Just A Trim Review

Just A Trim Review

Does Just A Trim Work?

Just a Trim Review : Just great for guys, just have another person to help (April 11, 2006)
In our society of having to look good all the time, cutting one's own hair might seem like a bit of a faux pas. But you can't argue with the financial and time convenience of cutting your own hair. Salonists charge anywhere from $40 to hundreds of dollars and even barbers charge at least $14 plus a tip. And it's at the very least a half hour of your time, gone.

Buying the Just A Trim isn't going to stop you from having to visit either the salon or the barber shop eventually, but like the TV commercial says, you can stay looking great for a "few more weeks".

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive before trying out the Just A Trim on myself. I didn't have anyone else around to help me with it and all I had to work with was a mirror in front of me and a mirror to the right of me (typical bathroom set up if you have a medicine cabinet).

Yet, I didn't do too bad a job with the Just A Trim. It's a little more complicated than just 'combing it through your hair'--most of my hair, along with everyone else's that I know, flows down the side of my head.

Just A Trim will require the user to brush against the grain to get the most effective use out of it. Combing across hair that flows downwards will take a few extra passes, but your hair will come out even if you are patient enough. I'm guessing that your hair is fairly important to you, so I'm sure you'll have the sufficient patience.

The Just A Trim comes with a couple of guides so you can choose different lengths for your hair. You're fairly limited with only the two guides, but like I said, "good for a few more weeks". Just A Trim is most effective when you keep in mind that it is meant primarily to hold you over until you have the time and opportunity to finally get to the barber shop.

When do you garner up the courage and finally start trimming, make sure you have a towel or sheet under you, 'cause all that hair has to go somewhere. You'll be amazed at the mess you'll make.

Overall, the Just A Trim did a pretty good job on simply taking a 'little off the top and sides'. I managed to walk around for exactly two weeks before I broke down and went to the barber.

I would recommend that guys have someone else that they trust help them out for the back side of your head, being that it's hard to trim what you can't see and still make it look good. It's easy to manage, good for reaching the back of your neck or back. It's a little noisy.

For less than the price of a haircut, Just A Trim is definitely worth the time and money!

-Review by Michael, TVTopTen

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