ION Illuminated Keyboard

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ION Illuminated Keyboard
Review by:
06 April 2011
I had good luck with this keyboard except for the fact that the letters wore off of the keys! No problems with sticking or anything else. The company sent me a replacement free of charge that started doing the same thing again...I opted for another brand.
Review by:
Casey Rogers
07 September 2010
I had very high hopes for this Ion Keyboard , Mouse Mouse Pad...sadly they where completely trashed !!I've owned all three for a while,The Mouse was the 1st to go. Around 3 weeks after it arrived ,the tracking dial fell off center,making the mouse useless. Next random keys on the key board began to fail,followed by the "magik typing"!? When I go to do a search for something,before I even touch the board random letters/#'s symbols would just type themselves...? Since then the keyboard just stopped working altogether !!!? Right,right right "buyer beware" but that doesn't make it okay to sell junk! I took a chance by buying these, all the warnings worries 'bout buying "As seen on T.V." products have been confirmed !!! Don't even bother folks, You will in all likelihood be sorry !!!
Review by:
AJ Clarke
06 September 2010
I agree. The keyboard looks pretty slick, but the quality isn't that great. I would go with a Logitech instead. The G19 looks and feels amazing - definitely one of my favorite gaming keyboards out there.
Review by:
Tim T
30 July 2009
I am not happy with this keyboard. The quality is just not there. The keys stick or don't register at all. Every other day I have to reboot the PC, sometimes by just pulling the plug because the KB just stops responding to key strikes and won't bring the PC out of sleep.

Yeah, the lights are pretty, but the KB is poor quality.

P.S. The mouse keys stick also.