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GT Xpress Redi Set

Xpress Redi-Set-Go
After years of development Cathy Mitchell perfected the Xpress Redi-Set-Go indoor electric grill. It comes complete with a built-in timer, on/off switch and is compact for easy storage. The grill has dual heating elements to cut cooking time in half! But best of all the easily removable non-stick Food Pans make every meal perfect and clean up's a breeze.

Fresh piping hot personal pizzas in just 8 minutes. Fancy gourmet meals for two in under 15 minutes. Delicious crusty filled pies for the whole family in just 10 minutes ... right from your countertop with an appliance no larger than a toaster!
Healthy Meals In Minutes Recipe Book
The official Redi-Set-Go cookbook with over 60 mouthwatering recipes for every occasion, featuring color pictures and Cathy's own tips and tricks for perfect results every time!
Divider Pan
This classic non-stick Food Pan allows you to eliminate the need for oil and cook two meals at a time. Or cook two entirely separate dishes at once to save time! The Divider Pan is dishwasher safe so cleanup has never been easier.
Dual Sided Spatula FREE Bonus!
This double-sided spatula is light and durable. The ends are designed to easily lift food of any size or shape from the Xpress Redi-Set-Go unit with ease.

Mini Food Pan FREE Bonus!
This is Cathy's favorite: the dishwasher safe insertable Mini Food pan! Perfect for small appetizers, finger food, hor d'oeuvres, mini meals, snacks and desserts.

What's In The Box?
Your Redi Set Go Grill, As Seen On TV, comes with the cooker, meals in minutes recipe pack, divider pan, recipes booklet, dual-sided spatula and the mini food pan. Check out the image below to see everything that is included in the box.

Redi Set Go

Review by:
20 December 2011
the non stick surface does not last long. it begins to flake off after a few uses. i guess it could be hazardous to your health
Review by:
Maxine Thompson
06 August 2010
I ordered a Readi-set-go August 2009 along with some utensels and cookbooks. I sent back the utensels and cookbooks for a refund. I was using the Readi-set-go in April 2010 and while I was using it, the top started popping and cracking. I sent it back and didn't get a refund or exchange. I called customer service 08/06/2010 and they said that I had already received a refund for the Readi-set-go when I sent back the utensels and cookbooks in nov.,2009, and that is not true. Why would they send me a refund for a Readi-set-go when I had not sent it back or complained about it at that time? THIS IS A FRAUD. I'm going to the Better business Bureau and anyone else I can think of.
Review by:
Marjorie McCutcheon
03 June 2010
I thought it was great until the third time I used it, I heard popping noises.
The top of the machine was literally breaking off.
Review by:
26 December 2009
I recently ordered and Xpress redi set go and I am VERY disappointed. I very rarely complain about products so this is a first.
I finally received the package today and am not very happy about it. The trays smell like spray paint and there was packing tape stuck to one of the books. Now the book is missing part of its cover. This would not have happened if it was placed in a box that fit all items without having to force the lid shut. I sure hope this silly product works.

Rest assured I will be sharing my experience with other would be customers. I've already compiled a list of sites that review products like yours and I will be sure to tell everyone not to purchase.
Review by:
19 November 2009
Sorry, but this oven is the worst product ever bought by me. The Teflon peeled the first time we used it. I payed 5 payments on HSN at $39.00 each. Now they are 2 payments at $19.00. What does that tell you? The product is junk. I don't recommend anybody buying this. George Foreman works better than this and its only 12.00 dollars at Walgreen.
Review by:
23 August 2009
i finally yielded to temptation and ordered this product....i don't usually order things off the tv...i tend to be skeptical of the hype....but this surprised me how well it works!! thing they don't mention in the infomercial is how handy it is when you're only cooking for one, as i am....and i find that i'm not tied into just the recipes in the cooks a burger patty, pork chop or chicken breast just fine too, with less mess and more quickly than stove top cooking

the shipping bit was kind of odd...they said i was "upgraded to express shipping"...then gave me a fed-ex tracking number...but it was delivered parcel post by the post office...but it still got here fairly quickly....
Review by:
08 August 2009
I love my machine. I have no problems as long as I spray with Pam and after my food is done wipe the wells down with a paper towel make sure all the extra pieces of food that may have stuck gets wiped off. But with pam I haven't had any problems with food at all. I had it for about 3 weeks cook a lot in it cheese included. I wouldn't trade it or give it back.
Excellent for me as I am alone. Waiting till the insert pans can be ordered separately to get which ones I want. Recommended highly.