Jupiter Jack

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Jupiter Jack

Another amazing product featured by Billy Mays, the Jupiter Jack, is a new revolutionary accessory that turns any car radio into a wireless speaker system for your cell phone.

There is no reason to spend up to $100 on a complicated wireless bluetooth system that you need to wear on your ear, when you can clearly listen to your conversation through your own car stereo system. Lose the plugs and wires!

Now you can drive and talk over the phone hands-free and safely with the Jupiter Jack.

Driving and using a cell phone hands free is not only much safer but in some states it is also mandatory by law.

The Jupiter Jack will allow you to transmit quality sound through the speakers of any car and using any cell phone, so you can drive safely and legally.

Best of all, it is so simple to use. Simply plug the Jupiter Jack into the hole on your phone where you would normally plug in your headphones and then tune your radio to 99.3 FM and talk away!

Enjoy the robust sound that only your car speakers can provide while you safely drive and talk at the same time.

Order your Jupiter Jack today and receive a Second Jupiter Jack Free!
Review by:
04 January 2010
Bought two of these to give as Christmas presents. Neither of them worked worth a darn. Can't hear anything, sounds like the other person is on the other side of the world. Radio stations are static-y. This is a huge waste of money. Very disappointed.
Review by:
20 December 2009
Biggest ripoff I've seen in a while. Both FM stations you are supposed to use are full of static which renders this piece of junk as useless. Don't waste your money.
Review by:
Jonas Flick
25 August 2009
I tried to use the Jupiter Jack in my truck and it was not very clear. It was easy to set up and I could hear perfectly but they could not hear me as well as I would have liked. For the price, not a bad product.