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Dual Drill
Review by:
David B
18 November 2012
My neighbor had two of these drills, and he gave one to me back when they both worked like new. Fast forwars a few years, and of course, the batteries are at end-of-life. After much searching, and being lied to my the Mansfield people on the phone I found a source for the batteries. I must credit some of the previous reviewers for thier efforts as they pointed me in the right direction. As we all know, this is just a generic "Made in China" product with the Mnasfield name on it. And so are the batteries... After a lot of searching the two best options are to either buy the Kawasaki 19.2v drill kit with 2 batteries for $59.99 (free shipping) from Northern Tools, or buy the Trademark Tools replacement battery from Sears (SearsItem# 00903418000) for $18.89ea (free shipping to store). While I don't think the extra 1.2v will hurt the dual drill when using the Kawasaki batteries, I didn't really need another drill so I opted for the Trademark Tools batteries from Sears. Cheap, and problems solved. My guess is that there is a factory in China cranking out slightly above junk level tools, and a lot of them use the same battery pack. The Dual Drill is just one of a long line of tools to use the same battery. Hope this review helps.
Review by:
19 September 2012
Like so many that have this drill, I could not find a replacement battery. In my search I found that Kawasaki's 19.2V battery fits and works fine in my Mansfield drill. The best part is I bought the Kawasaki at Northern and it came with 2 batteries all for only $59.99 So now I can use the batteries from it on my dual head Mansfield. Also, I found just a battery from Trademark tools that will fit it too. Sells for $27.99. I hope this helps others looking for a battery for a Mansfield dual head drill.
Review by:
Paul King
01 July 2012
I bought this Mansfield dual drill when it was offered on TV. I think the Cold-Heat soldering was given as a gift for buying the Mansfield Dual Drill. I also received an Extra Battery with my order. It worked great for a few years until the switch burnt up! I've been trying to get up with the Mansfield Co. for over a year!!! I need someone to STAND-UP and Honor the lifetime warranty!!! Does anyone have this problem of getting this Lifetime Warranty??? If so, could you REPLY to me @ pking8075@yahoo.com.. We need to find out how or from were/whom we can find someone to "Honor the Lifetime Warranty". Has anyone found out where or who will Honor this warranty. I'm trying to follow the "Chain of Command"!!!! If no one can get any satisfaction out of Mansfield Co. or the sites that are now selling the Dual Drill again we need to higher up in "The Chain of Command"!!!. Might have to Contact The BBB to get some answers! Thank You and Please Reply to my website if anyone can Break the Code on how to proceed with this Issue. Paul King
Review by:
05 June 2012
Had the dual drill about 2years havent used it much went to use it yesterday to drive a 2" lag screw into a cedar board and the motor went up in smoke a total POS NOT WORTH THE MONEY
Review by:
05 June 2012
The drill has worked well but it seems like some people are having trouble getting batteries. I just ordered a battery replacement today. If you purchased the drill with the lifetime battery replacement, you can call (800)645-8823. Just let them know you have the warranty and you will just have to pay shipping/handling. There is no warranty paper that comes in the box when you buy the drill but when you call they will have all your info on file. Hope this will help.
Review by:
29 April 2012
We have had our drills, (2 of them ) since 1995, we bought 2 extra batteries and 1 extra charger at the same time. They have just now worn out. My husband went so far as to take one apart to fix the other, and continues to use it.Since we can no longer fix them,I will buy another as soon as possible. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Review by:
John Collins
22 April 2012
I've just reviewed this somewhere else having tried to buy another one on Amazon UK but finding it not available. I'd bought this or something similar fro a shopping channel SEVERAL years ago and found it excellent. One chuck holds the pilot drill, the other holds the screw bit. QSaves having to constantly stretch for a second drill. Brilliant. Have seen LOTS. Of reviews decrying the product, which I really don't understand. I'd buy another one IF I could find the damn thing.
Review by:
tamera knake
12 November 2011
i called to get a new battery since they are supposed to be free lifetime batteries. the woman that answered said they don't do it. they should have to honor their part of the sale that stated that. if i don't hear from them i am filing a complaint to the better business bureau
Review by:
Derrick United Kingdom
18 September 2011
I bought this drill on a UK shopping channel. The video demonstrates it as almost indestructable. What a load of rubbish! In fact mine burnt out after only using it for short periods. I agree with many others here - expensive junk with no spares backup. Its impossible to find anyone who wants to admit to making this trash. MADE IN CHINA is stamped on the drill. Maybe says it all! My advice buy a branded product you can get spares and after sales service.
Review by:
kenneth wojnowski
16 August 2011
were is my warrenty on lifetime batterys big time SCAM
Review by:
08 August 2011
I have had this drill for about 2 years. I purchased the extra battery with the drill. Now both batteries do not hold a charge very long, the pivot head is very loose and the torque adjustment does not work. I dropped the drill once and broke part of the battery shield on the drill - so much for the indestructable part of the TV add. Would not recommend this to anyone.
