Bionic Hearing Aid

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Bionic Hearing Aid

Many of you may not remember the Six Million Dollar Man, the TV show where Lee Major played the role of a man, who after a horrible crash was brought back to life and given super human powers by replacing some of his vital parts with bionic ones. Now after many years of the show being cancelled, Major Lee is coming back, but now he is selling the Bionic Hearing Aid.

The Bionic Hearing Aid is a small, almost invisible hearing aid that allows the wearer to hear sharp and soft sounds with comfort and ease. Listening to phone conversations can be done without any other amplifying equipment and you can watch TV in the bedroom at a comfortably volume for your sleeping spouse.

The Bionic Hearing Aid is easy to use and it comes with an instructional DVD and instructional pamphlet that will help you understand how it works and how to use the Bionic Ear properly.

The Bionic Hearing aid also comes with rechargeable batteries and charging unit/ carrying case. You can place the Bionic

Hearing Aid in the case while not in use and it will charge it for the next time the wearer needs to use it. There are no more tiny batteries to replace making it much easier and convenient.
The charger is powered by an AC adapter or can also be used with 2 triple-A batteries for on the go. One light will turn green to let you know the charger is working and another one will turn green as well when the charge is complete.

The Bionic Hearing device comes with an adjustable control that will allow you to quickly change the amplification of your device based on your current needs. And it comes with 4 different cap sizes so you can fit it snugly in your ear for comfortable use.

If you are hard of hearing, the Lee Majors’ Bionic Hearing can help make your life more enjoyable.

Bionic Hearing Features

  • Adjustable settings
  • Charging unit/case
  • Good for home or travelling use
  • Small and discreet
Bionic Hearing Kit Includes
  • The Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aids
  • Charging / Storage Case
  • Plugin AC Power Adapter
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • 3 Ear Caps to adjust to your sizing
  • Custom Cleaning Brush - not pictured
  • Protective Storage Pouch - not pictured
  • DVD and Instructional Pamphlet