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CarMD is an easy to use device that will help you monitor and maintain the health of your vehicle. This professional grade hand-held tool is a proven solutions that will give you real world  vehicle diagnostics on any car that is newer then 1996 and it works on cars, light trucks, SUV’s and minivans – both foreign and domestic.

But CarMD is not just a powerful hand-held diagnostic tool it is a complete system that includes an extensive database so you can upload your data to a PC or Mac computer so you can get a specific report about what is ailing your vehicle. These reports will provide you with a summary of your vehicle’s health status, a  complete diagnosis, real life fixes for your problems and tips for maintaining your vehicle healthy.

CarMD Account
When you purchase your CarMD you will also be able to create a personal “My CarMD” online account where you can register up to 3 vehicles per unit purchased and run up to 6 diagnostic reports each month. Here you can generate and save your detailed diagnostic reports with everything you need to know about the cause, fixes and estimated repair costs to tread your vehicle.

If your CarMd shows a green light that means that everything is ok and there is no need to run an online report, however, if you see a yellow or red indication light on your tester, that means that there is a possible problem or that your car may need to be serviced. Running the report will provide you with all the extra information you will need.

What’s Included

  • Handheld tested that links to your vehicle’s computer via a port under your dashboard
  • Quick reference guide, demo video, CD software and a USB cable to link your CarMD tester to a computer
  • Membership to the online database which will connect you to the information you need to fix and keep a healthy vehicle
  • Access to your personal “My Car MD” online account where you can register up to 3 vehicles and run up to 6 monthly diagnostic reports.
  • A handy zipper storage pouch for your CarMD handheld tester
  • The ability to continually monitor the health of your vehicles with regular maintenance checkups

CarMD Features and Benefits

  • Save money on mechanic bills
  • Catch engine problems early
  • Solve your “check engine” issues
  • Conduct a pre-“smog” emissions test to see if you are ready to pass or fail
  • Check a used car before buying to make sure it’s not a “lemon”
  • Give your vehicle a health check before you next road trip
  • And more!
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29 August 2011
do it have an warrant
Review by:
06 January 2011
i have not tried the product yet buy it look very reliable