and never leaves messes! Lumi Doh stretches like rubber and glows...
Watch the Power Juicer Commercial, As Seen On TV, to learn more about this amazing product.
Retail Video of the PivoTrim head trimmer was created by Better Heads.
A video demonstration of a regular trimming line and the Pivotrim as they take on a chain link fence.
The PrivoTrim Video As Seen On TV
In this video you can see as the PivoTrim takes on a chain link fence without breaking.
The Pillow Pets Infomercial As Seen On TV. Watch the commercial to see what my pillow pets are all about.
A quick video review of the pillow pets by a mom and her little girl.
See how excited this two little girls get when they receive the pillow pets as a christmas gift.
A short personal review video of the perfect pushup from a satisfied customer.
A video review of the perfect brownie
The Perfect brownie commercial as seen on tv.
Pedi Paws review demonstrated on CBS news
This is a video review of the product Ped Egg As Seen on TV, which was broadcasted on live television news.
One Touch can opener video showing how easy it is to open a can with the simple touch of a botton
NuWave Oven Video. A video of the Nuwave Oven being tested on NBC.
A video of the Nuwave Oven as it was featured at the Internaltional Home Housewares Show on HGTV
Nutrisystem Video Review with Grandma
As the video says, exercising is only half the battle. If you are looking to lose weight you need to change the way you eat as well.
This is a short video that was made in reaction to a couple of the Nutrisystem commercials. In the video, the woman talks about how these commercials have impressed her and she may ultimately try Nutr
In this video a woman is talking about some of the benefits of Nutrisystem, mainly the fact that it is so convenient. For example, Nutrisystem features pre-packaged meals delivered to your door...
Most people have heard of Nutrisystem as a diet program, but do you actually know what you get to eat?
This is a video made by Kimberly Edwards explaining a few things she heard about nutrisystem
Nutrisystem Commercial featuring Jillian Barberie
A comedic look at the nutrisystem program and the benefits it offers.
Come see a video review of NutriSystem flex that was done by the blog Sushi For Lunch. The video shows some key benefits of the program.
This is a video made for a blog that show the easy food choices available by nutrisystem
A review of the Nutrisystem Diet Plan - Mini Pizza Meal
Nutrisystem Diabetic video review highlighting the key benefits of the program.
Nutrisystem Commercial, As Seen On TV, featuring Marie Osmond.
Review of the Nutrisystem Commercial starring Jillian Barbarie.
Here is a short video showing the way a lot of mothers may feel after giving birth to their children and having excess weight that is so difficult to get rid of.
Hungry? Don't want to get fat? Nutrisystem is a good option
Nutrisystem a Click to Better Health. A video review by Damien
The Nori iSteam is the 3-in-1 power steamer. Check out the Nori iSteam commerical As Seen On TV.
A review of the Ninja Master Prep blender and food processor.
Video Commercial of the Neckline Slimmer As Seen on TV. Check out the Neckline Slimmer As Seen On TV video commercial.
Multimaster Video that gives a brief overview of the functions and uses of the Fein Multimaster.
The Keeper Sweeper™ functions as a sweeper, duster, wet mop, dry mop, glass cleaner, floor scraper, car wash tool, counter top cleaner, hand tool, and many other options to make the ultimate all-in-on
As Seen On TV Lavender Garden - The perfect perennial flower to keep your garden looking fresh and alive year after year. Lavender is guaranteed to grow, thrive and is perfect for patios and decks.
See as Anthony Sullivan takes to the seas in a silly sponge suit to showcase the Mighty Thirsty Sponge absorption power
Mighty Putty Commercial featuring Billy Mays
Video review and demonstration of the Mitch's Melt It Off Program, the revolutionary workout program featuring the G-Ball.
The Melt it Off with Mitch Commercial As Seen On TV.
The Mega Blueberries Commercial As Seen On TV.
Here is a short video that aired on the news which reviews the Magic Jack, a product from As Seen on TV.
Hands on video testing of the Magic Jack
Magic jack video review, find out if the magic jack sucks or not.
CNBC video of the Magic Jack.
Video of someone testing the Magic Jack
A video showing why Justin Germino loves the magic jack. This magic jack review shows the magic jacks features and software.
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Little Giant Synergy Ladder Demo Video
Little Giant Ladder As Seen On TV video unbiased video review
See a short video of a kid playing with the Swwivel Sweeper G2
Katy Perry talks about how she uses Proactive in this short video.
A video showing how Jessica Simpson uses Proactiv to keep clear from breakouts.
