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Nutrisystem now has even more delicious food options  plus an assortment of available frozen foods with the Nutrisystem Select Program. And just like the other programs all your food is delivered right to your door and they are pre-packaged and portioned so there is no measuring or calorie counting. But, with Nutrisystem Select you now get 28-35 menu items that you can eat in addition to the regular entrees. Nutrisystem Diet

The frozen meals are actually from Schwan Foods, an online grocery store that will also deliver meals to your door, but now you can order them along with your Nutrisystem Select program for just a few dollars more each month. It is a great way to get some more of what they call "frozen-fresh" meals that you can simply zap in the microwave and eat within minutes. They are very convenient and can save you some time in your busy life.

With Nutrisystem Select there are all new meals to try, such as Shrimp Alfredo, Asian Beef Tip, Hand and Cheese Sandwiches and even Ice Cream. Choose from over 120 ready to go entrees and desserts, mix and match your ready to go and frozen meals to create your own customized meal plan.

Nutrisystem Select Includes

  • 28 days of Nutrisystem food including breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert
  • Over 170 menu items - now including "fresh-frozen" meals
  • FREE Results Kit with daily Meal Planner and Dining Out Guide
  • FREE Membership
  • Save time with Auto Delivery convenience
  • All for around $4 a meal!

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Nutrisystem has tons of great meal options to choose from when you sign up for the diet program. Check out a sample Nutrisystem Menu plan to see what your foods can be.

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Review by:
26 May 2012
While in the midst of menopause and on a medicine that made me gain weight I was at a loss. While on other plans I never made progress (down 1/2 a pound one week and up a pound the next week). I work in a busy financial services job and get home at night at 7:30, thereby not eating all day and eating all my calories at night. I was allowed to do this on weight watchers and took advantage of eating 22 points in one shot. I saw myself in the mirror of my hair salon and realized that I have to take control of my self. I did and went on NutriSystem. I am two months in and 16 pounds thinner. I do not have to think and eat way more often during the day and am eating less than 300 calories in the evening. The meals (even the deserts) seem to be infused with fiber (which I needed). So far so good and I love my 10 pound bear. I can't wait to earn the next one. I highly recommend NutriSystem.
Review by:
20 November 2009
Great food, great choices. Nutrisystem is awesome!!
Review by:
Daniel Bremmer
16 February 2009
This is the way to go. Save $100 on Nutrisystem and select only the meals you want... the best diet I have ever done and I eat ice cream EVERY night.