The Original Drop Stop Car Wedge

A $60 Value, Only
  • The Original Drop Stop Car Wedge

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The Drop Stop Car Wedge easily and snuggly fits right between your car seat and console to help prevent thing from falling between them in hard to reach places. This way you can keep your phones, keys, change, makeup, pens, and more from falling out of your sight and reach. The Drop Stop Wedge can be squished to the exact fit of any site car seat crack, no matter how small and since it is made from high-grade neoprene it is durable, easy to take in and out and easy to clean.

We all hate searching underneath our car seats for our missing belongings and losing things because they get vacuumed up when we are cleaning the car. This is why the Drop Stop is so convenient and useful.

The Drop Stop Car Wedge is a universal black neoprene color which will become almost camouflage itself when you install it, so you do not have to worry about it matching your car or not. Once you install your car wedge, you will hardly notice it is there, until it catches your stuff when they fall.

"We came up with the idea after nearly crashing into a telephone pole while reaching for a fallen cell phone. Our invention helps keep your eyes on the road. Protect yourself and your loved ones with Drop Stop" (Inventors Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon).

Product Features:

  • Rests easily  between your car seat and console
  • It moves as you move your seat, since it attaches to your seat belt catch
  • Will prevent things from falling between the seat crack
  • One size will fit any size car
  • Made from high-grade neoprene
  • It is durable and easy to clean
Drop Stop Car Wedge

Review by:
28 March 2010
seems like a good it?
Review by:
04 January 2010
I gave one to my uncle for Christmas and he loved it!
Review by:
Jim Taylor
07 December 2009
The Drop Stop works great and it really blends in with the look of the car, which I really appreciate. For the price, I think this TV product is really worth it.