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Nutrisystem for Men

Nutrisystem is a diet program that delivers pre-packaged and portioned meals right to your door so you can easily start dieting. Nutrisystem has been around for over 30 years and they currently provide many diet programs to meet different people's dietary needs.

In fact they even have a Nutrisystem program specifically designed for men. Nutrisystem For Men offers higher protein meals and more calories a day (compared to other programs, such as Nutrisystem For Women). This plan is perfect for the man wanting to lose weight without the hassle of complicated recipes.

Nutrisystem Diet

Why does NutriSystem works so well for guys?

You eat. Take it from Dan Marino, you can get the body you want without giving up the food you love. Burgers, pizza, hot dogs, lasagna, pot roast, tacos, scrambled eggs. Choose from over 120 satisfying meals, and eat often throughout the day. How's that for a man's diet?

My Menu: Eat what you want and lose weight! You can select the foods you love best for maximum satisfaction.

Glycemic Advantage: Discover it just like Dan did...get the "good carb" edge he needed, and your secret to success.

Home delivery: Whenever you get low on NutriSystem meals and snacks, another batch arrives at your door. You don't even have to leave that comfortable chair in your living room.

Completely portable: You can take NutriSystem foods with you to the office or even when you travel—no refrigeration necessary.

Simple and ultra-convenient: Each delicious NutriSystem meal comes individually packaged and takes just minutes to microwave—perfect for busy guys like Dan Marino. No counting. No points. All the work is done for you.

Perfect portions: Great-tasting prepared foods give you the right balance of fats, carbs, calories and proteins, and keep you from overdoing it.

Satisfaction guaranteed: Return anything you don't eat for a refund on the unused portion.

Also available: Men Over 60 Program
Get the plan designed specifically for men over 60 who want a convenient, no-hassle way to slim down. It makes losing weight a reality for today's active senior. Click the order now button to read more about the men over 60 Nutrisystem program.


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Nutrisystem has tons of great meal options to choose from when you sign up for the diet program. Check out a sample Nutrisystem Menu plan to see what your foods can be.

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Review by:
Michael Creane
10 February 2009
I eat big servings - I need to lose at least 30 pounds this year and there was no way I was going to be able to do medifast or one of those other "chick diets." Nutrisystem for MEN gets the job done. I've lost 8 pounds so far and I have not been left hungry. Decent food, kind of expensive for a diet but really effective and satisfying.
Review by:
10 February 2009
Unlike Dan, I have not lost 22 pounds but it has helped me lose a little weight. I cannot exercise very much due to my busy schedule so I thought Nutrisystem would help me lose some of the extra weight. I lost about an inch on the waist line (about 10 pounds) and that is about it. Not a bad purchase but I am not renewing my order.