This video will give you the information you need when choosing between Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem as your wieght-loss solution.
This is a video of the Iron Gym featuring the assembly and a personal review of the product.
See for your self the InStyler in action as this video shows how well it actually performs to give you the hair you have always wanted.
Video of the InStyler transforming not so great hair to beautyful hair.
A video showing the instyler in Action
The Insanity Workout Video will help you learn more about this insane workout and the results you can achieve.
An Insanity Workout Review of the first month of this insane program.
An insanity success story. See the results you can achieve with the insanity workout.
Shaun T explaining the Insanity Workout on the Tyra Banks Show.
This video describes the 3 main steps on how to use Nutrisystem to lose weight
Hooked On Phonics Learn to read is the easy way to help your kids learn to read. Watch this video to learn more about Hooked On Phonics, As Seen On TV.
Hooked On Phonics, As Seen On TV, is a unique program developed to help your kids k-2nd grade learn how to read. See the commercial to learn more.
Hoodia Video showing where hoodia comes from and how it can help you lose weight.
The Hex Light is a hands free flashlight that will allow you to easily work in the dark.
Come watch the Heeltastic as it was featured on the Pitchmen Show with your's truly Billy Mays. See how the Heeltastic is made and how it reviews.
GT Express 101 Commercial
The Grill Glove, As Seen On TV, is a heat resistant glove that will make burnt hands a thing of the past. Checkout the infomercial to learn more.
A video review of the Griffin Road Trip adapter for your ipod, As Seen On TV.
Great Hair Day by Joan Rivers is your solution for covering up bald spots and making your hair look more full. Watch The Great Hair Day commercial As Seen On TV to learn more.
With the Fuzzodles you can bend, twist and build. These fun twisty toys will keep your kid busy for hours.
Checkout these video tutorials by Amazing Kenny and learn how to perform some really awesome Fushigi contact juggling tricks.
A short video demonstration of the Food Saver, As Seen On TV, from a real customer
Funny FoodSaver Commercial
A video preview of the pole dance workout from the Flirty Girl Fitness dance and workout program.
Video of Lisa Marie and Nikki Lee,flirty girl fitness employees and devotees, practicing the video routine for lollipop.
Flirty Girl Fitness Booty Beat is a quick video preview of the Flirty Girl Fitness workout and dance program
The facercise is an exercise system that will help you tone and beautify your facial muscles
The Facercise Comercial, As Seen On TV, will show you how the facercise program can help make your face look younger and more beautiful.
The Video Commerical of the Emery Cat Board As Seen On TV. Emery Cat, the Scratching and Grooming Board for Cats.
See a video of the Dual Saw in action as it cuts right through a brick.
Watch a video of the Dual Saw cutting through a metal mailbox
Dual Saw Commercial with Billy Mays
The Dry fast will help you dry your clothing up to 40% faster. Checkout the Dry Fast Commericial, As Seen On TV, to learn more about this product.
Drop Stop Review: The Drop Stop is a wedge that fits perfectly between your car seat to stop things from falling out of reach and sight.
Check out the Drop Stop video commercial. The Drop Stop is the perfect car wedge.
The Dog Pedic is a memory foam mattress that will provide years of comfort and support for your dog.
Ding King Commercial Video with Billy Mays
Depil Silk is the new spray and wipe hair remover, As Seen On TV. Checkout the Infomercial video to learn more about Depil Silk
A short video from Test it Tuesday reviewing the Green Bags by Debbie Meyer
TVTopTen: The Crunchless Abs commercial As Seen on TV.
Crisco's Shake Weight. Checkout this funny video of the shake weight fore men in action.
The crazy critters realistic dog toy is the perfect toy for any pet.
Cooking with the GT Express 101
A short video showing how to use Cold Heat for sodering.
Cold Fire is a non-toxic, easy to use and portable fire extinguisher that is perfect for home fire preparedness.
Chinese Flower Tea on TVTopTen's As Seen on TV Videos. Watch the Chinese Flower bud bloom.
Cat Genie is the Coolest Litter Box Ever. Check it out now on TVTopTen's As Seen On TV Videos
A video Review of the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbells. Learn the benifits and disadvantages of the bowflex dumbells and see them in action.
Video testimonials of real Body Gospel customers who were able to achive their weight loss goals and transform their lives.
The revival video of the Body Gospel workout. Get your Body Gospel program and lose weight through exercise and faith.
Come checkout a preview of the Gospel Body workout and see what this christian weight loss workout program is all about.
