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ShamWow are incredibly absorbent cloths that can hold up to 21 times their weight in water!

Each order of ShamWow comes with four large (20in x 23.5in) and four mini (15in x 15in) cloths that can be cut into any desired size.  Every ShamWow is machine washable and bleachable and guaranteed to last for years.

The uses for ShamWow are endless:

  • Clean up cola, coffee and wine in one wipe.
  • Dry off pets, cars or boats.
  • Use as a bathmat or dishdrain.
  • Put one in your fridge's vegetable drawer to keep your veggies crisper.
  • Use to dry dishes, clean walls or carpet spills.
  • You can even use it to dry delicate sweaters faster.
  • Holds 20 times it's weight in liquid.
  • Perfect for the house, boat, car and RV too!

ShamWow outshines imitations as it absorbs more liquid, won't drip and stays soft when it dries.

Each ShamWow has a warranty to last up to 10 years and many people have reported that their ShamWows have lasted them up to 20 years!  ShamWow won't scratch surfaces and allows you to save money on costly and wasteful paper towels.

ShamWow washes, dries and polishes any surface. It's like a towel, chamois and sponge all in one!They are made in Germany from a revolutionary fabric that can absorb over 20X its weight in liquid. Use them to clean up spills fast and they won’t scratch any surface.

You can even use the Sham wow on your pets. ShamWows are machine washable and bleachable. Use them over and over, they will last for years! And they are so durable we guarantee your ShamWows for 10 years.

ShamWows are perfect for your car, boat and many household uses.