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LipoSlim is a patented supplement that is proven to simultaneously control your appetite and at the same time burn unwanted fat from your body. This revolutionary weight loss formula is composed of active natural nutrients that will dissolve the fat off your belly to reveal those sexy abs you always wanted.

The primary ingredient of LipoSlim, Fucoxanthin, helps to elevate the protein in your body that is responsible of helping to burn fat and the Bitter Melon Extract will help suppress your hunger by sending a signal and shutting down your appetite center.

Stop using all those other expensive weight-loss supplements and complex diets and get LipoSlim to melt away the fat and slim your body today.

  • All natural
  • Helps burn stored body fat
  • Targets belly & visceral fat
  • Can reduce fat deposits in adipose tissue
  • Inhibits ability of your body to store fat
  • Controls appetite
  • All natural ingredients
  • Patented dual action process
  • Fucoxanthin – used in Japan for centuries
  • Bitter Melon & Green Tea Leaf Extracts - help induce weight loss and appetite reduction
  • Rich in antioxidants & minerals
  • Brown Wakame Seaweed - shown to attack trouble spots
  • Elevates protein in the body that burns body fat
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11 February 2010
It's $3.99 per bottle at the grocery outlet store in hayward......