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Nutrisystem Advanced
NutriSystem Advanced is a complete solution to help you lose weight. If you have ever heard of NutriSystem then you already know that they are a leading company that provide pre-packaged and portioned meals delivered straight to your door so you can lose weight through dieting. NutriSystem currently offers many different plans depending on your weight-loss goals and your dietary needs. Some of these plans are the Silver, Diabetic, Vegetarian and Flex. Plus, NutriSytem also has specific programs for men and for women, because men and women have distinct needs and lose weight differently.

The NutriSystem Advanced was developed based on the original NutriSystem program however, the meals now include healthy omega-3 fatty acids and special natural fibers to help promote weight-loss, a healthy heart and a healthy digestive system. But just like the original NutriSystem program, the Advanced solution still has the "good carbohydrate" Glycemic Advantage, which the secret for incinerating fat.

The Advanced program is really easy to follow with the added color-coded packaging that is based on the meal occasion, making it easier for you to organize and choose your foods. For example, all the breakfast meals have blue wrappers, the lunches have green ones, the dinners have red ones and the desserts are pink (yes you get desert!).

NutriSystem Advanced is basically a real-life solution to losing weight, because you still get to eat throughout the day (including snacks and deserts, not just meals) and because it contains nutrients to help you become or stay healthy. Plus, every meal comes pre-packaged and pre-measured, which is ultra convenient and easy. Everyone is busy with work, family and more. Which is why NutriSystem is a great solution for anyone looking to lose weight and not have to give up so much time and effort.

Just like the traditional NutriSystem program if you sign up for NutriSystem Advance you can choose between one of the 7 different 28-Day programs (women or men's, women or men's silver, women or men's diabetic, or vegetarian). Choose the one that is right for you.NutriSytem Mac and Cheese

If you want a weightloss solution that you can fit into your busy schedule where you do not have to shop, measure or prepare your food, then NutriSystem Advanced may be right for you. Plus, get an extra boost of healthy omegas and fibers to promote better health.


  • Color-coded packages make organizing and planning a breeze
  • Includes heart-healthy omega fatty acids
  • NutriSystem Advanced includes 60 new foods to choose from
  • Includes a personalized meal planner, success cards, DVD and more!
  • Program includes a lot of online and phone support for motivation


  • Eating out is possible, but not advisable if you wish to lose weight
  • Alcohol is not allowed (calories from alcohol add-up)
  • Can be expensive for some people

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28 March 2010
i want to be skinny. i'm a 275 pound person and i want to wear a bikini and attract guys, so i think i'll try this product. i'm desperate :(