InstaSlim Tank Shirt

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InstaSlim Tank Shirt
The InstaSlim Tank  Shirt is a great way to hide all of the lumps, bumps and bulges under your clothing so that you can look trim and slim.

These undergarment slimming shirts are made specifically to contour to the men's body shape and help hide their problem areas.  The sleeveless tank-style InstaSlim will allow you to hide your bulge in almost any shirt, while staying completely unnoticeable and out of site.

Now you can look slimmer than ever!

Insta Slim tank Shirt Features

  • Made with special spandex fibers
  • Helps support, slim and reshape
  • Will help you look more slim and toned
  • Un-noticeable under your regular clothing
  • Helps make you look 1-3 inches slimmer
Review by:
23 May 2011
It did a pretty good job at smoothing out hubby's chest and holding in his mid-section. The fit was snug, but not too snug that it was uncomfortable. The fabric blend is 80% nylon and 20% spandex. After a couple of washes and wears, Insta Slim is still holding up well. Compared to other Slim Shirts, Insta Slim is a very good value for the price.