Review by:
31 July 2011
Works good but no battery replacement they promised life time battery relacement Company can,t be trusted
Review by:
28 July 2011
can't find a replacement battery anywhere
Review by:
23 July 2011
I have been using this drill for a couple of years now it is the best thing that ever was made. It just recently broke so I am going to order a new one.
Review by:
Donna Silva
18 July 2011
My husband loves this drill. He has had one for a couple of years. It just broke and would like to buy a new one.
Review by:
Yvonne Skorupa
12 June 2011
The Dual-Drill is the best tool in our home or for our business. I have purchased at least 4 of these drill for our own use and for gifts. We have a small business and it is used there all of the time. My husband thought I was nuts to purchased this but now carries it with him on every job site. A must have for any one who uses more than a hammer and screwdriver.
Review by:
Julian Martinez (whittier CA.
24 May 2011
The Mansfield Dual Drill is a great drill. Battery lasted 2years. if anyone is looking for the phone number for the free battery warranty.Got number finally. just called and ordered. just paid Shipping. (800) 645-8823. Make sure u let them know that have a warranty or its $39.95 for battery.
Review by:
dan ( chicago)
19 May 2011
i have this drill to and its going dead .. how do you or can you send out to be fixed??? any one know???
Review by:
Norm Hoffman
08 May 2011
This is an absolute piece of junk. Just another TV sales rip off. Never worked properly, batteries are NOT available anywhere and none of the sellers provide the guaranteed warranty. Don't buy this!
Review by:
04 April 2011
I purchased this for my husband 2 years ago, and it has already died. He was changing the charger and it completely froze, nothing works. :( I would think for the money that I paid this, it would be almost indestructible. It was used very little and never dropped or mistreated. I'm very disappointed in this product. Great concept but poorly built. I was going to purchase this for my father-in-law, but after this issue, I have changed my mind.
Review by:
Jim Morrrison
28 March 2011
I have two dual drills.I have worn the ratchet out in both of them.
Review by:
jim morrison
28 March 2011
I can not say enough about my dual drill. I have two of them. I have built four decks, remodeled three houses, from Oregon to Georgia. I bought them in 1995 and have had no problem with them or the batteries, not to mention the charger works fine. However, now I have worn out the ratchets in both of them.
Review by:
22 March 2011
I bought 2 of these drills and I really like the dual head. BUT you can't find replacement parts for it anywhere. I have had 2 switches burned up on mine. If i was not around it to pull the battery out of it~~~I just wonder what would have happened??? I have looked on the internet to get replacement parts~~~With no luck. A phone # i could call~~No luck. If this were made better and there would be someone I could get ahold of~~~maybe I would buy another one. But in this case 2 strikes and Mansfield is OUT.
Review by:
P. Klatt
03 February 2011
I bought this product as a gift for a person that does a lot of construction work, so that is why I bought him the Flip and Grip for a birthday gift. It's been apx. 3 years for which he has barely used it and now the battery will not hold a charge.
Review by:
10 January 2011
Don't bother purchasing one of these. I used mine one time and the charger failed when I tried to use it. Literally, the first time I tried to charge the battery after the initial charge. I guess the people that sell these sleep at night but I wonder how!
Review by:
Bruce Woods
27 December 2010
Well, another TV scam! I swore I'd not be taken in by any of these, but I did bite on this piece of junk. Battery won't hold charge over 10 minutes. Parts and replacement batteries are made of unobtanium, company won't give any support. Idea is sound, but this definitely is not the platform to market the idea! Drill didn't even work properly out of the box!
Review by:
Larry Carter
23 November 2010
The drill has given great service . The problem is the battery is dead and I can not find where I can send the dead battery for replacement.The Life time warranty on battery is meanless !
Review by:
12 November 2010
Can not find batteries for it NO WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review by:
peter budhu
30 August 2010
I bought 4 of these drills for work the did not last as long as they claim two are dead and still tring to claim the warinty. The other two the pivit point from drill to drill are very loose.
Review by:
Gilbert from Orlando
15 May 2010
I've had my Dual Drill for years since they first came out with it.People complain that the battery doesn't last I wondered if they click on the charger button so that it does a full charge and not a quick charge. Mine has worked good with no problems till now. Although it still works and I still use it the swivel head is a little loose. I opened the unit up and realize that the edges inside the swivel portion are plastic and have broken off so now you have some play when you are trying to screw things in. This happened after my wife apparently tried screwing some screws into metal and forced it. So I cant really blame the drill since I guess if in the right hands it should last okay.
Review by:
jeff guyberson
24 March 2010
used this tool for a short period of time , just putting in 2" screws the swivel head has alot of play in it.
was not happy with this drill at all.(pretty much junk ).
