Announces the Launch of Its Newly Redesigned Website, which ranks and reviews all the newest As Seen on TV products, recently launched a completely redesigned website. The new layout prominently features the current top ten ranked infomercial products on the homepage and invites users to take advantage of the wealth of product information. The new design gives users easy access to reviews submitted by both the TVTopTen product review team and general consumers from across the country who have tried the products.

In addition to product reviews, there are several new sections that have been added to the website including: gift ideas, coupons, wholesale inquiries and a database of videos featuring customer reviews and infomercial parodies. There is also the option to send one's favorite products to their twitter account straight from the homepage.

"One of the main sources of motivation behind redesigning TVTopTen was to build upon the specific features that our users find most valuable. By focusing on real customer product reviews, fun videos and our honest opinions of these products, people are able to make smart and informed buying decisions while also sharing their own experiences," explains Kathleen Mandig, a product review contributor to TVTopTen. "We also invite and welcome users to subscribe to our newsletter where they can directly receive updates on the newest products and are automatically eligible to win free prizes and discounts."

TVTopTen currently offers over 1,000 of the Top As Seen on TV Infomercial products with the latest offers. Not only is TVTopTen a growing online shopping site for As Seen on TV products, but it is also a growing community of shoppers, sharing experiences and reviews of the best selling and most prominent TV products.