Are As Seen On TV Products Any Good?


TV products get a bad rep and was wondering if there are any as seen on tv products that are actually good.


Some products are others are not. Just because it is advertised on TV doesn’t necessarily make it good or bad.

Some people have a notion that all As Seen On TV products are junk because of a past experience they have and this is because the bad ones are normally really bad. This is why it is really important to go out and read some of the reviews for these products and try and get an unbiased opinion of them before you go out and buy the product.

If you make a quick search for any of these products you can tell pretty quickly if it is good or junk, because for many of the bad products the search results will show a bunch of pages saying something like “Beware don’t buy this product” or “The blank As Seen On TV doesn’t work”.

At TVTopTen we provide tons of TV products but we also post reviews from real customers, to help you see if the product is crap or not. We also have a video sections

Have You Had A Bad or Good Experience?

If you have had either a really bad or good experience with an As Seen On TV product, we would like to know so other people thinking about buying it can see your review and then make the better choice. You can browse to any infomercial product at and submit your product review and rating!