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Wonder Cooker
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24 November 2011
I received my Wonder Cooker 2 months ago and I absolutely love it..I have it on my bench and use it every day..I had an electric frypan years ago so did know the versatility of that and it compares but has a larger variation in temperatures and is deeper so can be used for much much more...I've used it for making piklets(the non stick is second to none)scones muffins etc plus all the things advertised..I prefer my little convection oven for roasting but W/C does do the job but as yet I haven't got that right...potatoes and chicken skin just not as crisp..but if using it in a caravan etc would still be great..I have no reservations recommending this BUT make sure you check out who you buy it from..I waited 5 months for delivery...Not Good??I'm thinking of drilling a small hole in the lid and inserting a temperature probe..then will know inside temp..maybe then meat can be placed on a low rack and will crisp plus even more uses and more cakes etc can be baked....Hope this helps..just experiment and persevere and keep an eye on it until used to it...Good Luck.