Dryer Maid

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Dryer Maid
Now with the Dryer Maid Dryer Ball you can finally get rid of pet hair, fuzz and lint the easy way. It works great on sheets, clothes, towels, and more!

The Dryer Maid uses static electricity to remove hair, fuzz and lint with great ease. Owning the Dryer Maid is like having thousands of little lint brushes.

Plus, the Dryer Maid can help you reduce the wrinkles in your clothing so they come o ut looking nice and new.

The Dryer Maid works with any dryer, it doesn't matter if it is a top or front load. Plus, since it is chemical-free, it is safe to use on all your fabrics and favorite clothing.

The Dryer Maid currently sells for $14.99 plus shipping and handling, and it includes everything listed below.

The Dryer Maid Includes
  • Dryer Maid ball
  • Free Bonus: Self-Cleaning Lint Brush and 2 Extra Dryer Maid Brushes(just pay extra shipping costs)