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The NuWave Cooktop is truly a revolutionary kitchen product that will change the way you cook.  This unique cooktop heats your food through a process called Precision Induction which means the cooktop itself stays cool while your food is cooked. 

So what really is precision induction? The cooktop contains a series of induction coils which generate magnetic fields that create a warming reaction in iron and steel-based cookware.  This means that the heat is generate only in the cookware and not on the surface itself. 

So why is this better? There a many reason why precision induction is a far superior way to prepare hot food.    Safety comes first, and the danger of a hot burner is no longer an issue with this cooktop.  It remains cool while cooking and after meaning there is no more chance of you or a love one burning themselves on a hot stove.  The precision induction process is is far more efficient than gas or electric stoves and uses up to 70% less energy than its counterparts.  The cooktop heats your pan up to twice as fast a traditional cooking surfaces and comes with exact temperature control with 52 preset settings.  It is a breeze to clean and can easily be stored away when not in use.


The cooktop is also extremely versatile and can used as:

  • A Grill
  • Deep Fryer
  • Steamer
  • Programmable Slow Cooker
  • Fondue 
  • Rice Cooker

In addition, when you buy one cooktop you get a second for free and also receive NuWave Cooking package of of 3.5 quart stainless steel pot, a steamer basket, 9 piece fondue set and 2 PerfectGreen Non stick pans. The total value of this package is over $600 dollars, and this has been a great selling product for many years.  Get yours today!

Review by:
Sprigley Allan
19 August 2013
This product works EXACTLY as advertised. I love how variable the heat setting are. You can gently simmer soup or put the heat on a roast. This is an awesome product!