The Body Gospel infomercial as seen on tv. See what the Gospel Body workout is all about in this video commercial.
The BodiRocker is a special rocking device that will help you burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Check out the commercial.
Bender Ball Video: A video description of the Bender Ball featureing Leslee Bender.
A quick video showing you how to properly perform the basic Bender Ball Crunch.
The Bender Ball Commercial, As Seen On TV. Checkout this video to see what the bender ball is all about.
A video showing you two awesome movements to help train your butt muscles using the Bender Ball.
Bedazzler Commercial as seen on tv.
A video review comparing Bare Minerals to Everyday Minerals.
A quick video review of Bare Minerals makeup. See why Bare Minerals is so great.
A video review of the As Seen On TV product, Bare Minerals makeup. See what makes bare Minerals so great.
A video review of the Bare Minerals Get started kit.
Bare Minerals Foundation Review and Application. See what real customers have to say about bare minerals.
A video showing you how to apply bare minerals makeup.
Bare lIfts, as seen on tv, are the invisible way to lift up your bust line and enhance the look of your breasts.
Awesome Auger Commercial featuring Billy Mays
Aqua Globe Commerical Video
The Animal Repeller, As Seen On TV, will help keep rodents away and your yard safe. See the Animal Repeller commercial to learn more.
Angel Guard Review and Instruction Video
What is the magic jack. The magic jack is a small device that connects right to your computer and a household phone to let you make free local calls.
Unboxing and Video review of the Ab Coaster workout machine, As Seen On TV.
A video showing you the proper way to use your ab coaster. Learn the do's and don'ts of using the ab coaster.
A quick video demonstration of how to use the Ab Coaster.
A video demonstration by Fitness Celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee showing you how to get 6 pack abs with the Ab Circle Pro.
Ab Circle Pro instructions on how to put it together and a video review.
Video commercial of the Ab Circle Pro as seen on tv.
A Bare Minerals makeup review. Learn why Bare Minerals makeup is a great way to help you look great.
INSTAHANG™ is the new revolutionary tool that will replace your hammer, nails, wire and hooks at home allowing you to save time and money. Designed with a peg dispenser that pops in securely and lets
The Keeper Sweeper™ functions as a sweeper, duster, wet mop, dry mop, glass cleaner, floor scraper, car wash tool, counter top cleaner, hand tool, and many other options to make the ultimate all-in-on
Video review you can see how the Power Juicer Express works, some of the many things you can do with it and the various reasons why you should consider buying it.
A video review on proactiv solution and how it has helped this person deal with her cystic acne.
Proactiv Solution Video
A video demonstating how Proactiv solution works with three different steps to help clear you from your acne.
As Seen On TV video review of Proactiv solution showing a woman who has had positive results using Proactiv to clear Menopausal Acne.
Proactiv review from a happy customer who has used proactiv to help clear her acne from pregnancy.
A review of proactiv acne solution.
A video commercial featuring the Roll N Grow INstant Garden
I quick As Seen On TV Video review of the Rosetta Stone Spanish edition language learning software
Short video showing you how to seal up jars with the FoodSaver TV product.
See Queen Latifa using the Shake Weight on the Ellen show. Really funny.
The shake weight commercial as seen on tv. One of the funniest and dirtiest tv commercials ever.
The Official Shake Weight For Men commercial, As Seen On TV. Come learn more about the men's shake weight.
Checkout this funny video of the shake weight. Hilarious shake weight video.
See how the shake weight works to help you get sexy arms that you'll want to show off this summer.
The Shake Weight For Men has arrived, come checkout this funny clip from the Ellen show. Very funny.
See the Shake Weight on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, As Seen On TV.
Funny video of the new shampaw washing glove for your pet. Its time for the shampaw bathtub sexy time.
Shampaw Videos. The shampaw is the innovative dog washing glove that makes giving your dog a bath a fun experience for you and your pet.
The Shampaw doggy wash glove is the perfect accessory for parent that want their kids to wash the dogs as it turns the chore into a fun activity.
Seven Shapely Secrets is a 7 minute a day program that uses diametric resistance to help you firm and shape your body.
Leeza Gibbons & LeAnn Rimes Interview Sheer Cover Customers. Check out this sheer cover video.
Demo video of how to use sheer cover to cover up facial inperfections.
Sheer Cover Testimonials by Real Customers
The Slap Chop Commercial, As Seen On TV, featuring Vince Schlomi.
