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Digi Draw
With the Digi Draw you will bring out the creativity in your kids! The Digi Draw allows will allow you to draw almost anything you want easily. Trace any picture, photograph or illustration to make a fantastic work of art. With the Digi Draw anyone can be an artist since you can trace on almost any surface including t-shirts, book covers, sneakers, stickers and much more! The Digi Draw makes drawing and tracing so simple that even young kids will be able to create beautiful works of art.

To use the Digi Draw, simply place your image on one of the reflective panels then place your drawing surface below the unused reflective panel and your image will appear on your surface ready to be traced.

Plus the Digi Draw kit includes magnets so that you can secure smaller images such as trading cards or photographs so that they won't move while you trace. Also, the Digi Draw comes with 4 background scenes that you can use to make a beautifully scene. Order the Digi Draw today and start creating amazing works of art. Let the fun begin!

Every Digi Draw order comes with the following:
  • Spiderman or Standard Rainbow Art Digi Draw desk
  • 6 colored pencils
  • 175 Spiderman or original Digi Draw characters to trace
  • 4 Spiderman animations or original Digi Draw colored backgrounds
  • 2 Spiderman magic hold magnets
  • Spiderman pencil sharpener.
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Review by:
11 November 2009
the digi-draw is hard and difficult to use as the image does not appear on the paper or surface to transfer it to.It appears on the opposites reflective surface and you have to draw looking at that when the paper is several inches under it. and you have no guidelines to see how far you've drawn because the image isn't really on the paper to follow