Easy Shaper

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Easy Shaper
The Easy Shaper is a machine that was designed by a women and for a women. It's main purpose is to target the 7 areas that most women need and want to work on the most: the thighs, legs, butt, and abs. Easy Shaper will help give you that sexy lower body you always dreamed of.

The Easy Shaper has 11 quick exercises that you can do with it anytime. All which will help you burn fat and tighten these key areas.
Easy Shaper includes a bun and ab workout DVD.
  • Every order of the Easy Shaper has the following features:
  • 11 easy, quick, exercises to work hips, buttocks, thighs and abs
  • A unique lifting mechanism that lifts your own body weight
  • Target every angle of your body to achieve great results
  • Club quality equipment that is made to last and can hold up to 250lbs
  • Includes a bun and abdominal workout DVD
  • Target a number one problem area for women: the hip and thigh area, where women tend to store fat
Review by:
Ruth Bogal
22 April 2013
I loved the Easy Shaper. I have Fibermylagia and it helped me move my weight around effortlessly. I really enjoyed using it. Sadly my Easy Shaper got left behind when we moved. I have had every type of exercise machine out there. This was the easiest and most noticable machune I have ever used. With that said, I only hope I can purchase anothone soon.
Review by:
20 July 2012
I got my machine years ago and still use it today. You don't feel like you're working out but you really are getting a good workout in, if that makes any sense. I'm sad you can't find it anymore.
Review by:
20 February 2012
I am trying to find one of these... Have had no luck.. I absolutely loved this machine. It worked for me. My house was broken into and of all things they stole my machine :/.
Review by:
Lise Richer
17 November 2011
I just love this machine it takes inches off and really tones you. I use mine every second day and it shows. My friends asks me how I lose weight and I brag about my easy shaper. Can't find them in stores anymore. I bought mine at Canadian Tire on speacial and I have no regrets. Best investment I ever made. Love it!!!!!