Slap Chop Product Review
A funny Slap Chop remix video featuring DJ Steve Porter. You must watch!
The Slim Ts commercial, As Seen On TV. Lean how you can slim down your waist and flatten your stomach.
Electronic Cigarettes are a new way to smoke which may have less harmful risks that tobacco smoking. They are the cigarettes of the future.
This is a review video of the product Smooth Away, showing how it actually does work
A humorous video of two dogs as they tackle on the day with their Snuggie For Dogs blanket.
Snuggie Fashion Show
Check out the Snuggie For Dog video commercial. The Snuggie commercial will help keep your dog cozy and warm.
Dogs come from all over the place to give you their testimonials on this Snuggie for Dogs testimonials video.
Snuggie Video Commercial as Seen on TV
Sound Sentry XL motion sensing alarm demonstration with Michael Winslow.
A video from HGTV showing how Kathy Peel transforms a family's small bedroom with the Space Bags storage bags.
See Forbes Riley on The Doctors as she showcases her latest As Seen On TV product, the Spin Gym.
The spin gym video review will show you how the spin gym works to help you get in shape and lose weight.
A Steam Buddy review and test by Star Reviews. Check out the Steam Buddy Review video at tvtopten.
Video of a student who lost around 200 pounds with Nutrisystem and exercise
The video commercial of the swivel sweeper g2.
A video review of the swivel sweeper g2. See how the swivel sweeper gets a perfect review!
The TC Pets stuffed animal organizer is a fun and cute way to keep your things organized and private.
The Big Boss Grill Commercial
A video review of The Tornato file transferring device.
Montel talks about the Toasty Wrap on his show Living Well
A video critique of the topsy turvy planter
A video review of the topsy turvy
A review of the touch n brush tooth brush dispenser by Video review of the touch N brush
Turbo Fire is a new workout program that will have you burning calories and getting in shape fast. See the Turbo Fire infomercial, As Seen On Tv, to learn more.
A video of the Tushee, As Seen On TV.
UGlu is a new super industrial and non-liquid adhesive that is a much better alternative to other liquid adhesives. In this Uglu video you can learn about the product and how it came about.
An unboxing video of the Turbo Fire complete package so you can see everything that comes included with your Turbo Fire workout order.
Shampaw video of Jacob demonstrating how he uses the shampaw to was his dog duke and explaining the benefits of this revolutionary dog washing glove.
Water Jet Description And Review video. See how the water jet works to transform your ordinary hose into a power washer.
A spin gym review talking about the various benefits of this ultra portable women's workout device.
The handy picker-upper. The new, easy way to get all of your food from the chopping board to the pan. Your hands never have to touch the food again!
This is a video about Bare Minerals, an As Seen On TV mineral makeup product that has been used by many to look great.
The Wonder File, As Seen On TV, is a folder organizer that is great for keeping all of your important documents and files neatly organized where you can easily find them.
Check out the Yoshi Blade commercial as it was shown on tv.
The Yoshi Blade claims to be much stronger and sharper than your average steel knives, Star Reviews has reviewed the Yoshi Blade to see how it performs.
A perfect pushup arm workout video to help you get defined and muscular arm muscles.
A perfect pushup video workout for killer chest muscles.
The perfect pushup commercial As Seen On TV. Take your pushups to the next level!
Another pillow pet excitement video. Kids love pillow pets.
The Workx Tri Vac commercial As Seen On TV. See how you can easily switch from a blower to a vacumm with just one switch.
Watch the WORX Trivac show to learn how this mulcher, vaccuum and blower will make gardening an easier chore.
A video review of the Magic Crisp. See how delicious this bacon cooks with the Magic Crisp
The Magic Crisp infomercial As Seen On TV. Get crispier, fresh and healthier microwavable food.
See real consumer reviews and results from the p90x workout program by tony horton.
A video interview with Tony Horton, creator of p90x, As Seen On Fox.
A video describing all the various things you need to get started with p90x.
A video with some sample workouts from the p90x workout program, As Seen On Tv.
An in-depth review from a real customer of the Instyler rotating iron, As Seen On TV.
An in-depth review from a real customer of the Instyler rotating iron, As Seen On TV.
The TastiWave cookware, As Seen On TV, is a new way to make delicious foods in your microwave. Learn more from the TastiWave Infomercial, As Seen On TV.
The Cami Secret is the perfect women's undergarment to prevent too much cleavage. Watch the Cami Secret infomercial, As Seen On TV.
