Micro Grill

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Micro Grill
The Micro Grill will allow you to get that tasty grilled flavor in your...microwave? Yes, the Micro Grill harnesses the energy created by your microwave and transforms it into great-tasting grilled foods. So now you can get grilled food much faster and with the comfort of using a microwave rather than other slower-cooking and harder to use grills.

This product works by absorbing the energy created by the microwave and heating up the grill plates at a much higher temperature than most indoor countertop appliances. Plus, it blocks the microwaves from penetrating into your food so that you won't get the bland and rubbery texture you normally associate with micro-waved foods. And like other Grills, the Micro Grill also allows for excess fats and oils to drain out of the food, so that you can eat much healthier but still delicious meals.

  • Cooks frozen foods without thawing
  • Cooks with no oil
  • Browns and crisps your favorite foods
  • Easy cleanup, dishwasher safe
  • Complete meals in under 7 minutes
  • Product dimensions: 12"L x 8"W x 1.5"H
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
How to Use
  1. Pre-heat Micro Grill in your microwave oven for 2 minutes
  2. Open Micro Grill and place food on non- stick grill plates
  3. Place Micro Grill in the microwave for 2 7 minutes
  4. Enjoy a delicious grilled meal
Review by:
01 May 2011
I love this product and want another one, but can't find it anywhere...