Pet Groom Pro

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Pet Groom Pro
We all know that some pets hate taking baths. This is where the Pet Groom Pro becomes very useful. The Pet Groom Pro is a device that uses the same technology found in expensive ionic air purifiers, to eliminate unwanted hair and smell from your pets coat as you brush. The brush will clean and condition both cats and dogs between baths to remove dander, allergens and odor.

Another great feature of the Pet Groom Pro is that is is so easy to clean! The Snap N' Clean plate pops off the brush, taking built-up hair from the bristles along with it. The brush will be clean in seconds.

The Pet Groom Pro works for both cats and dogs whether they are big or small, long-haired or short-haired. Best of all it is battery powered and completely silent, so even jumpy pets stay calm while you brush.

Pet Groom Pro features:

  • Cleans, Conditions and Deodorizes pets!
  • Pet Groom Pro's plate collects matted hair and snaps off easy cleaning!
  • Extra firm bristles glide though matted hair to get pet's undercoat!

The Pet Groom Pro Includes:

  • Ionic Pet Brush
  • Snap Off Faceplate


Review by:
25 April 2011
Does It Work? I put the product to the test and my opinion of the brush is less than enthusiastic. I also noticed a slight high pitched sound coming from the brush, that Maxi did not like. The bristles are not very comfortable either. After brushing and brushing there was no difference in how Maxi's coat looks or smells.