MoBe Flask

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MoBe Flask

The Mobe Beverage Flask is the completely concealable and stylish way to carry your beverages with you anywhere, anytime! This reinvention of the antiquated classic flask design of days passed, is truly is the most sophisticated way to discreetly indulge anywhere!

MoBe is perfect for: Concerts, Sporting Events, A Night Out on The Town, The Slopes, The Beach, and pretty much anywhere!! 

The MoBe Flask greatly improves on traditional flask designs in that its flexible design takes the shape of your body and does not create an awkward silhouette in your clothing. This insulated pouch keeps your drink colder longer, as well as keeping you insulated against the cool contents of your MoBe. In addition, unlike old steel flasks, the MoBe is completely flat when empty making it even more discreet and inconspicuous.

MoBe even has a retractable clip so it can be attached to a belt, bag, or many other personal articles. The easy twist off cap means you will no longer need a funnel to fill your flask, and the flip top anti-loss cap and spout eliminates wasteful spillage. The whole package is tucked discreetly inside of a neoprene hood that makes the MoBe look nothing like a flask even when filled

Personally am pretty excited to take these out for a spin, there is really not much left to desire is a concealable beverage container, and the MoBe actually looks pretty good in person. If anyone has used this yet, please let us know what you think!

MoBe's Unique Features include:

  • Insulated outer pouch to keep you warm and your drink cold
  • Reusable BPA-free liner
  • Retractable belt clip for the utmost discretion
  • Anti-Loss flip cap and twist off top mean you wont spill a drop filling it up our pouring it out



 What You Get When You Order MoBe:  MoBe Beverage Flask Hip Flask

  • 2 MoBe Neoprene outer Casings
  • 2 Flip Top MoBe Spouts
  • 6 Reusable BPA-Free inner liners