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Body Gospel

Donna Richardson Joyner is an AFAA and ACE certified international Fitness guru who has not only competed in aerobic competitions world-wide but has also co-hosted the ESPN Fitness Pros Show and is one of the “Top 5 Fitness Video Instructors” selected by Oprah Winfrey. Not to mention that she has been inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame, in 2006 was appointed to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and she was named one of the most inspiring women in America that same year in Essence Magazine!

Donna Richardson’s success as a fitness instructor steams from her faith-based motivation for the principles of exercise and nutrition. And now, Dona Richardson Joyner brings you one of her best weight loss programs yet, the Body Gospel by Beach Body.

The Body Gospel is the first program of its kind. It combines the power of your faith along with your desire to lose weight in order to get fit. Donna has combined breakthrough resistance bands with a complete nutrition plan, and motivational gospel music for a complete weight loss plan that can help get you into shape fast!

The Body Gospel brings the same connection with the Lord that you feel weekly in church into your home gym. This connection is familiar, comfortable and strong. You will feel inspired to get up and moving. Personal motivation is one of the main reasons people fail to follow exercise programs, the extra “push” of the gospel music can help you through those difficult days when you are most prone to failure and help you achieve your ultimate fitness and weight loss goals.

This program includes 6 different DVD’s and each one focuses on various aspects of physical exercise and at different levels. Body Gospel comes with a nutrition plan, resistance bands and motivational scripture readings to keep you motivated and connected with your ultimate goals. The workouts consist of a fun mixture of stretching, resistance training, core workouts, interval exercises and much more. It provides a certain variety in your workouts that will help make them less repetitive and boring.

The program also features 24/7 online support and chat to help you out and to provide you with training tips and additional resources. It brings a sense of fellowship and community that other weight loss programs lack.
The Body Gospel is truly a Christian workout. Every workout opens and closes with prayer and Scripture has been chosen to help focus your mind and emphasize the importance of what you are doing. Devotionals are also spoken to help cement your pact with yourself, your faith and your fitness goals.

Body Gospel has 6 workout DVDs, a nutrition plan, resistance bands, and a religious guidance that can help you turn your life around and allow your body to reflect your purity and devotion to the lord. You can make a difference in your life and transform the way you look with this complete Christian workout program.

DVD's Included

  • Body Revival DVD
  • Core Revelation DVD
  • Stretch in the Spirit DVD
  • Power & Praise DVD
  • Gospel Glory DVD
  • Strength & Spirit DVD
  • Total Transformation Guide
  • Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul Nutrition Guide
  • Body Gospel Training Cards
  • Body Gospel Bands