Stem Cell Therapy is special cream designed to help regenerate your skin for younger look. Checkout this Infomercial, As Seen On TV to learn more.
The Pasta Boat Infomercial video As Seen On TV. Learn how you can cook pasta easily in your microwave.
A video of the Pasta Boat, microwavable pasta container, As Seen On TV.
Get a fresh and sharp look between haircuts with Just A Trim. Watch the Just A Trim infomercial, As Seen On TV.
A video review of the Bumpits hair inserts, As Seen On TV.
The Bumpits infomercial, As Seen On TV. Learn how you can get more volume in seconds!
A video guide showing you how you can cook delicious meals with the GT Xpress Redi Set Go.
A video review by StarReviews of the Xpress Redi Set Go Grill, As Seen On TV.
The 30 second smile toothbrush infomercial product delivers a perfect cleaning every time.
Allay Patch is a drug-free menstral pain relief system designed to reduce inflamation and relieve menstrail discomfort.
The Allay Patch is an infomercial product designed to help relive menstrual discomfort with the use of therapeutic wave energy.
Diet To Go is a premium food delivery service that offers healthy meals to help you lose weight and eat healthy.
Bistro MD and Dr. Phil team up to help two families who are struggling with overweight children.
Video review of the Bistro MD Diet. Learn more about the diet and see some customer testimonials.
Watch the trim 360 infomercial to see what the diet is all about.
The Thin N Sexy Body Wrap can help you lose inches at home. Watch the infomercial As Seen On TV.
The Teeter Hang Ups infomercial product is an inverted table designed to help relive back and joint discomfort.
The Teeter Hang Ups Inverted Table was created to help you relive joint and pain discomfort and pain.
The Flavor Wave Turbo Oven removes the fat and locks in the flavors for quick and delicious meals every time.
Quickly remove hair from your body with the Smooth Away Pad. The easy to use hair remover and skin exfoliator.
A video overview and review of the Hairdo Clip In Bangs from Jessica Simpson
Alli is the only FDA approved over the counter weight loss product. Check out the Alli Infomercial to learn more and watch a real customer testimonial.
Watch the No No Hair Removal Infomercial, As Seen On TV, to learn more about this professional hair removal treatment system.
A review of the No No Hair Removal system. See if the no no hair remover system is right for you.
A video review and instruction of the No No Hair Removal system. Learn how the No No Hair works to professionally remove unwanted hair.
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Yudu is an all-in-one table top screen printing system that will allow you to personalize virtually anything.
As Seen On TV infomercial of the Sideshow Skillet by Cathy Mitchell.
With the My Scent perfume atomizer, infomercial product, you can take your fragrance with you anywhere you go.
The ab doer twist commercial, As Seen On TV. Learn how you can sculpt your body in a sited position.
The Ab Doer Twist is a revolutionary machine that will allow you to workout your core while you sit.
A video showing you several Ab Doer Twist first time users and their reviews and first impressions of the product.
A video with Dr. Selner, showing you the results and science behind the Ab Doer Twist.
With the Supreme 90 Day workout, As Seen On TV you can lose fat and sculpt your body in just 90 days.
Sprayza is both a marker and airbrush designed for fun and mess-free art.
An in-depth review of the Dotza and Spraza markers created by StarReviews
The Phrobi Blanket Robe is the new way to stay stylish and warm this winter.
The Shed Vac pet de-shedder lifts and traps your pets hair so you can enjoy your pets without all the messy fur.
The mouse chaser, As Seen on TV, will keep your cat entertained and out of trouble.
Spa quality face and body hair threading system. The affordable way to get that silky, sexy, hair-free look.
The Easy Feet slipper cleans and massages your feet. It feels great and leaves your feet dirt and odor free.
The Big Boss Blender is a powerful single serve blender that does it all. Dices, mixes, grinds and more.
The Zip Notes revolutionary sticky note dispenser lets you have sticky notes of any length with just one button.
Get the comfort of pajamas with the style of skinny jeans with the new Pajama Jeans, As Seen On TV.
Carole Maggio's Facercise program shows several examples of face exercises.
Nutrisystem es un programa avanzado de pérdida de peso creado por expertos, diseñado por profesionales de la pérdida de peso y respaldado por resultados reales.
The latest As Seen on TV Products listed and reviewed. See what people think of your favorite As Seen On TV Products.
ZyppahRx stops snoring safe and effectively. Snoring treatment has been developed by the leading snoring expert Bob Eubanks and uses advanced snoring reduction technology.