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Just A Trim
Just A Trim is the quick and easy way to keep the men in your life looking sharp with a trim between haircuts.

Save time and hassle by just using Just A Trim to tidy up sideburns, trim away the hairs along the back of the neck and thin out unruly hair.

Just A Trim comes with two different length guides that snap on so you can easily cut hair to the perfect length every time.

With its compact and cordless design, Just A Trim is much easier to use than regular hair clippers. In fact, it's so easy that you really can't make a mistake!

The Just A Trim hair trimmer comes with all the hair trimming accessories you need to give perfect haircuts, trim beards and mustaches.

Just A Trim has an extendable handle that makes it perfect for reaching other body hair.

Just A Trim Review

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Review by:
02 September 2011
A great little product. Am using one I picked up about seven years ago for $9.95 at WalMart and haven't been to a barber since. Only down side is that it uses up a set of Duracell alkaline batteries in approximately five minutes of use. Fortunately, that's about how long it takes for me to trim my hair so I figure about a set of batteries per trim. Other brands do not last that long and some such as Energizers barely will run it at all and then for only a minute or two. Would love to find a box store outlet to avoid having to pay online prices, but, hey, if wishes were dollars I'd be a billionaire! :-)
Review by:
Sharon Martin
10 June 2011
Review by:
13 March 2011
I love this product! I haven't been to a barber in years now because of this fine product! The only thing that I would change is for the unit to have a longer extension handle. Also, it comes with an order form for new blades, but doesn't provide instructions as to how to install them. I've ordered four now and highly recommend them!
Review by:
bob m in OK
16 November 2010
This Just A Trim is my third or fourth. Walgreen has stopped selling them. It was selling the J A T for $9.95. Ordering though Amazon at a higher price, the item arrived within 5 days. Obviously, I'm pleased with Just A Trim or I wouldn't keep buying them. The only change I'd like would be an attachment of a depth between the 2 supplied.
Review by:
13 August 2010
An excellent trimmer. I have saved over $150 each year of barber bills as well as the time wasted waiting to be next. The product is super easy to use and does exactly what it says; and does it well. I highly recommend this item.
Review by:
24 June 2009
This product is perfect for cutting out matts from behind your dogs ears!!
Review by:
Wandell Adkins
17 June 2009
I like just a trim so well I am buying one for my sister to use on her husband
Review by:
10 March 2009
Yesterday, I received my order above and tried it on my hair immediately using both short and long comb attachments. But non of them are cutting. I am an African and have a very kinky hair, probably that is why it is not working on my hair.
Review by:
10 March 2009
I liked that this product cuts hair at a neat even length - great for touch ups! I would watch out for too much hair getting stuck in the trimming blades - one I shook too hard stopped working for a bit, so it's best to use the little brush they come with to get the hair out when the attachment is on. It definitely does what it needs to do for under 20 bucks.
Review by:
Steve P
10 March 2009
I purchased a just a trim and I am very happy with it.