Review by:
06 February 2010
I love my dual drill. It has done some heavy duty work. We have built complete from bottom to top a 10' x 10' greenhouse, a 12' x 4 ' x 7' aviary, a pergola, and 4 decks. Everytime I reach for my dual drill. The battery is quite strong and when it needs recharging I need a break. The switching from one drill or the other has been great until it was worn to the point where it just wobbled. Then I taped the worn side to the handle and kept going. I completely wore the dual drill out but right up until it died the battery seemed as strong as when it was new. I had it five years and got my monies worth. I actually purchased a second one which has not arrived yet. Some say the dual drill is heavy but for me as a woman I loved it. I used it for everything I did that needed a drill or a screwdriver. The power button finally gave up and can not be reparied. I miss it as the other cordless drives or screwdrivers are not as powerful except for my makita electric power drill which is heavier than the dual drill. I am looking forward to my second dual drill.
Review by:
Tool nut
29 January 2010
Nice tool but not very well made. Speed switch sticks when rotating from one head to the next. I fell for the free batteries for life sales pitch but as far as I can tell the company is out of business. Moral of the story ...stick to brand names that you know will be around for the long haul.
Review by:
Bob F.
16 January 2010
When I first purchased the drill it was fine. Now something is not engaging and will not drill. Cannot find contact information for Mansfield. Scam Product.
Review by:
gene berger sr
11 December 2009
Purchased the dual dril in 2007 from the TV add. Would never purchase another mansfield tool because: Have to charge each use, never holds a charge long enough,has a burnt spot on one of the battery contacts, smells when used for long periods. Have tried every which way to find out how to order the stated " LIFETIME GUARENTEE" on the battery, but can't get an answer from anyone. Can't find customer service for Mansfield tools. Guess its just another scam to sell their products. Anyone have any information on the battery please put in a review.
Review by:
Adam Denkins
19 November 2009
I have had my dual-drill for more than two years. It is a great tool. The problem is that I have to charge it each time I use it if a couple of weeks have passed by. The drill has to be completely run down before you charge the battery. When you put the battery in the charger press the button so the green lite goes out and the red lite comes on. The battery is fully charged when the green lite comes back on. I think my battery is giving out. I read that someone found a replacement battery and charger at Harbor Freight. I am going to check them out. Does anyone know where I can get service for this unit?

Review by:
Anna Cox Gerlofs
13 October 2009
I have this dual drill and when it worked loved every minute I used it. Started out thinking it had a short battery life and then figured out that if you press the button on it the battery charges for much longer, actually lasted for 4 hours constant use when I was putting up my awning. Drill lasted me for 8 months and then just quit working. Tested the battery and it seems to still be in good order, also ran tests on charger and it still feeds output for charge. Applied charge to motor direct and it was working and so was the switch. Not sure why it is not running with the battery I have but would surely like a repair manual to go with it.

Found a website that sales the accessories, but the purchase section is still under construction. Have sent an email to creator and am awaiting a response.

If there is anyone out there that understands these motors and battery set ups better than myself that could spread some knowledge I would sure appreciate it.
Review by:
21 September 2009
I bought one for myself and for my boys. I agree with the other reviews...the battery won't keep the charge. It worked fine for a year or two of occasional use. The contact number given to reorder is "invalid" and I don't know how to replace the battery. I have a worthless drill and will never get a product from the company again.
Review by:
Reggie Moore Willis Texas
14 May 2009
I had this drill for two years and it worked fine. It now has a little play in the part that swivels and the battery charger went out. If anyone still has one and is looking for a replacement battery and charger i found both at Harbor Freight.
Review by:
JT Thill
29 April 2009
I have had the original Dual-Drill for months without problem. The unit has low torque and short life battery but has worked well. . . up to now. The charger quit working and I can't find anyone who sells a replacement or is willing to fix it. Very expensive junk now.
Review by:
Russell Aylsworth
24 April 2009
There seems to be a pattern here this thing is a piece of dokie.
Review by:
Jack T.
10 March 2009
The Mansfield DD-1R drill is a great idea that needs a lot of improvement. I used it twice and the electric motor shorted out and quit, killing the battery in the process. Now I have a piece of junk that amounts to hazardous waste that I have to pay to have disposed of properly.
Review by:
09 March 2009
I liked the drill at first, then handle got hot, batteries went dead fast. Later I could not turn it on. Call all over trying to find someone to fix it. After not being able to find any support I open the drill and the trigger assembly was completely melted, thus the reason I could not turn it on. What a piece of junk and there is no support. What about the life time batteries? Where do you send for them, forget it. No out there wants anything to do with this product, can't say I blame them
Review by:
Jeffrey S.
06 February 2009
I have a Mansfield Dual Drill. When I ordered the drill it came with free batteries for life. The battery is dead and I need a new one. The problem is that the drill gets hot inside the grip and the battery runs down very quickly there is obviously a short in there somewhere.
Review by:
06 February 2009
My Mansfield Dual Drill battery is dead. I cannot find anything on-line that contains contact information, or procedures, to get a replacement.