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rockwell sonicrafter

What is the Rockwell Sonic Crafter?

The Sonic Crafter is a lightweight multipurpose tool that uses Microsonic technology to create a frequent oscillation motion perfect for most of your crafting needs.

Most Useful tool since the Swiss-Army Knife
The Sonic Crafter is the perfect tool for sawing, scraping, sanding, rasping, cutting and much more. The Sonic Crafter can do all these things with a quick change of blade. It is easy and simple to get all your craftsmanship work done with one tool.

How does the Rockwell Sonic Crafter Work?
Instead of the more common rotating or reciprocating blades, the Sonic Crafter uses the oscillation technology that makes the blade move from one side to another up to 20,000 times per minute. This results in a safer and more controlled cutting and sanding action.

Why should you buy a Rockwell Sonic Crafter?
The Sonic Crafter is not only safe but it is also compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere and anyone can use it.

Rockwell Sonic Crafter Features
  • Less Mess - Since the blade oscillates rather than spinning, the saw dust won't get tossed around the room, instead it just falls down right where you are working.
  • High Performance Sanding - The Sonic Crafter oscillates up to 20 thousand times per minute, where a typical sander only oscillates around 8-12 thousand times per minute. Thus, the Sonic Crafter will more the sandpaper about 2x as fast as regular sanders.
  • Extremely versatile - There are over 48 accessories for the Sonic Crafter and 40 them are less than $20 each. You will be able to accomplish almost any project with the Sonic Crafter.