Craft-Lite Cutter

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Craft-Lite Cutter
The Craft-Lite Cutter is a better way to get a clean and crisp cut every time. Scissors are awkward and it is really hard to make a nice, clean and straight cut. This is why the Craft-Like Cutter is so desirable.

The Craft-Like Cutter is a sliding trimmer that includes a fold down guide to hold your paper, a swing out ruler for perfect cuts, and even a built-in light so that you can see what you are cutting. Simply slide the rolling blade across what you are cutting for an unrestricted and very accurate cut.

No more mistakes or ruined projects. This cutter will give you the precise cuts you need, in seconds! It is ideal for school projects, scrapbooks, photos, and so much more!

Add Style to:
  • Scrapbooks
  • Photo albums
  • Greeting cards
  • Artwork
  • Craft-Lite Cutter
  • 3 Blades (Straight, Wavy, Zig-Zag)