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Dual Saw

The Dual Saw on TV

Featured on Discovery Channel's "Pitchmen Inventions" with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, the Dual Saw is an ultimate material cutter that incorporates 2 counter-rotating saw blades contrary to the most common 1 blade saws. There is no wondering why this product was featured on such a popular show. The Dual Saw is an amazing product that works unlike any saw you have seeing before.

Versatility, Power, Precision and Strength

The Dual Saw is a power horse engineered to do what most saws cannot. It is the ultimate combination of precision engineering and unique blade technology. No other saw can compare in versatility and design.

Cut through almost anything
The Dual Saw features a patented counter rotating blade technology which permits 2 saw blades to work simultaneously, rotating in opposite directions for a greater sawing power. With this technology you will be able to cut through virtually any material and not even have to change blades. Plus, with the Dual Saw you can go straight to sawing without the usual pilot hole drilling. And with the tungsten carbide saw blade tips, that are hard like diamonds, you will cut through wood, plastic, and metal with great ease. 

Powerful Motor Equals a Powerful Machine
Saw Blade Motor The Dual Saw is powered by a high speed 900 watt motor that rotates the 2 blades in opposite directions at around 6,000 rotations per minute. Compared to other saws, the Dual Saw offers around 1,000 rpm's more for the value. Plus, with the two saws running in opposite direction at such powerful speeds, you will be able to eliminate the usual and disturbing vibrations, kickback, and sparks that normally occur with other saws.

Less kickback for better accuracy ������¯������¿������½ Reduces sparks and overheating
������¯������¿������½ High-performance with minimal vibrations ������¯������¿������½ Precision cutting������¯������¿������½less splintering and breaking

Dual Saw Features:

  • Less kickback for better accuracy
  • Reduces sparks and overheating
  • High-performance with minimal vibrations
  • Precision cuttingÃ���Ã��Ã�¯Ã���Ã��Ã�¿Ã���Ã��Ã�½less splintering and breaking
  • Patented Dual Blade Counter Rotating Design Technology
  • Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade Tips allow to cut through anything
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The best for your money!

Dual Saw Includes:

  • The Omni Dual Saw
  • A 2-piece set of Tungsten carbide-tipped Blades
  • 10 Lubrication Sticks (will allow you to cut through soft metals such as aluminium, copper, and stailess steel, without overheating or warping them...simply place one into the top pf the saw)
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty on the saw
  • 1 hard-shell carrying case
  • 1 key tool used for changing the blades
  • 1 insttruction Manual
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Review by:
17 June 2011
Afet using the dual saw only 3 times the center gear stripped out. It is a piece of junk! This was a brand new saw. I would not recommend anyone buying this saw!!
Review by:
dan .k
19 May 2011
ha. its guys like us that keep buying this s$$t to keep them going so stop your crying and don't buy them ..... i got screwed to .. but no more for me ( I GOT IT )
Review by:
bruce l west
13 April 2011
i like it very much. where can i get all of the a parts that goes with the dual saw?
Review by:
matt tomes
04 December 2009
this thing is junk do not buy. i got mine used it for about a half hour and the brushes went out. I think if they made in in USA with some better craftsmanship it would be a very nice tool, but right now it is junk will not last.
Review by:
Thomas Ramey
23 November 2009
this saw is a piece of junk.
Review by:
Jim Glover
03 October 2009
Overall great product.I have had my dual saw for 2 months now and it is still working great. It cuts up everything I throw at it and it is much stronger than my old saw which cost around the same price. I was very pleased. Fast shipping too..thanks!
Review by:
22 July 2009
I use the Dual Saw for all my computer-modding projects and it is awesome. I haven't found anything it won't cut. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
Review by:
Jesse Bush
03 July 2009
Are you kidding? This thing cuts through anything. I love mine - got it for fathers day. Do they make a professional dual saw?
Review by:
Charles Crain
10 June 2009
If you try to cut metal with the blades, they become dull very fast and then they start smoking. Since there is no shoe on the saw, hard to control the depth. used it only one day and sent it back. It heats up and shuts down. It gets very hot in your hand.
Review by:
robert murphy
30 May 2009
need to cut a peterbult fule tank in two.i cut one a year ago. now i am growing green beans in the rabits keep eating them but not this year.