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American Will Kit

American Will Kit

Welcome to the American Will Kit. Founded in 1984 by Jerry Cypher, the American Will Kit is an established, ethical and easy to use website. Specializing in assisting American adults with their Last Will and Testament, Living Wills and Power of Attorney documents is our mission.

Would you believe that as many as 70% of American adults do not have a will and the percentage that does not have a Living Will or Power of Attorney is as high as 90%? Yet these documents are 3 of the most important documents every adult needs.

At American Will Kit we believe the reason American adults fail to obtain these important documents are convenience, cost and the painful process in obtaining the documents. At American Will Kit we make it convenient, cost effective, painless and easy.

The American Will Kit offers the highest quality in preparation and purchasing of your Last Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney documents. With the convenience of doing it from home and easy step-by-step instructions it's as simple as 1-2-3. We offer outstanding pricing of $14.95 per document or $29.95 for all 3 compared to $69.00 per document from our competition and the hundreds to thousands of dollars a visit to an attorney's office would cost. The American Will Kit is your painless solution for convenient, cost effective Last Will and Testament , Living Will and Power of Attorney.

How it Works

  • Select the Kit you want - Each kit includes:
    1. Documents
    2. Step-by-step instructions
    3. Glossary of Terms
  • Make one hassle-free payment
  • Receive your American "Will Kit" in the mail