Atkins Diet

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Atkins Diet
The Atkins Diet takes weight-loss to new heights! Atkins claims that there are two main unrecognized factors about Western eating habits that are causing obesity. First, the over-eating of refined carbohydrates, mainly sugar, flour, and high-fructose corn syrups. Second, saturated fat is overrated as a nutritional problem and only trans fats from sources such as hydrogenated oils need to be avoided.

Consequently, Dr. Atkins has rejected the typical advice of the food pyramid by asserting that the tremendous increase of refined carbohydrates in our diets is the main source of the obesity problem that is consuming our population. In the Atkins diet, they put a heavy emphasis on removing these unhealthy carbohydrates and promoting the consumption of healthy and lean proteins.

Over and over again the Atkins Diet has proved to be a great weight-loss program that has given amazing results to many. Try Atkins Diet today, begin a healthy lifestyle and finally start losing that extra weight!

There are four phases of the Atkins Diet:

   1. Introduction
   2. Ongoin weight loss
   3. Pre-Maintenance
   4. Lifetime Maintenance