Obsidian Fitness

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  • Obsidian Fitness

Break through to a new level of fitness with the Obsidian Board and 3 DVDs that feature over 100 exercises. With Obsidian you'll get the body you've always dreamed about faster than ever!

Features & Benefits
Regardless of age or experience

  • Side-to-side movement engages muscles quickly taking your body to peak performance.
  • Obsidian fitness board creates a virtually frictionless surface that delivers extreme results with low impact.
  • Shave inches off your body, develop rock hard abs, and blast fat away for good!
  • 3 DVDs feature more than 100 exercises.
  • 30 minute DVD workouts
How the Obsidian Board works:
  • Place the Obsidian Board on any flat surface
  • Put on the custom Obsidian Fitness booties
  • Slide your way to an amazing workout!