Ab Doer Twist

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Ab Doer Twist

The Ab Dower Twist is a new 360 Degree approach to total-body fitness, a new muscle toning and aerobic training system that provides an exhilarating total-body workout in a perfect sited position.

 With just minutes a day you will be able to work out your entire core and achieve a full body workout. Only the patented torsion-flex technology of the Ab Doer Twist fires up your muscles that other exercises simply can’t reach – your lower and upper abs, obliques and even your back.

With the Ab Doer Twist you are stable, aligned and supported. This lets you use your muscles in a very effective manner without all the stress and strain. Plus, the foam roller will give you a revitalizing and therapeutic massage every time.

Ab Doer Twist Features & Benefits

  • Easy to assemble
  • Contouring arm bars help eliminate stress and provided added muscle-toning benefits
  • Multiple resistance rods for more challenging core workouts
  • Swivel action seat helps increase fat-burning and muscle-toning benefits
  • The massage roller provides a therapeutic massage every time
  • Included DVD routines by award winning fitness expert John Abdo

Offer Includes

  • Ab Doer Twist
  • Special starter kit with a quick start guide and accelerated results and healthy eating plan
  • Let’s get started instructional DVD
Review by:
19 September 2011
I love it and just order more parts. How can I found out how many calories are burned? Thank you
Review by:
20 January 2011
I have to say I bought the ab doer twist and I love it! I only used it for about a week and I can already feel the hard work I've done. It's great you can exercise while watching tv. I use the ab doer twist every night when I come home from work. It's my routine now ab doer twist and watching my favorite show. I'm at the point where I smile and can't wait to do it. I've tried many different machines and I would have to say this has been the best purchase yet!! The roller in the middle feels so good on your back. Very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. My husband has a bad back and he even uses this machine. He says it's loosening his back up! I haven't heard him ache about his back since using this machine!! I say A 100% perfect!
Review by:
Brady Nord
19 November 2010
It is a decent product but it is pretty much only good for working out your abs. So if you are looking to lose weight make sure to get some cardio into your daily workout besides using this machine.